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Double Destiny
Rosina LaFata
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Arrogant and over confident, White Eagle and his brother, Red Shadow capture a sassy, independent young white woman. Both brothers are attracted to Elizabeth. White Eagle for her body and spirit, Red Shadow for what he recognizes as their mutual knowledge of the healing arts. The twins become embroiled over which one owns her.

After repeated attempts to escape, Elizabeth has one last chance to save her own life. Can she ignore her increasing attraction for the white man raised as an Indian, and make her bid for freedom? Or, is the chance to save innocent lives enough to compel her to face the enmity of the tribe and return to the village to stand beside White Eagle, the man she has come to love?

Elizabeth seemed to weaken and melt against him. He stooped to slide an arm under her knees and lifted her to his chest. Carefully, he knelt and lowered her to the fur. \\\\\\\"Your kisses make me too weak to stand, little one. I think we will be more comfortable lying together.\\\\\\\" He’d left his mouth away from hers too long. Her spirit was still fighting him.

\\\\\\\"Stop, White Eagle. You can’t do this. I want no man. I especially don’t want you.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"Your kisses tell another story. I think you feel the same potency I feel whenever we touch. I want to explore that power with you. I want to take you with me to sail to the moon. Let me show you how much I love you.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"You speak of love, but what you really mean is lust. You don’t love me. If you did you wouldn’t have turned me over to be tortured. You would have protected me with your life.\\\\\\\" Her voice sounded bitter and sarcastic. Guilt reared its unfamiliar head to laugh at him.

\\\\\\\"Morning has not yet arrived. I came back. I didn’t intend to. I had planned to stay away until dawn. My love for you brought me back.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"No, your lust for me brought you back. You couldn’t stand the idea of the other braves possessing me before you could steal my virginity.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"That’s not true, Little Robin. When I left here, I hated what I thought you’d done so much that I could have cared less what happened to you. It was after I realized I loved you that I knew I had to save you.\\\\\\\" He rested his forehead against hers and breathed in the fresh smell that was uniquely hers. \\\\\\\"Did I ever tell you I love the way you smell? I love the texture of your skin?\\\\\\\" His hand skimmed down her arm and he brought her hand to his lips. Kissing her palm, he sighed and molded her fingers against his cheek.

\\\\\\\"Every time I touch you, my skin heats. To look at you rouses my man root. I like the sound of your voice. I admire your ability to heal. You have many other qualities I hold in high regard. Could you find favor with me? I would keep you always.\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"What are you saying? Tomorrow I’m supposed to die. There are no tomorrows for me.\\\\\\\" Elizabeth looked at him and he saw sorrow in her soul.

\\\\\\\"What if I said you could have all the tomorrows you want?\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"At what price? My body? No, I don’t think I would even trade my body for the hope of freedom. I don’t trust you.\\\\\\\" She shoved at him again, but he didn’t budge.

\\\\\\\"Ah, my little skeptic, then you leave me no choice.\\\\\\\" White Eagle rolled his body on top of her and kissed her until he couldn’t breathe. He wanted to scare her, but she lay still as a corpse. It would take more than an attempt at rape to scare his woman. He felt pride in her strong will.

\\\\\\\"Your body melts at my touch. Your soul calls to my spirit. How can you deny what we both want?\\\\\\\" He softened his voice to bare his weakness. He wanted her to come to him willingly. It was a matter of honor. He pressed his arousal against her belly and let his fingers trail a whisper of sensation down her arm. He felt the rise of prickled flesh crawl across her skin. Gazing into her soulful brown eyes, he watched them turn a dusty green. Her breathing became labored and she tried to avoid looking at him. He gently raised her chin with a single finger and lowered his lips to cover her mouth. This was still the most pleasant way to keep her from talking. He didn’t want her to voice an objection. He didn’t want to stop.

Rosina is a member of RWA and the Missouri Chapter MORWA. She has been writing for 5 years having finished her first book 3 years ago. Since that time she retired to write full time and has 3 completed novels and has 3 more started. Sweet Temptations is her first published work. Rosina loves to travel, has lived abroad in both Ireland and Japan, and recently visited Italy. In addition to writing, dancing is another of her passions. She loves to garden and takes extreme pleasure in her country home where she enjoys the peace and serenity of 11 acres of woods.

In AVENGING ANGEL, Rosina LaFata repeats her specialty of creating a strong, delightfully human heroine, a hero you long to have in your own life, enjoyable supporting characters--and one whale of an exciting adventure for them. I look forward to her future books, and hope there will be many of them to enjoy. Fran Priddy

Chocolate's good for you. It makes you feel better. So, too, does SWEET TEMPTATIONS, with its heroine who raises cake decoration to a creative art, a great new neighbor to swoon over, and "the other woman" to detest--the action takes place on The Hill, St. Louis's delightful traditional Italian neighborhood, and will keep you turning the pages. -- Fran Priddy

SWEET TEMPTATIONS kept me turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the action between a hero to die for and the heroine every Woman wants to be. A book you can really enjoy reading. Sharon Sandvoss

Avenging Angel is an entertaining story about Samantha Turner's quest for revenge. Rosina LaFata weaves an entertaining story that leads Samantha Turner on an exciting adventure of danger and romance. Samantha faces countless obstacles in her determined quest, but her hardest battle is one she fights within-feelings for her would-be rescuer, Nicholas MacNamee, a half-breed scout for the army. It was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it as a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Three and a half Hearts. -- Brett Scott, The Romance Studio

Avenging Angel has everything a reader could want in an adventure romance. A beautiful, spunky heroine, a handsome, honest hero (actually more than one wonderful man shows up in the story), and characters that are clearly good and evil. It’s like reading an old fashioned western that leaves one with a satisfied feeling at the end, that things worked out exactly as they should have. I recommend this book. Four and 1/2 roses, Reviewed in August 2003 by Kris. A ROMANCE REVIEW

Sweet Temptations is an awesome book. I couldn't put it down. One minute I hated Dominic right along with Alissa, and the next we both wanted to be in his arms. The mystery and up and down romance was a delight. The humor was right on the mark. I really enjoyed this book and you will too! Five Hearts, Traci Amor, The Romance Studio

"In DOUBLE DESTINY, Rosina LaFata has crafted an extremely satisfying sequel to her historical romance AVENGING ANGEL. Interweaving themes of clashing cultures, prejudice, sibling rivalry, and a mother’s fierce desperation to protect her adopted sons and her way of life, LaFata brings us the story of White Eagle and Elizabeth, a hero and heroine who will both exasperate and endear you. If you have not had the pleasure of reading the first book in this duo, DOUBLE DESTINY can stand alone but will probably send you scurrying back to enjoy more of the MacNamee’s history in AVENGING ANGEL. That’s what it did for me. And I look forward to seeing more from this talented author.” -- Barbara Scott, LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART

I enjoyed this book very much. White Eagle is totally believable as the arrogant man who knows he’s going to be chief and expects to be obeyed without question. Elizabeth is spunky and quick with a retort, mostly unafraid of White Eagle. Red Shadow, Elizabeth’s steadfast friend and supporter, is a fully blown character, with values and ideals that often surpass his brother’s.

I really enjoyed the story, and especially the changes in White Eagle’s personality. I will look for more of Ms. LaFata’s work. -- Reviewed in July 2003 by Kris. A Romance Review Rating 4 Roses

Double Destiny: Sheer enjoyment from first page to the last. A wonderful tale of courage, honor and love!

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ISBN: 1590888189
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888186
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 348
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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