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Edge of Paradise
Lynda LaPort
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The warmth of the sun and the slow motion of Caribbean time lands Lori Paige’s research not on the beach of tranquility but deep into an intricate weave of seduction, danger and the search for truth. She came to find peace and dive the peaceful waters to study abnormal fish deaths but instead found herself deeply involved in much more.

Can she trust the undercover government agent whose disappearance broke her heart many years ago? Can she trust her own heart? Can she unravel the island’s secrets? Can she find paradise, or is she only on the edge?

A strange uneasiness presented its unwelcome face as Saturday dawned. A premonition of something about to happen gripped Lori and gripped her hard. She tried her best to shake it off, telling herself it must have been a residual carry over from a bad dream. Lori looked nervously around the bedroom, expecting something unusual to catch her eye, to jump out at her.

Stretching, she walked into the living area to greet Jake but he wasn’t on the rug in front of the fireplace, or anywhere else in her cabin for that matter. She scratched her head. She knew Jake had been locked inside the night before, just like every other night since she arrived.

"What the heck’s going on here?" She remembered the night she ran into Hugh on the beach. That night she ended up in bed and Jake had been in here with her the next morning, with the door locked just like today.

"I’m not a sleep walker and I am definitely not going crazy, but something is going on here that I just don’t understand."

After fixing a breakfast omelets, Lori carried it to her favorite dining spot outside on the porch. She picked at the food and pushed her fork around on the plate, not sure what exactly was causing her anxiety, other than the missing dog.

Sitting and worrying didn’t do her any good. So she went inside and lathered herself up with sunscreen and slid into her one piece black maillot swimsuit that fit like a glove, then put on a large floppy brim sun hat and dark sunglasses.

It was time to work on her tan and explore the beach that bordered the island and quit fidgeting around the house. She didn’t take a towel, shoes or watch since the day was entirely free until this evening’s dinner party.

Lori started on the backside of the island again just for curiosity’s sake, she told herself. As she walked the fine sandy beach on the lookout for seashells, tiny hummingbirds flitted between the colorful red flowers and yellow stalks of palicourea, and the roselike blossoms of cocoplum. Mockingbirds bounced their noisy voices off the huge broad leafed elephant ear philodendrons and lacy ferns that grew in the shade of mahogany, Manilkara and white cedar trees.

The lush vegetation created a cool inviting breeze that beckoned to her from across the dunes from the hot sandy beach. Today was going to be the hottest one since she had arrived. Before the day was over, she knew she’d be seeking the cooling temperatures of the water.

She bent down to retrieve a sand dollar that had washed in whole and put it on her head under her hat since she didn’t have a pocket. She looked around her to make sure that no one caught her using her head for once and laughed at the thought. Then with wonder she realized it had been at least two days since she had felt the stabbing mourning pain or the misery of Nick’s betrayal. Thank God for small miracles…

Lynda's career path has encompassed biological and chemical research science, a real estate agent and broker, talent agent, photographer, and a homemaker. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, member and past officer of Missouri Romance Writers of America, Member of Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators. She has been writing stories since elementary school. Lynda has written and illustrated dozens of children's musical e-books (soon to be published) and is currently working on a second suspense. Her hobbies include swimming, snorkeling, landscaping and angel crafts. Edge of Paradise is her first novel. Lynda, her husband, son and extended family call the St. Louis area home. Her website address is www.lyndasburch.com.

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ISBN: 1590889231
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889237
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 356
Paper Weight (lb): 15.0

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