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Erin Moore
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Michelle Lawson runs into her high school best friend Darin Greene. Hanging out with Darin is everything Michelle remembers it used to be, except now she’s falling in love with him, but Darin is commitment shy and Michelle knows that if she confesses her feelings she could lose him.

But when a stalker targets Michelle, Darin vows to protect her. Can Darin save her from the threat on her life, or will his fear of getting close to her keep him from seeing the truth?

Before pulling out, he asked, "Do you still want to go to the park?"

"Yeah," sitting up to look out the windshield at the beautiful sky. "It’s so pretty out tonight and warm for this time of year." She looked over at him, and knew what he was thinking and why he was hesitating. "I promise not to seduce you."

Darin only grinned. Knowing that if she were to seduce him, he wouldn’t fight her for a moment. There was something about her that made him want her--she was a deadly poison. One he wanted more and more of after each taste. Pulling out of the parking lot, he headed towards Jarred Park. Jarred Park had always been one of Darin’s favorite parks in Lexington. It was a huge park with plenty of open fields, plus all the sport fields you could want. Once they were at the park, she led him to a secluded spot away from any cops that might be out patrolling the area. A place that he had never known existed. There was no way anyone would find them back there unless they already knew about the spot.

Getting out of the truck, Darin looked around. It was a great spot. Surrounded by trees on what appeared to be a private little fishing area. A lake ran through the park, and fishing holes were very popular. He had done some fishing at this park as a child himself, he just had never known about this spot. Flame sat on top of the picnic table that was near one of the trees, looking at the sky. Darin had to admit it was a perfect night--it was unusually warm for February, almost up to sixty today. Beyond it being so mild, the sky was beautiful, a bright clear night, with a full moon accompanied by thousands of bright stars.

Flame looked at him as he joined her on the table. "I love this spot."

Darin was trying to keep some distance between them, not trusting himself to keep his hands off of her. "How did you find it?"

Looking back up to the sky she said, "I’ve known about this spot for as long as I can remember. My father used to take me here to go fishing before he passed away. I’ve come here when I needed to get away from the world. It’s always helped me relax, it’s a tranquil spot."

He wondered if she had ever been here with a man, but thought himself crazy for wanting to know. It was none of his business. He just couldn’t help the stab of jealousy he felt at thinking she had shared this spot with anyone other than him. "So," getting back to a safe subject, "How did you meet Jamie?"

Flame smiled still looking at the stars. "By accident. I was writing a novel where the character was a female emergency room doctor. I asked the hospital to introduce me to a female doctor to interview and they set me up with Jamie."

"Oh, the character in the book I just read?"

Looking over at him, she smiled. "Yes. We hit it off instantly, been best friends ever since."

Sticking his lower lip out in a pout he said, "Replaced me, huh?"

Laughing she reached over and took his hand. She held on to it as she looked back up at the stars, "Never."

They sat quietly like that for a while, just holding hands and enjoying each other’s company and the beautiful night. Flame started to get restless and got up to walk along the water’s edge. She couldn’t put her thoughts into place, not knowing what to do about her growing attraction to Darin. She knew that her feelings could grow into something more, something that she instinctively knew he didn’t want from her. The attraction between them was a smoldering fire that was about to blow up in their faces and anybody else’s face that happened to be near. Tonight was proof of that. This very romantic night in her mind wasn’t helping things a bit.

Erin Moore lives in central Kentucky with her husband and two children. Erin’s other two novels The Game and All I Ever Wanted are now available. Visit Erin at her website.

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ISBN: 1590887425
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887424
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 238
Paper Weight (lb): 10.2

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