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Dog Days of Summer
Michelle Libby
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Maine looking for a change. In her family camp, she seeks independence from her clingy, meddlesome mother. Pam finds a new neighbor, Derrick, who makes her reassess her ideals and her future. He effectively becomes part of Pam’s life, only to vanish when things become intimate.

Derrick was frustrated at his inability to control the situation. "We need to be heading back to camp. It’s getting dark." He laced his fingers with hers and helped her walk out of the water.

"Let’s meet on the front side of the island, and we can race back to camp," suggested Jeff.

"Yeah, that’s a grown-up thing to do," joked Pam. She narrowed her eyes. "You’re on. Give us a minute or two to get back to our canoe."

Pam led him toward the path still clutching his hand. She called to Karen over her shoulder. "We’ll have to talk more later. We have a lot of catching up to do."

"I can see that," yelled Karen as they scampered over the rocks. "You two make an interesting couple!"

Pam stopped suddenly. "We are not a couple."

Derrick started walking again, releasing her hand. Did she have to be so adamant about them not being a couple?

Michelle Libby devoured romance novels by the boxful while in college, with the same thought in her mind each time… I could write a romance novel. On New Years 2000, she began Dog Days of Summer.

With two children and a daycare, Michelle’s life is filled with kids, two coddled cats, and an unlimited supply of hugs. Writing acts as an escape from her ordinary life and allows her to create characters who live very different lives than she does.

Born and raised in Maine, Michelle believes that she has all the inspiration she needs in her own backyard. Married to a man she’s known since high school, she’s surrounded by her very own hero named Chuck and heaps of unconditional love.

Michelle enjoys reading, camping, and a rousing game of Mr. Mouth. She loves to hear from her readers at: michelle@michellelibby.com

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ISBN: 1590886275
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886274
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 242
Paper Weight (lb): 10.4

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