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For Better, For Worse, Forever
Anna Dynowski
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Toronto bookseller, Catharine Taylor, is spunky. Smart. And separated from her husband of ten years. With her biological clock banging away, all she wanted from her husband was a baby--just one baby--but what she got instead was a pending divorce.

When an accident befalls construction boss, Hudson Taylor, she is summoned to his bedside and to her surprise, he now wants to start a family. Great! There's just one little incidental marring her joy: he suffers from amnesia and doesn't remember filing for divorce or not wanting children.

Hudson Taylor’s heart stopped in his chest, trapping his breath in his throat. What was she doing here? His grip on the briefcase tightening, he tried to gulp in drafts of air into suddenly constricted lungs.

To his chagrin, his wife--his soon-to-be-ex-wife--stood in the middle of the swanky Board Room of Langeworth Bookstores, Toronto’s largest chain of bookstores, looking like she had every right to be there. In her fuchsia-colored skirt and blazer, she was cool, calm, and collected, tipping his composure right off the Richter scale. Her brown eyes, as they glanced at him, twinkled with a hint of mirth, but mostly caution.

He swallowed.

Two years later, and Catharine still proved to be a difficult person to forget. But, he had no choice. He had to forget her. Even if his insides were mangled to pieces. Life went on, didn’t it?

He tried to get on with his life. Except that, she wouldn’t let him. After numerous failed attempts to convince him they should reconcile, here she was, in his face again, threatening to dismantle the protective barrier he’d erected between them.

Clearing his dry throat, he dragged his gaze from his wife--his ex-wife--to the Board of Directors, and got on with his life. What was left of it. "I... I’m... ” One look at Catharine and he’d forgotten his own name. He closed his eyes and groaned. This was not going well. Not at all. Panic pranced along his skin. He was making a complete fool of himself. He blinked his eyes open, his gaze shooting unerringly to his wife. Naturally. Where else would they land?

She had the cheek to wink. "Gentlemen, this is Hudson Taylor.”

His name rolled off her lips with such an intimate tone that he almost went weak at the knees. It amazed him how good his name sounded coming from her lips. Her lips. Oh, how he wanted to taste those lips. Just once. For old times sake.

What was he thinking? He felt his ears go red. Had he gone totally insane? You’re separated, Taylor. Try to remember that, will ya?

Tearing his eyes from her once more, Hudson scanned the room of executives. "The assistant outside said it was all right to come in, that you were expecting me... ” His eyes cut back to his wife before returning to the five men seated around the conference table.

"Come in. Come in.” Gordon Langeworth, the spokesman and Chairman of the Board, a short, stout man in his mid-fifties, stood and beckoned Hudson into the room. "Catharine Bradini is familiar with your work and has highly recommended your firm to us.” He smiled a promising flash of masculine interest, on the woman, the only woman in the room, his wife, as he gestured to her to come forward.

Bradini? The name sunk in with a painful punch to his stomach. It didn’t take her long to revert back to the use of her maiden name, did it? The quiet ache of disappointment surprised him, but he quelled it. He wanted it this way, he told himself. For the umpteenth time.

Guarded compassion filled her gaze.

His heart pounded against his chest while he watched her examine his face. "Miss Bradini. It is a surprise to see you here,” he said in a slow methodical way, like a chess player contemplating his next move. But, the gentle scent of her signature perfume swirled around him, filling him like breath, making his ability to think rationally next to impossible. Dry-mouthed, he took her proffered hand, her fingers, soft and warm. At her touch, his heart seized and he held onto his breath. Closing his eyes a moment, he struggled not to faint. He felt light-headed and had to make an effort to concentrate on her next words.

"Please call me... Catharine. After all, our relationship does go back a long time.”

His eyes blazed open and fierce vitality returned to his limbs. Was he imagining it or was her voice edged with laughter? No, he wasn’t imagining anything at all, he thought, pinching his lips together. She was enjoying this. His skin burning, he released her fingers and took a step backwards.

Anna Dynowski has lived in Toronto, Canada all her life.

For more than twenty years, she has enjoyed reading romance novels because of the satisfaction received when the happy endings were guaranteed to follow the human struggles accompanying burgeoning relationships.

Her own "romance novel" began with the meeting of her "hero" through the personal ads, became engaged to him six weeks after that, and married him three months later. And that was over twenty years ago.

Being an incurable romantic, she is grateful the Inspirational market has allowed her the opportunity to write what's in her heart--love--and to share what's in her soul--faith in God.

"You may contact Anna at annadynowski@yahoo.ca or visit her website at:


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ISBN: 1597057754
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057752
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 248
Paper Weight (lb): 10.4

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