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Eternity's Sweet Endeavor
Jayme Evans
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Willa wants truth. Her brother’s life has been changed forever by an experience she couldn’t even remember. A vampire has made her forget, but now she wants to confront the creatures and prove that they are not as dangerous as her brother believes. Once she meets Demitri again, she proves to herself they are worse.

Once pledged to the Knights Templar, Demitri plans to serve humanity even after his existence changes to one of endless nights. He has met Willa Hays as the enemy of his blood child, but now Demitri must protect her from his evil brother. Never did he think it would turn out to be such a sweet endeavor.

Willa didn’t know how long she had been standing on the sidewalk. It was dark and she waited just outside the Carpenter Mansion that Ethan had occupied. Only one dim streetlight burned through the fog, and there wasn’t a car in sight. What was she doing on the street at this hour alone? It wasn’t that late, just after dusk, but it seemed like midnight or later. It had been a long day.

Oh yes. Waiting for Demitri. He should be here just any minute, and this is where she had met him last night. He was a handsome man--at least in the dark he seemed to be--but why was she here? After her miserable day, she should be in bed and trying to sleep away the fatigue that pulled at her eyes.

A misty fog traveled upon the ground. It was just like the one she had seen last night before she fell asleep. It swirled around her feet and then gathered in front of her. The fog grew tall, like a smoky pillar, and then took on the shape of a man.


"Willa, you have come.”

She faced him. Deep shadows cut across his face. "Yes. I suppose I did, but I don’t remember coming here and I don’t really know why I decided to get out on a dreary night like this. I should be in bed sleeping.”

"But you’re here and that is all that matters. Walk with me.”

Willa moved into step beside him. Neither spoke. She didn’t know where they were going, but she had to go. She had to stay with Demitri.

Demitri opened the door to Ethan’s mansion. She stepped in and gazed around. It was beautiful and filled with antiques and rich furnishings. She had been here. But when? Oh, yes. With Shawn. But she didn’t remember being inside the house.

Demitri faced her. "I’m glad you are here.”

She turned and met his gaze. "What am I doing here?”

"You came to find the vampire.”

Multi-published author, Jayme Evans writes the 'weird stuff'. As a time-travel, romantic suspense, paranormal and futuristic author, she likes to carry her imagination to the extreme and escape from the 'real' world. Jayme lives in Kentucky with her with her youngest son, his wife and two grandchildren. She has two married sons, four lovely granddaughters and a spunky grandson.

Jayme began writing when her oldest son flew the nest in 1992. She took the Writer's Digest Advanced Novel Writing Workshop to complement her love of writing.

"SINISTER KNIGHT is a romantic suspense book with a bit of the paranormal. I am considering the dreams Kara had about the castle on Mario's island as being the paranormal part of the story. It is only a thread throughout the plot, but it adds to the storyline. The characters of Kara and Mario are strong enough to carry the story almost by themselves. The other characters are secondary and used only as needed in the plot.” -- Hattie Boyd, Scribes World

Sinister Knight: This was a very entertaining story with a very good plot line with well-developed characters. The suspense mounts until the last page - Brenda Gill

To Sail Through Time: ***** stars This book is an enjoyable read. I would recommend it for all lovers of romance. -- Sandy Cummins

To Sail Through Time, 4.5 stars out of 5. I can highly recommend this book as a 4.5 stars out of 5. Well written, well paced and thoroughly enjoyable to read. I eagerly look forward to more novels by this particular author, especially if she continues in this genre.--REVIEWED BY: Katherine Schlem

TO SAIL THROUGH TIME was a fun read, full of adventure, bits of history and romance all in one. I thought the author did a good job portraying the conflicts between a man from the 1800’s and an independent woman from the 1990’s. While this romance had the predictable fairy-tale ending, the plot had sufficient twists and turns to make the ride worthwhile. I got quite a laugh at some of the situations Bethany got herself into, and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions she and Joshua had over human rights and fair treatment of prisoners. A good book to pick up for a fantasy trip of your own. -- ***1/2 Recommended Aimee McLeod

Eternity's Many Loves - I enjoyed reading this story, stayed up till the wee hours of the night to finish it. I can only hope [hint] that Ms. Evans has plans to write stories for Ethan's vampire friend's Demetri Lupino, and Blake. Curious to know what happens with them! I highly recommend reading, "ETERNITY'S MANY LOVES" 5 Stars, --Charlene Smith, Simegen

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ISBN: 1597059064
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059060
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 273
Paper Weight (lb): 11.6

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