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The Diary of Rosetta Stone
Steven Cross
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If it weren't for the "bod" squad, middle school life would be all right for Rosetta, not great, but bearable. She doesn't want to set the record for the greatest number of pictures in the yearbook.

She loves history and has a great imagination. Why then does the bod squad hate her?

My name is Rosetta, a name I don’t like at all, but most people call me Rose, another name I don’t like, but one that is a lot better than Rosetta.

I’ve never done anything great in my life. In fact, if you looked up the word average, you would see me.

I make C’s, except in history. I’m not very tall but also not the shortest in my class. Boys don’t throw dog biscuits at me when I walk by--they don’t even notice me--and I don’t have big boobs yet. I’m not totally flat, but I’m also not like Ashley, who is, well, let’s just say, not flat at all.

She’s also not very bright. To illustrate my point, let me mention that in middle school, she raised her shirt more than once to show the boys she didn’t stuff. Yet, she also still believed it when they told her they didn't believe her--if that makes any sense. Ashley got confused. It was a vicious cycle. The boys said they didn’t believe her and then the shirt went up. Boys will be boys. Ashley is still not very bright, as I said.

I might be just a little bit above average--a C+ or a B--if I didn’t wear glasses. Average and half blind--a deadly combination.

I’ve sworn to myself that this fall, I’m going to change my life. My goals are to win the gold medal in history, make the volleyball team, and find a boyfriend. I mean a real boyfriend, not just a boy who is a friend. I already have that. In fact, he’s trying to look over my shoulder and read my diary right now.

"Rosie, what are you doing?”

"Ow! Quit yanking my hair.”

Glen is my best friend when he’s not being such a boy. We’ve known each other for five years and have been pretty solid ever since we met.

"Glennon, Rosetta, do we need to put you in separate parts of the room?”

Mrs. Rickus looked at us.

She uses WE, and US all the time. Believe me; it’s not for any feeling of group togetherness. I think she has split personalities. Well, not really, but you never know which Mrs. Rickus will show up on any given day. School tradition says she had a nervous breakdown six years ago and has been close to snapping again the last two years. I’ve always heard that seven years is the most any one teacher can take teaching without going a little whacko. They ought to make a horror film: The Teacher from the Black Lagoon.

~ * ~

Mrs. Rickus’ eyeballs glaze over. Suddenly they roll back into her head, and you can’t see the whites--they’re green as snot.

A low growl escapes her throat. She opens her mouth to reveal fangs--yellow, sharp fangs like sharks’ teeth.

Her hands come up. Now twisted claws stretch out. Her green, slimy skin wet with mucous and covered with seaweed...

"Rosetta,” she growls in an inhuman snarl. She reaches for me.

Steve Cross is an educator and freelance writer with over 20 years experience. He has published fiction, poetry, and plays. He lives in Arcadia, MO with his wife Jean, his daughter Megan, and numerous pets.

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ISBN: 1597058391
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058391
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 144
Paper Weight (lb): 6.2

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