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Distant Memories
Gini Wilson
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Jennifer finds herself "caught” by experts when she decides to discover the identity of the person who watches her each night. Does this man know who she is? Is he part of the past that left her for dead?

Her life may depend on the answers to those two questions.

Chance Wakelin watched the alluring young woman on the small stage. Her voice turned his mind into sensual yearning. It was as if the stage was made for her. She captivated the late dinner crowd who had always been hard to please. But please them she did. Many of them now spent two or more nights a week listening to her while eating dinner. Her voice wrapped itself around the audience and held them as securely as the spotlight held her to the stage. The words she sang echoed in his mind, heating his blood.

"I’m in the mood for love...”

Are you, Jennifer Garden? That was a question that woke him in the middle of the night with physical reactions he had always been more than able to control.

It hadn’t taken him long to realize that his usual approach to a woman wouldn’t work on this lady. Every bachelor in town worth the title, plus a number of married men, had hit on her. Showing a cool smile, and colder shoulder, made it obvious she wasn’t interested. She was always polite, never actually turning them down, but making plain that the lady was definitely not interested in playing any games they might have in mind.

He wasn’t sure why she fascinated him, but she did, almost to the point of obsession. Once again, he wondered why this fascination haunted him so. Each of her features taken separately was mismatched. Mouth a bit too wide, cheekbones a little too high, and eyes deep enough to glimpse the other side of the world. But all the parts melded together into a classical beauty not unlike many beauties down through history. She was a tall woman, projecting pride and dignity. She was cool in a self-contained sort of way, making a guy want to muss her up just a bit. Maybe it was the mystery surrounding her that titillated him. An aura, an ethereal aloofness, made him want to breach the veneer that held her separate from her audience. Try as he would, there seemed to be no way to touch her through the wall erected between her and the rest of the world.

And she smoldered as she sang. If he squint his eyes just a bit, he could swear he saw an aura of smokey tufts reaching out to the audience, to him. He could feel its warm sensual touch.

Tonight, she wore a gown the color of heavily creamed coffee. The shimmery material seemed to touch her body everywhere and nowhere at the same time, which was totally illogical. His hand moved involuntarily when her smooth nylon covered thigh peeked through the slit in her floor length gown. His reaction didn’t help his simmering temper.

He was angry with himself, angry because he couldn’t stay away. Anger ate at him because he didn’t want to shatter his fantasies or his illusions of her with reality. Angry because he was losing control to the growing need eating at him. This sort of thing never happened to Chance Wakelin. Where women were concerned, he always controlled the situation. Laughter from the small voice in the back of his head said this time was more than just different; it was life changing.

Damn it! Jennifer Garden just didn’t fit into any of his preconceived ideas of women, nor would she stay in the pigeonhole he had assigned her. He had wanted her body from the first moment he saw her. But now he also wanted her mind, wanted her to share her most intimate thoughts with him. He wanted her to trust him enough to spend hours telling him who she really was and what she was doing in his dinner club.

He wasn’t sure when his interest in her started to broaden, but it made him even angrier that it wasn’t just physical anymore. When he had first seen her, his greatest wish had been to run his hands over her body, and let nature take its course from there. But not now.

Gini Wilson lives in Texas with her wonderful, understanding husband, Jim. They are California transplants to Texas which they both love. It was a good move. Jim has his woodworking shop and Gini spends most of her time at the computer dreaming of other worlds peopled by heros, heroines and bad, bad guys.

Gini has worn many hats in her life; nightclub singer, private detective, jewelry designer/manufacturer, and ceramic teacher. And through it all she dreamed of being a published fiction writer.

It wasn't until her son was grown that Gini started writing again. A non-fiction monthly trade publication job fell into her lap. The editor suggested she try fiction because every how-to article started with two or three paragraphs of prose to setup the theme of the piece. She joined a writing group and took classes in fiction writing.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is non-stop action and adventure. Ms. Wilson deserves credit for her extensive research into the background of Russian treasures, American government, Russian government, and the interesting world of expensive jewelry. She does a fantastic job of building the suspense as the hero and heroine find more questions than answers. There aren't any love scenes but the sexual tension packs a wallop of sensuality in ALL THAT GLITTERS. A surprising twist and the final showdown is what makes this a five star read, not to mention the interesting developments throughout the story and the topnotch characters pulled tightly together. Romantic suspense that grabs hold and keeps you enthralled till the very end. Copyright © 2000 Darlene Kendall All Rights Reserved.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is a very intense story that has little romance. The main characters, Kate and Jake are well defined and are never overshadowed by the secondary characters. The story is developed at a pace that keeps the reader turning the pages. And to add to the puzzle MS Wilson throws the reader a curve toward the ending. 5 Star Review, Hattie Boyd, Scribes World

Illusions EPPIE 2002 FINALIST There can be no illusions about the quality of this book. It is a remarkable read that proves the author to be enormously gifted .Don't be fooled by illusions as you read this clever tale. From it's very first page, Illusions proves different and unclassifiable. Gini Wilson masterfully weaves exotic texture into what at first might seem average suspense I truly enjoyed Illusions. Gini Wilson's bio shows her to be a remarkable lady. Illusions proves it. -- Buzzy / Buzz Review,

"Illusions" by Gini Wilson is an awesome story of love tested to the very depths of it's being. Deception at every turn, Luke Donovan has to learn to trust his heart when it comes to this exotic psychic Audra who seems to have pierced his inner soul. Can Audra and Luke come to a point in their lives when no matter the circumstances trust and belief overcome all? Read, "Illusions" and become a believer yourself. - Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona http://kimgaona.com

Overall this is a good story. If you are interested in psychic phenomenon, then this is the book for you! -- Reviewed by Lisa http://Lisasbookreview.com

Privacy explores the effects of privacy and the lack of it on people's lives. As Mac and Ellie come closer to the truth, they come closer to each other. But each of them have some baggage they're toting around, and only after working together to find out the truth, do they realize the biggest truth is love. Privacy contains a lot of espionage, adventure and intrigue.It's a quick moving romantic adventure. Number of Stars 4 , Reviewed by Rickey R. Mallory

PRIVACY by Gini Wilson is an excellent spy novel complete with gadgets, political intrigue, and multiple spies. Once you throw a mystery writer into the mix, you get something special...

... This is not your typical spy novel. When you have a heroine with trophies for target shooting, one heck of a gun collection, and a penchant for hands-on research, nothing is too surprising. At the same time, there are moments when the heroine does come unglued and vulnerable. Even Mac has his moments. It's easy to see why this book went to an electronic publisher. It just doesn't fit the marketing profile of the big NY houses. The heroineis too strong, the detail is too rich for the romance market, and it's just too good! Give us more, Gini Wilson! -- Ellen Anthony, www.sample-books.com

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ISBN: 1597059749
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059749
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 222
Paper Weight (lb): 9.4

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