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Draegon's Lair
Linda Ciletti
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Alys de Monceux, betrothed to a cruel and ruthless lord, runs to save herself from further abuse and to protect the secret that she carries. But when she finds herself wounded and without memory in the keep of a man who dares not show his face, will she find the peace and love her heart desires? Or will this strange and foreboding lord return her to the man she fears?

Draegon of Greystone stays hid beneath hood and helm, concealing a face he is sure others will fear. Content to live in a world of shadows, his secure existence is suddenly threatened when he rescues and hides Alys from her pursuer, the evil Knighthawk, Bastion of Worthingshire. But can Draegon save Alys without endangering his people when Bastion’s powerful army tracks her to the small demesne of Greystone? And can a love he never dreamt possible give Draegon the strength to fight against a foe determined to destroy them both?

Had she died? Had Death claimed her?

If so, was she in heaven--or hell?

She peered about the chamber, a dark void illuminated only by the muted glow of a struggling fire. Cryptic shadows and ghostly illuminations danced on the ceiling and hearth, holding her in morbid fascination of the frivolous play of dark and light. Fear trickled up her spine, prompting her to pull the downy covers tight about her.

Easing into a sitting position, she discovered that she no longer wore her gown of creamy silk but rather a tunic large enough to clothe her twice over. Her head began to throb all the more.

What was this place?

A dark silhouette flashed across the play of light on her covers. Startled, she shuffled back against the massive headboard of her bed, her eyes darting from one obscure corner of the room to the other, fearfully searching for the shadow’s source. "Wh--who goes there?” she called into the darkness.

No answer came, but she knew something or someone was there. She could sense it watching her, could smell leather, forest and--Death.

Her heart raced. Her throat clenched. She knew that scent as it carried across the room, its pleasing yet disconcerting familiarity. It filled her through, caused her head to spin. How strange, she thought, to fear yet not to fear. Was she losing her senses?

Again she tried remembering what had brought her to this place. Again a sharp pain shot through her temples, fiercer still as a soft shuffling sounded in the far corner of the room. Staring into the shadows, she pleaded once more for an answer, afraid to know but more afraid not to. "Who goes there? Pray answer me, for your silence is frightening.”

When the shadows shifted and Death stepped forward into the fading light of the fire, she hugged the bedcovers tight against her breasts.

Death wore a great cloak of dark brown wool with forest green lining peeking out about its edges. The massive garment spilled over every inch of whatever hid beneath, its huge hood pulled so low that only darkness could be seen beneath its rim.

She caught her breath then, pulling forth what courage she could, spoke with feigned confidence. "If you have come to claim me, Death, then be merciful and do so quickly.” She lifted her chin despite her fear.

"My lady.” The shadowed silhouette moved as if to approach her then stilled. "Be assured, I am not Death.”

Alys gasped. Her heart pounded at the gravelly voice. Though she could not recall from where, she had heard that voice before. It was a voice she feared above all else, a voice that had left its scars upon her. Sudden terror raked through her. Drawing back, she raised her bedcovers higher still as she stared wide-eyed into the dark obscurity beneath the massive hood.

~ * ~

Draegon sensed the maiden’s fear rise the moment he spoke. There was no mistaking it. There was just enough glow about the room to light the terrified expression on her face. It was an expression that turned his blood to ice, an expression that confirmed his deepest fear. It was the reason he hid beneath hood and helm, the reason he was known as the Shadow Lord. What he didn’t understand was why she feared what she could not see, as he kept his back to the hearth so that even the smallest flicker of light couldn’t find its way beneath his hood.

Could she sense the demon in him? Did the accursed glimmer of his eyes pierce the darkness of his concealment? Was it his voice?

God’s blood! Draegon cursed in silent recognition. It was his voice. He was sure of it, for her fear had heightened at his first utterance. And if the mere sound of his voice terrified her, God’s blood, how would she react should she see the darkness of his soul mirrored in the frosty glow of demonic eyes?

Nay, she must never see his face.

Linda Ciletti, a native of Western Pennsylvania, is a long time member of the Greensburg Writers' Group, and the Ligonier Valley Writers. She is a past member of Romance Writers of America. She has been writing for approximately thirteen years and has placed in numerous RWA chapter sponsored contests. She works full-time as an Educational Programs Coordinator at a local college and has completed a French minor. Linda is also a doll artist. She has four grown children, a delightful grandson and granddaughter, five cats and four goldfish. You can visit her website at www.lindaciletti.net

Linda Ciletti has created a powerful love story between Alys and Draegon. It will leave you anxious for the turn of each page. The slow developing romance is sweet and passionate at the same time. Draegon’s Lair will leave you wishing you could transport yourself into the novel and become the characters. I would highly recommend this novel to any romance enthusiast. -- 4 Stars, Melissa Curran, Scribesworld, http://www.scribesworld.com/reviews/

I loved this book. Beautiful story.

Draegon's Lair: A stirring medieval Beauty and the Beast novel that will keep you up at night to see what happens next. I had to take a week off before I could even write the review. I was at a loss for words (and THAT doesn’t happen too often, I assure you). I am in complete awe. Prepare to be swept away. Dialogue that is wonderfully pleasing to the senses and makes you feel like you were there. A hero and heroine you’ll get attached to. This is among the best medievals I’ve read. This is her first published book. I hope that Ms. Ciletti writes more books and soon. -- 4+ Stars, Shelley DeWayne, Suite 101, http://www.suite101.com/welcome.cfm/romance_novel_review/60472

Linda Ciletti’s Draegon’s Lair exhibits an extraordinary classic example of the well known and loved movie "Man in the Iron Mask.” Amazingly developed, you will find it burrows deep into your heart and refuses to leave. Linda Ciletti has created a powerful love story between Alys and Draegon. Together, Alys and Draegon form a lasting relationship whose foundation is derived from the strong emotional bond each can offer the other. As Draegon’s Lair draws to its dramatic climax, readers will be spellbound, not only by the story, memorable characters and the moral dilemma, but by Ms. Ciletti’s sheer storytelling ability. This is one which you should plan ahead to read from beginning to end. -- Suzie Housely, Myshelf, http://www.myshelf.com/romance/01/draegonslair.htm

This is a timeless story of passion, love and destiny that keeps you guessing what will happen on the next page. Draegon's Lair is well written and develops at a slow even pace so you feel the characters' deep emotions, be it love, fear or passion. -- 4 Stars, Mary Gramlich, Historical Romance Club, www.historicalromanceclub.com

Draegon's Lair: Ms. Ciletti has written a wonderful historical romance. The fear that overwhelms Draegon as he discovers love for the first time is poignant. Alys is a character that I felt deeply for as well. The scenes are filled with romance, fear and a breath of new found freedom. I was enticed to keep reading as the characters always found themselves in trouble. This reason alone makes for an entertaining read. For lovers of historical romances, this is a book that should be on your shelf. -- 5 Cups, Liadan, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Book

Draegon's Lair: The first thing I have to say about DRAEGON'S LAIR and what stood out for me the most, is the wonderful medieval feel this story has. Thankfully, the dialogue is written more in tune with that time period than having them all speak today's English (i.e., "Pray, I know not your name," as opposed to "Pray, I don't know your name.") It really set the atmosphere of the book and kept me right smack in the middle of the time period I was supposed to be in. As to a quick summary, DRAEGON'S LAIR is about two physically and emotionally wounded souls, who, through a series of trials and tribulations, come to love and heal each other for their happily-ever-after...

... DRAEGON'S LAIR was a book that I did enjoy, read fast, and that had a wonderfully tender love scene between Draegon and Alys near the end. Linda Ciletti shows she has a wonderful medieval writing voice, just perfect for telling tales of knights in shining armor coming to the aid of damsels in distress. -- Nancy Davis, www.romancereaderatheart.com

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ISBN: 1597057448
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057448
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 334
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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