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A Faire Keltic Renaissance
*Lizzie Starr
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It ain’t easy being Fey.

That’s what Lucidea discovered when her uncle’s disappearance forced her to assume leadership of a parallel world.

Then she met Jaysson--who has his own Otherworldly issues.

Prophecy brings their fight against ancient evils to the human world. Does that same prophecy bring them love?

"If you don’t mind sitting in the grass, there’s a great spot just a little further overlooking the pond."

"Let’s go." Wanting to erase the doubt from his eyes, she waited until he nodded then threaded her fingers through his. He smiled, a gentle, sweet smile, a smile so innocently sensuous she probably needed to jump into that cold pond, not sit next to it.

"This is the reason I had to leave yesterday. I bought this land." Jayse stopped and took her hand with his then spread his arms. "I first saw the area when I was nine, riding my bike along the old railroad tracks. I knew, even then, someday this would be mine. I even told the farmer who owned it that I would buy this whole section. He didn’t even laugh at me."

"Why would he laugh?"

Jayse shuffled his feet through the ankle-high, dried grass. "I was twelve at the time."

"Oh. Not many kids have a dream like that--one they carry with them into adulthood. I admire such dedication."

"That’s not all of the dream, Lucidea. Before today, I’ve only told one other person about my plans."

The fear returned to haunt his eyes, the doubt strong enough to dull the excited sparkle. What was he afraid to tell her? Why? "What’s troubling you, Jayse?"

He shook his head and angled to face the pond.

"Don’t turn away from me, Jaysson whatever your middle name is Zeroun. Tell me what’s wrong."



"My middle name’s Allen. Sit with me?"

After she nodded, he held her hand as she folded her legs into a cross-legged position, then lowered himself so he sat facing her. Knowing he’d speak when ready, she waited in silence. Content with watching him, Lucidea let her gaze lose partial focus until it was as if she looked at him both with her physical eyes and with her mind’s eye.

A faint, rainbow-colored haze surrounded him, the colors swirling and pulsing like the beat of a heart. But, she wanted to see the sparkles, even though she was sure that she had only imagined the tiny silver lights. Sparkles meant magic, after all, and unlike her, Jayse was human. She gnawed at her bottom lip to hold back the sudden onslaught of a silly grin. She’d done it. She saw his aura without really trying.

Focusing her gaze on his face, she guiltily released her lower lip. Jayse watched her intently, but the moment her eyes locked with his, he glanced away and stared over her shoulder.

"The first date," he began slowly, "my parents had was to a small renaissance faire at the Arthur Hills winery. Until a few years ago when the faire outgrew the space they had available, the winery held a faire every spring. My family attended religiously. It’s almost a compulsion with us--much like seeing every production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream."


Nodding, Jayse gave her a crooked grin. "You’d be amazed at how my family connects to that play."

A great deal remained hidden behind that statement, and Lucidea vowed to eventually find out those secrets. The possibilities, vague and fleeting, intrigued her, but the distraction wasn’t enough to pull her from learning more now.

"Okay, so your family loves Shakespeare and ren faires."

"It wasn’t just owning this land that’s been my dream for--oh, all my life. It’s the development of the land. Look around you with your artistic eyes, Lucidea. Over there, winding through the copse of trees, lanes filled with small shops and pavilions. On the flat area at the top of that hill, in an area surrounded by colorful flags armored knights upon battle ready steeds await a tournament. And here, were we sit, a castle, built in traditional fashion of timber, stone and mortar, home to spectacular fêtes and feasts. In the pond, fountains shower the still water with sound."

Jayse closed his eyes and she held her breath waiting for him to continue. Waiting for him to look at her again. He spoke without opening his eyes.

*lizzie made up games and stories to keep her company as a child. So, a witch lived in Grampa’s weather research station and was only held at bay by a certain weed. An ancient road grader became a boat carrying wild adventurers to islands filled with sheep that turned into lions and cannibals.

Now, the stories of her imagination are beginning to find their way to paper and pixels. Filled with fantasy and love, these tales take her far from the mundane world.

When *lizzie has to return to that mundane life, she’s a lead cook at a university dining service. Happily, the folks she works with have become accustomed to her writer’s ways and just shake their heads when she goes off on some fantastical tangent, asks strange what if questions, or just has to find a piece of paper and a pen that actually writes. One of her greatest delights is to watch the joy of writing fill a friend, and she’ll do anything to help them achieve their dream.

And someday, when she grows up, *lizzie wants to be eccentric.

*lizzie adores hearing what you think about her tales.

"It sparkles…” -- Margaret B Lawrence, author of Caresse: A Loving Touch

Lizzie Starr pens an original romantic fantasy with Keltic Flight. I enjoyed learning that faeries can be sexy. The winged hero Korin faced difficult, even lethal obstacles sure to destroy his chance to win Nanceen. His determination and devotion made this inter-species romance a very pleasurable read.

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ISBN: 159705948X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059480
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 328
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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