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Fiery Strength
Lori Libby
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Terry Keagen meets his one true mate but she is married to another. He hides his feelings from everyone, especially her. A frantic call from Andra reveals a horrible truth. She killed her husband.

Together they will find out if their love has the fiery strength to survive.

Terry Keagen flew down the ribbon of highway faster than the law allowed on his way to Gray, his regular Sunday ritual for the past few months. Andra waited for him. His mind carried a picture of her at an oak finished table with painted white legs surrounded on four sides by four chairs with green cushions. She would wear jeans; long sleeved shirt and no shoes. Her long raven colored hair would be tied back in a ponytail while she twirled a spoon in her coffee, though she always drank it black.

He hated himself.

Each week he swore he would stay away. She was on the mend after the murder of her brother. Each week he swore he didn’t love the small, shy, quiet woman who invaded his dreams with her gentle hands and soft lips. Love snuck in the door of his heart like a thief in the night. She’s married and beyond my reach.

Autumn painted leaves shades of orange, yellow and red, the most rare of the colors. The highway stretched before him gray, dreary like the funk in his soul, Andra, his constant thought, a sweet torture. He knew better, of course, than to fall for a married woman. Marriage, a sacred institution, the line that could never be crossed sat between them like the Red Sea without Moses in sight. Did Andra love him? The question had no answer. While she admitted she looked forward to his visits, it was a far cry from love.

No, she has more class than to fall for me. She wouldn’t betray her husband in such a horrendous fashion. His gloved hands squeezed the wheel with a death grip as he increased his speed to foolhearty. Speed cleared his mind, forced him to focus, made him free except for the wonderful agony of his love. He wove through traffic leaving the other vehicles behind like a parking lot. The exit with a stoplight loomed ahead on the right, the only force large enough to end his reign of speed.

He loved Andra Grant. He switched radio stations while he waited for the green light. His heart beat out a hip-hop beat, fast and hard. His mind again turned to green eyes that twinkled with laughter at his lame jokes. Her red lips didn’t need the make up she applied, the chin she always held with a proud tilt. She drove him crazy. The urge to kiss her, really kiss her tortured him. The light changed. He stomped the gas pedal. The engine purred like a lion, throaty and low. A sudden flash of Andra’s face after she learned of Allen’s death kept a lid on the aggressive wolf within.

Keagen pulled off the highway toward Andra’s house. This time, he swore to his heart, he wouldn’t go back. He would leave her to live her life with Grant. He would move on, get over her. If he found the task didn’t work, he’d cut out the piece of his soul, and then hide it in his heart forever.

He killed the engine in front of her gray two-story house. He swung the door open; the odor of trouble assailed his nose, rusty and putrid. Keagen sniffed the air. Blood. Not a lot, but enough to speed his approach to the house. Inborn grace made the trip across the lawn easy. He was a skin walker, a werebeast, a werewolf. His senses exploded in his nervous system. Careful not to break the door in, Keagen hammered on the wood.

"Hello?” he hollered at the door. He tried the doorknob. Locked. His heart pounded against his lungs with such ferocity, breathing became work. "Andra?”

A female scream came from inside the house, then silence. Wood cracked under the force of his shoulder. The door held. Keagen charged. The door held. No use. Frustration fuelled strength. One mighty blast of his foot and wood splintered. The door hung by a single hinge.

Lori Libby lives in a quaint little town in Maine with her husband, Ted and her two wonderful children Kelsea and John. A feisty Akita puppy named Boshido Katahdin Inu (otherwise known as Boo) completes the happy family. Lori and her family reside in her husbands ancestral home. She enjoys a short commute to Augusta, the capital of Maine, where she can enjoy the enmities of the city.

Lori has a BS degree in Elementary Education. For the past eight years Lori’s been a schoolteacher and loves molding the young minds of our future generations into independent and creative adults.

She enjoys hiking and crocheting. But writing is Lori’s passion. The challenge and learning process have exhilarated her, inspiring her to reach for the moon. She loves romance with a happily ever after ending and hopes her stories portray the love she has for the English language. She loves words and the power they wield.

Now and Forever: This book is filled with suspense and intrigue. I was amazed by the story Lori Libby weaved, creating not only the suspense and mystery Becca was dealing with, but also creating an equally fantastic story about love’s second chance. I was on tenterhooks throughout the entire story, waiting to find out who Becca’s stalker was. Though I had something of a clue, I was still surprised by who the stalker turned out to be. Now and Forever is a well written story that has a great combination of suspense and romance. If you like a little mystery and lots tension with your romance, Now and Forever is the perfect story to pick up. -- Reviewed by: Sarah, Fallen Angel Reviews

Hunter’s Arrow: This is a tautly woven romantic thriller filled where jealousy and a murderous hunger for ultimate power lurks at every turn to destroy all those in its path. Love and loyalty are put to the test and it becomes a battle to the very end to see who winds up victorious. This was a well crafted story that catches you from the very beginning and leaves you satisfied at the end. -- Charissa, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

Hunter’s Arrow: This steamy, sexy tale between lovers will make your toes curl and your heart sing. Despite both their faults, her shaky disguise to spy on him and his omission of being a shifter, love will transcend. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. Filled with both adventure and romance, it will unleash everyone’s wild side! If this became a series of books based on Belen and Hunter, I would buy every one! -- Reviewed by: C.C., Lighthouse Literary Reviews

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ISBN: 1597057924
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057929
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 372
Paper Weight (lb): 15.4

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