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Donovan's Dream
D.H. Parker
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Once upon a time young Gabe befriended the neighbor's lonely little granddaughter, Lyssa, and enchanted her with fiddle music and tales of elves.

Now Death has given Lyssa her grandparents' farm. Death may strike again unless Gabe and Lyssa can untangle the farm's haunting secrets and Gabe's own dark dreams.


The young fiddler slipped almost silently through the darkness, heart beating harder and faster than it ought.

Worth a fortune, they said. A fortune! Maybe it was. But not to him. Not in money.

Though it was far from the first time he’d lifted something not strictly belonging to himself, he’d never intended to take this. What rational excuse under heaven could he give for stealing a fiddle? Especially this fiddle.

He shivered in the chill April night.

Sure it was himself the folk called on when they needed a good tune. But he couldn’t be playing this fiddle for their dance parties and pie suppers and barn raisings. There was no disguising its origin. He never could sell the thing, either. Not if he carried it to the ends of the earth. As an easy path to riches, it was altogether worthless to him.

Even knowing that, he had taken it.

Why had he, then? Was it the fiddle’s grand sound that had bewitched him? Or was it the feeling of power and strength it had put on him as he played it?

His mouth twisted into a wry smile. In all truth, it was more likely fiddler than fiddle that was the great charm.

That fiddler. He shook his head. He’d been captivated by her music before he ever looked at her. There she’d been, watching him out of the corner of her eye the whole of the time she was playing. Sly, smug. Full of mischief. And beautiful, come to that. Much more beautiful than Seraphina.

Then she was turning to him, holding out the fiddle, enticing him. Even as that happened, it had reminded him somehow of the few and reluctant hours he’d spent in church and the one story that had made an impression: the story of Eve and the forbidden fruit.

He’d always thought such a temptation would be irresistible. Indeed, he’d not resisted many temptations of any sort in his short lifetime and he didn’t much try to resist this one, either. Why should he? It seemed harmless enough at the time.

At the time.

At the time he had given no thought to the fact that his hands reached for the fiddle entirely on their own when she invited him to play it. That hadn’t crossed his mind until tonight.

Was it more a command from her than a temptation? Had the music mesmerized him until he had no choice in the matter at all?

In the darkness, he stumbled over a rock. The plague of all Ozarks farms, these rocks! Surely he’d moved tons of them from this very field. He’d moved them until his back was aflame and his hands bled, but at the end of the day, the fields looked no more empty of them than at the beginning. It was as if the earth were cursed by some perverse magic.

A slight tremor shook his icy fingers as he clutched the well-sealed case tighter. Magic. Maybe there was more to it than his attraction to the fiddler. Even without her presence, the fiddle was working on him like bad whiskey. Nagging at him, whispering to him. Tempting him almost beyond endurance. He wanted this minute to play it, to drown himself in the sound and feel of it until its music sang away the sharp, biting night and called up the reassuring warmth and light of the sun.

If only he could be sure that was all it would be calling up.

A sudden, intense chill rattled his jaw. The chill had nothing to do with the spring frost in the air.

There was magic and magic. What if the old woman had woven spells into the fiddle’s making? Had she laid some strong protection on it to cause this great desire, to cause a thief to give himself away with the music? On a still, frosty night like this one, the sound would carry forever. She would be able to hear it, no doubting that. They said she knew the voice of each of her fiddles like a mother knows the individual voices of her children.

Fancies. Daft, impossible fancies! This was America and 1898, after all, not old Ireland on the first day of the world. They weren’t plagued in this new land by the Fair Folk and their ilk.

Donna Parker was born in the rural Missouri Ozarks during an ice storm. Despite some circumstantial evidence to the contrary, she did not grow up in the 1800s. The most important things in her life are her Christianity and her family. She loves books, both reading and writing them; old things and their histories; and music, especially Celtic and bluegrass fiddle music. She and her husband of over three decades currently live in Alabama. They have two adult sons.

Donovan's Dream: "A truly fanciful tale, or is it? ...If you truly appreciate a flight of fancy then you must take the trip with Donna Parker as your guide. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a read as much as this. Truly enchanting. I look forward to reading many more of this author’s books. On the heart-caught-in-my-throat scale this book rates a 5 (♥♥♥♥♥)” -- Dee Carey, The Fox Lady, www.adeecarey.com , fantasy novelist

"Donna H. Parker, mystery writer extraordinaire, does it again with this very complex backwoods story, Donovan’s Dream. She magically fiddles her way right into your heart with this spellbinding tale of fairy fiddles from the Ozarks, and their tantalizing, mesmerizing folklore. She’ll have you believing in ghosts and enchanted fiddles. I highly recommend this book. It is a definite keeper.” Five cups, JoEllen Conger, Conger Books Review

Constancy's Waltz: Donna Parker introduces you to her main character, Constancy, an unassuming elementary school teacher, who quite accidentally falls into things she never expected, like mystery, intrigue, and romance. Donna weaves Christian principles throughout Constancy’s Waltz. Once I started reading, I could not put it down. If you want a clean, yet captivating and entertaining book of romance, Constancy’s Waltz is perfect reading! -- Teresa Hampton, author, Leading Ladies, Come to the Garden, http://www.publishingdesigns.com

Constancy's Waltz: "This is a relatively gentle mystery, and I am loving it. The main characters are dears, and there is enough suspense to make this one hard to put down.” --Radine Trees Nehring, author, http://www.RadinesBooks.com

Constancy's Waltz: "Mystery lovers and romance lovers alike will fall in love with CONSTANCY’S WALTZ. It’s a book for the keeper shelf.” --Laura V. Hilton, author, http://www.shoutlife.com/laurahilton

Song Of Healing: An intriguing journey into the legends of Scotland and the Selkies, the mystery of a prophecy, and the dangers from the ones who would seek The Keeper of The Key for their own personal gain.

With an enjoyable cast of characters, a tender love story, and a strong blending of the paranormal, Song of Healing brings to life the legends of old, with the strong accent of the Olde Country and beliefs of another time. A fascinating read for anyone who loves a bit of everything! —Angela Verdenius, Soul of the Forgotten

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ISBN: 159705755X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057554
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 322
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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