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Escapade For One
Jewel Stone
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Owner of Escapade for One, a singles adventure dating service, Amanda Jordan has brought her clients to a remote cabin in the Montana Rockies for a romantic weekend. Rhett Porter has tracked a murderer straight to A.J. and her clients. When communications are severed, a storm blows in, and with Oliver Redding on the loose, Rhett must trek A.J. and her clients down the mountain to safety.

Only it soon becomes clear Oliver Redding is no longer on the run, but following and taunting the group. What motive could Oliver have to turn from the prey to the hunter?

Leaned against the trunk of a pine, hidden by the shadows of the dense forest, Rhett Porter pushed the Stetson up his brow. Of all the things he encountered in these mountains--and he came across a lot in his thirty-three years of life--never had he witnessed the likes of this.

Across the stream, knelt at the edge of a flat rock on the riverbed, a golden-haired woman splashed water over her face and naked chest. The snow runoff caused her honey-toned skin to prickle, her nipples to stiffen at the tips of full breasts.

Rhett could almost taste the rosy buds in his mouth, feel her goose bumped flesh under his hands. In an attempt to block out the heat surging to his loins, he shifted his hips, wondering if he should splash some of that cold water over his own body. Clearly, he’d spent too much time alone for he could not deny the fierce reaction to the woman.

Unable to turn away, Rhett adjusted his position against the tree and continued to watch the goddess bathe, not entirely sure he wanted to end the experience. His reason for being here momentarily forgotten, he simply enjoyed. She appeared to be a heavenly vision of beauty, only she was real. Incredibly, tantalizingly real.

It’d been a long time since he’d seen a woman in a state of undress. Like a man in the desert thirsty for water, he longed to cross the stream, unbutton those jeans, dip his hand inside, and feel...

A rustle in the brush behind the woman pulled Rhett’s attention away from his thoughts. Instinctive reaction sent his hand to retrieve the Beretta from its holster. One glance back to the woman told him she heard the sound, too. She jumped from the rock, yanked her shirt off a branch, and attempted to thrust her arms into it as she studied the terrain.

With long strides forward, Rhett focused his sight back on the target. Seeing a camouflage jacket move with his trained eye, he leapt the width of the stream, caught the woman by the waist, whisked her behind him in a fluid motion, and aimed his pistol.

"Redding, drop your weapon and come out. I have my gun pointed directly at you." He kept his voice even, though full of command.

With a shriek, the woman toppled backward, plunging into the stream. Rhett whirled around and pulled her from the icy current. The woman clasped under his arm, he returned his attention to where he saw the man he hunted.

Redding was gone, having taken the moment of distraction for his benefit and fled. "Damn!" Rhett lowered the gun and shoved it into place.

The woman pounded at his chest. He looked down at her, his gaze locked with lucid blue eyes. The world seemed to halt as her beauty captured him. Redding ceased to exist.

Having lived in Africa, Mexico and around the United States as a child, Jewel Stone now lives in rain drenched Western Washington State. Her home is nestled in the lush green forest of tall evergreens and ferns, providing her with the beauty of nature surrounding her while she works on her romance and fiction writing.

Jewel's family consists of a husband, two children, dog and a cat. Hobbies (when she isn't bleeding over her keyboard writing!) include: Walking on the beach, gardening, shopping and reading.

This well written romance has terrific characters. Phillip is to die for, but can he prove to Abigail that she's more important than his job aspirations? And Abigail is the epitome of a young innocent girl who has matured into a self sustaining woman. Can she maintain her momentum without Phillip, especially after he comes back into her life with such heated devotion? I suggest you read the book if you want answers.

Wings of Love is for mature readers due to the strong sexual content that drives this romance. -- Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

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ISBN: 1590888537
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888537
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 242
Paper Weight (lb): 10.4

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