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The Dream Dimension
A.C. Warrilow
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Six months have passed since Sam arrived on Invisus Island. All is not well. Invisus is heading towards Antarctica at an alarming and unstoppable rate. Can the Island’s inhabitants be evacuated before they are consumed by this frozen wasteland? Racing against time, the residents of Pharos Lighthouse leap from one deadly situation to another, coming up against deadly Trows and fighting flaming Fire Fairies. Making matters worse, Sam and Jessica have had a blazing row and are not on speaking terms!

To rescue one of their own, they must put aside their differences and travel to the queen’s palace in the heart of the Dream Dimension. With friends and enemies, old and new, ready for a fight. Something wicked this way comes, and someone’s not lasting the night!

"Would you do it Sol. Would you really destroy Invisus?"

"Of course," Sol replied. "Why should I believe in an Island that never once believed in me?"

Eddie peered into the fire. There was a large log in the centre with its bark glowing red and flames billowing all around it. Eddie broadened the depth of his vision, as if he was trying to discover the hidden pirate ship in one of those annoying three dimensional pictures. He turned his head left and right, examining it with his peripheral vision. Something stirred within the embers. Eddie locked on as shapes began to emerge from within the flames. Hands resting on embers, legs wrapped around a log, wings beating sedately. A face glared defiantly back at him.

Eddie blinked. "Hello!”

The creature looked furious. The being, a male about nine inches in height, rose from the middle of the fire. Two other creatures, both females, shimmered into view on either side of him. Their bodies glowed red with patches of black like embers, and each bore a set of delicate crystal wings folded behind them.

"Fire fairies,” breathed Eric in awe. "I thought they were extinct.”

The male fairy picked up a skinny log from the fire. He twirled it before him a couple of times then casually placed it in front of him like a walking cane and moved out from the heart of the fire. "Let us introduce ourselves.” His little voice carried a pleasant Irish lilt.

Sam was mesmerised by the beings. He couldn’t help but notice that each of the creatures appeared to be wearing garments created from living flame. The colours wrapped around them giving the illusion of clothing. They all looked fabulous.

A female and youngest of them stepped forward from the glowing ashes. "I’m Ena.” The under-glow of her ember coloured skin intensified to white hot as she curtsied.

Ena had long delicate white flames for hair, with strands of various lighter glowing tones flowing down her back. She wore what seemed to be a very short, body hugging, charcoal coloured dress.

The second female fairy, stayed within the flames, her elfish beauty was complimented by a shimmering long gown, which trailed out across the glowing embers of the fire. Her shoulder length hair pulsed and changed colour according to the inferno around her. A glittering tiara perched delicately on her head. "I’m Dermott.”

Flaming cane in hand, the male brought himself up to his full height. "And I am Igniteous.” He wore a tight, burnt orange blazer with long dark pants and his blue flamed hair was short and spiky.

Eric looked genuinely enchanted. "Nice to meet you, I’m...”

"We know who you are, Keeper of Pharos,” Igniteous spat. "But we are not here to engage you in polite conversation. We are here for him.” He swung the flaming cane around. "Eddie, the Blue Tongue Slayer, you’re coming with us.”

There was a moment of silence as the group around the fire realised they were being threatened.

"Blue tongue slayer?” Sam whispered.

"It was self defence,” Eddie muttered back.

Igniteous rounded back towards the others. "And just for fun we’re going to kill the rest of you.”

Newman’s eyes blazed in terror. "Cripes.”

Ena cackled at Newman’s response and proceeded to scamper about the fire, like a dog anticipating a w-a-l-k. "I’s gonna burrow up ya’anus and eat out ya brains.”

The terror dulled in Newman’s eyes. "Pardon?”

The creatures began stamping in the fire and embers started to fly out in all directions, dark smoke churned around them. The fairies started a strange guttural chant as their tiny feet kicked out ash and red hot coals. Flames leapt out towards the group, like dragon’s breath, causing them to shield their faces in alarm. The fairies seemed to be building themselves up into a type of war frenzy.

Eddie addressed the others in a calm clear voice. "When I say run, run.”

"What?” Newman yelled. "We’re running from a trio of fashion-conscious firelighters?”

Eddie started to back away. "The heat they can generate is hotter than the surface of the sun. If they even touch us, we’ll burn to death in seconds.”

Andrew was born on the 24th March 1975 in Solihull, Birmingham, England, and after emigrating to Australia in 1988 he is now living in Cleveland, in the Redland Shire, a bayside community south of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. He was 32 at the time his first book was published.

Andrew has a dog called Eddie who insists on gnawing himself whenever there is a quiet moment in the house, the gnawing is usually undergone with such intensity that Eddie makes himself gag, this is a long drawn out process of dry retching and straining eyes, Eddie’s other hobbies include scratching for hours at the back door until someone lets him in, watching people on the toilet and dragging his bum across the carpet…

Andrew also owns Newman, a tabby cat, and is just like his namesake in the book (minus the talking). Bertie, another family cat, is also like his character but has since been relocated to Andrew’s ‘in-laws’ due to a long standing feud with Eddie over a Teddy Bear throwing incident.

Bertie, Eddie didn’t throw the bear at you!

The Familiar’s Tale is a hearty and humorous piece of fantasy that will tickle most people’s reading funny bone. But wait. What is a familiar? Without giving too much away, a familiar is an animal put into service to guard and care for a particular human being. Familiars can also talk. Some of the familiars in Andrew’s first book are rude, cheeky and violent, as well as being obviously lovable. This idea is one that makes The Familiar’s Tale in many ways, but there is a lot more to the narrative than this idea alone. Concepts of human hubris, tabula rasa and various mythologies surface in unexpected ways in this book which will delight readers.

I am more than excited for Andrew about his being published. He certainly deserves it. And so do his potential readers. --Anna Kassulke, The Word Story

When I began reading Andrew Warrilow’s mystical… THE FAMILIAR’S TALE, I thought surely it was a children’s book, which is every bit as fancifully psychedelic as Alice In Wonderland. That is, until I got to the bar scene where the talking Geckos are battling the Cane Toads in a war of good and evil in the island’s underworld. Then, I wondered if this writer were old enough to have been in on the Height Ashberry era in San Francisco. If you like your stories just a bit off the wall, and warping reality, you’re going to love this book. It is definitely different. --JoEllen Conger, Conger’s Reviews

THE FAMILIAR’S TALE is a fantasy to the extreme, where anything you might imagine happens. The invisible magical Invisus Island is the place where the amnesiac hero, Sam, grapples with ghost voices, talking animals, and crazy goings on as he struggles to remember just who he is. The Pharos Lighthouse keeper, Mayor Eric de Vries, and his 17-year-old daughter, Jessica, along with their various pets, help Sam to untangle his missing memories. They involve him in an ever unfolding battle between the Malcontenders and the Indice. The important thing he can’t remember is his heritage to the opposing mystical powers which are the foundation for all the island’s struggles between good and evil. But bit by bit he discovers he really is an important piece of the puzzle.

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ISBN: 1597056465
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056465
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 392
Paper Weight (lb): 16.2

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