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The Fox and the Chalice
A. Dee. Carey
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Can the Convent girl who rebels against all constraints follow both the teachings of the church and protect the Chalice and wine? Will she find her destined love and still protect the Mother Superior, the woman who so lovingly raised her? A weaving of apparent divergent beliefs that will leave you questioning, but also renew your own faith.

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad. Psalm 118 Verse 23

Damn him. I will not permit that letch ruin this day, Tempestia said to herself as she saw the approaching Roland. Absentmindedly, she blessed herself for her transgression of thought. She smiled ruefully, knowing she was directed to love her neighbor, but God had never lived beside Gilber Roland. This was her private time when she reflected on the word of the Lord. She would not allow the fool to rob her of this solitary time. Roland daily tempted her novices trying to extract the secret of the wine. He was a charming snake, and the girls were innocents.

Shaking her head in consternation, Mother Tempestia let the soothing rich loam pour between her fingers. This was her comfort, to work the Lord’s earth and bring forth the fruit of the vine. She’d been given a higher charge. The cup was hers to preserve. The smell of the full rich grapes permeated the air. Forcing the pig Roland from her mind, she watched the sun rise over the distant hill, a crescent of crimson cutting through the curtain of dawn. Wiping her hands on her habit, she moved along the row of grapevines on her knees. She would allow no one else to dress the vines. It was fulfilling work, one of the few pleasures she allowed herself. Strange, she thought, how legend and myth intertwine like faith and truth. The grapes were still heavy with the morning dew. Dawn was barely broken; near the motherhouse a cock was stirring from his roost.

The rooster’s crow was not the only sound that pierced the early quiet. A robust cry of a healthy infant jarred the convent tranquility.

Again, the child let out a lusty cry. Startled, she looked down the long rows of vines. There, three rows over, a package lay at the base of the rose bushes planted between the grape arbors. Crawling on her hands and knees, not daring to take her eyes from the bundle, she reached the baby. Tempestia turned, brushed her hands free of the loose dirt then gathered the child to her breast. Firm in her conviction to be a Carmelite, motherhood was not a vocation she sought, yet, she was compelled to protect this child. Tenderly, she patted the baby against her shoulder. Slowly she rose, looked around and, seeing no one, went to the motherhouse.

Once inside away from prying eyes, she unbundled the infant. It was a girl, tiny but perfectly formed; a daughter to give pride to any woman. Why would a mother abandon such a flawless child in a convent vineyard? It was apparent she was well cared for, her full round cheeks were rosy. Someone loved this little girl. What had caused them to stop? Furthermore, why had they chosen Tempestia to take up the care of the child? Within the child’s blanket was a silken pouch containing a small blue stone of no apparent significance. Was this infant, and the stone, part of the secret? Whatever the reason, she would discharge this duty to nurture the lass.

"Hush little one, I’ll find you milk.” Tempestia settled the child and went to the kitchen. It wasn’t mother’s milk, but it would suffice. Though the goat would welcome the early milking, Sister Françoise would wonder where her daily ration of milk had disappeared. No matter, sister will have to do without this morning.

A. Dee Carey started writing as soon as she could hold a pencil and will continue to write until she can no longer hold the pencil. She is married to a wonderful man who puts up with her zany imagination and encourages her to follow the dream. He has been her helpmate in all endeavors for 48 years. Having support is the life blood of writing. Dee continues writing about her beloved foxes and hopes many will enjoy the fox "tails.”

In FOX IN THE MIST Dee Carey has created a thrilling fantasy wherein appealing characters, both human and animals, excitingly strive to oust a usurper and return the rightful heir to the throne. The heroine is equally charming as both a fox and a girl, and the young hero has just enough vulnerability. Now--I want a fox! I want a tiny unicorn to dance in my palm!, Fran Keighley, award-winning Wings author.

FOX IN THE MIST - Dee Carey has a flowing, somewhat unusual style, and Fox in the Mist moves quickly. Her descriptions are simply fantastic, and I had no trouble picturing every single element- from the prancing of a tiny unicorn to the thrilling sensations of a single romantic touch, to the idealized sweeping vision of Arthurian castles. What a lovely, lovely book I look forward to more unusual magical tales from A. Dee Carey -- Fox in the Mist 5 unicorns from Enchanted it Romance

The Vixen: Ms. Carey spins for her reader a fine "Tail.” With a carefully structured plot, this author weaves her unique braid of Arthurian legend. If only "The Vixen” was required reading during my study of British Literature. -- Laura Turner noted journalist

The Vixen: Within the body of a fox lay the spirit of the vixen, awaiting the female human vessel it would finally inhabit. At the base of the neck, the boy will bear the fox-shape mole. When these two shall meet, they will rule Ireland as it has been foretold…

Travel back in time to the ancient Druids, to a time of magic long lost in the mist… to a time of the Vixen…

If you love the tales of olde, that touch of magic that has often been lost in stories of fantasies written in a modern world, then read one of A. Dee Carey’s books--she writes with the finesse of the ancient masters, perfectly capturing a time when magic lingered and anything could happen… -- Angela Verdenius, Heart of a Peacekeeper

The Fox and the Chalice is a fascinating blend of the history of The Catholic Church and the religion of the ancient Druids. There is amazing detail that draws you into the characters’ world and doesn’t let go. The characters are rich with emotions ranging from avarice to selflessness and from raging lust to eternal love. I highly recommend this unique, absorbing read from the very talented A. Dee Carey. -- Mary Paine, A Dangerous Dream, www.marypaine.com

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ISBN: 1597057401
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057400
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 278
Paper Weight (lb): 11.7

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