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Fade to Black
Beverley Bateman
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Holly Devine, a wealthy, single socialite decides to leave behind the party lifestyle she devolved into after her parents' sudden deaths, become a private investigator and find out how her parents really died.

Now she's on a cruise ship; her past is a blank; the cause of her amnesia is unknown. She's trying to find out who she is, how she got there and why someone is trying to kill her.

Eric Norby, an Interpol agent tracking an international ring of jewel thieves, while posing as the ships doctor finds himself falling for his prime suspect.

Can they stop the killer and both find what they are looking for?

He slithered in front of her, blocking her escape. "You want a man to be assertive and take you. Then you can keep pretending you’re not really that type. I like that. Don’t worry. I’ll force you. I do it very well. Prepare to enjoy it. I’m going to take you tonight and you’re going to love it.” He yanked her roughly against his chest and shoved her into a corner, sliding his hand under her skirt and forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Hallie pulled one arm free and shot it at his jaw. Jack looked shocked.

"There you are. I thought you promised to meet me for a drink?”

Jack dropped his hands immediately, spinning around to face the speaker, who was approaching them. "What the hell...?”

Eric put his hand out toward Hallie. "I don’t like being stood up. Shall we?”

"Oh, of-of course. I’m sorry about that.” Hallie took his arm, staggering slightly as she escaped Jack’s clutches, one hand straightening her skirt. She allowed Eric’s arm to circle her waist. As he led her away she rubbed her other hand, which hurt from connecting with Jack’s jaw.

Jack stood watching them depart, his eyes smoldering with anger, his chin jutting forward. "We’ll finish this later,” he hissed after her.

"Did we have a date, Dr. Peterson?” Hallie asked, breathless and still confused.

"No, and call me Eric. I saw what he was doing and you didn’t appear to be enjoying it. My God, woman, don’t you have any idea how to handle a situation like that? And how the hell did you get yourself into that position in the first place? I didn’t take you for a stupid woman.”

"I’m not stupid,” Hallie sniffed. "But you’re right. I feel pretty dumb right now. I don’t know how I got myself into that situation. Jack out maneuvered me. It didn’t matter what I did he wouldn’t give up. He kept telling me he knew what I really wanted.” Hallie trembled, stumbling as they walked away. "He didn’t, you know. I didn’t want anything to do with him.”

Eric pulled her closer to keep her from falling.

"I suggest you stay away from him in the future. I might not be around to save you next time. Are you sure you’re all right?” Eric stopped and frowned as he looked down at her.

"Yes, I think so. I’m fine, now, really. And don’t worry. I don’t plan to let him anywhere near me again.” Hallie sniffed again, chewing her lower lip.


"He was so rough. I kicked and scratched and even yelled at him to leave me alone. Nothing worked and no one paid any attention when I yelled. I-I think he was going to try and make love to me right here on the deck. Thank you for rescuing me.” Hallie turned, out of the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of tall attractive redhead watching them. The woman shot Hallie an angry look, then turned and stomped off toward the bar.

"You looked terrified. I couldn’t believe you’d let him grope you like that.” Eric snapped.

"I’m sorry I couldn’t stop him. I did punch him and I even managed to draw blood at one point,” she offered with some satisfaction.

"You need to learn to throw a better punch than that if you want to do any damage.”

"Maybe you could teach me?”

Eric shook his head, "I just don’t get it. How could you let him? I mean you didn’t look very happy about the situation. I could see that--so Eric to the rescue. By the way, he wanted sex, he didn’t want to make love to you, trust me. There is definitely a difference. Don’t you remember anything about relationships? Or appropriate behavior between men and women?”


"You can’t remember anything about how you reacted in the past?” Eric stared at her.

"How could I? I don’t remember my past. How would I know how I reacted? And maybe no one has ever tried to rape me before. I don’t know. Give me a break. I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

"Good. I hope so. So no knowledge at all about what happens on a date?”

Beverley Bateman has been writing her whole life, but seriously for the past five years. When not working out the twisted details for her latest plot, she reads voraciously and loves to travel, hike and cross country ski. She now lives with her husband and two Shiba puppies in the beautiful lake country of the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, among the vineyards, beaches and mountains.

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ISBN: 1590887476
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887479
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 334
Paper Weight (lb): 14.0

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