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The Diamond Virgin
Tricia Jones
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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With her idealistic beliefs already shaken by the discovery of her late father’s affair, English photojournalist Paige Frasier is assigned the latest tabloid scandal involving a press-hating billionaire.

Lucas McCord knows what damage the press can inflict and he’ll do anything to protect the people he loves, but that doesn’t include losing his heart.

She hadn’t anticipated Lucas McCord would have a minder, but it made perfect sense. Disgustingly wealthy, self-made, ruthless, powerful… and remarkably adept at evading the media. And one glimpse at the man towering over her demonstrated why the relentless pursuit of Lucas McCord by her colleagues over the past few weeks had proven so fruitless.

Most definitely bodyguard material, with his huge shoulders and aura of command. The body was muscular, toned and powerfully built, but not just from hours spent in the gym--most of it had to be compliments of Mother Nature. And boy, had she got it right on this occasion!

As Paige took the crystal tumbler he offered, she felt her stomach do something peculiar as his hand brushed hers. He had big hands, the fingers long and muscular. Male hands, Paige thought, and male eyes, charcoal dark and predatory. The face was sculpted, swarthy, hard around the edges. Sexy designer stubble only added to its toughness.

As her stomach gave another roll, Paige stiffened her shoulders, and her resolve. "Would you tell Mr McCord I’d like to speak with him?” She looked toward the adjoining bedroom which she assumed housed her illusive prey. "I won’t keep him long.”

The man pulled up a leather chair, positioning it in front of her so that their knees almost bumped. Intimidation, Paige realised. That two-day seminar she attended on non verbal communication would label it an overt attempt to break into her personal space.

Yet knowing what he was up to didn’t help much, and as he shifted forward discomfort swept over her like a brisk wind. Her heart thumped and her lungs seemed to freeze. I’m prey to his predator, Paige thought, and took a swig of water to lubricate her dry throat.

"What exactly is your business with Lucas? He’s not a great fan of the press.” Thankfully, he settled back creating some distance between them, and took a swig of his own drink. Whiskey. At least her sense of smell was holding up, even if all her others seemed to have gone awry.

"Well, in a way I can’t blame him.” For a moment Paige considered playing to his better nature. Assuming he had one. Just tell him she wanted a simple statement from his boss , something along the lines of denying the accusations but refusing to comment any further. Something simple like that. Then when she had access to Lucas McCord she could maybe wheedle a bit more from him. But then her conscience stopped her. She wouldn’t. Couldn’t. There had been enough deception in her life, now all she wanted was simple honesty.

Besides, this was not a man you played games with.

Paige watched as he touched the crystal to his lips again, discomforted by the direct gaze of those sharp, grey eyes that missed nothing. No. Most definitely not a man you messed with.

"I thought he might welcome the opportunity to give his side of the story.” Paige shifted back on the sofa a little. "If it helps convince him to talk to me, tell him I’m not actually a journalist. I’m a photographer.”

Those dark brows arched. "Ah, that makes it okay then. Press photographers are always keen to show their victims in the best light.”

The romantic in me likes to think I was born with my head in a book, then someone stuck a pen in my hand… and I’ve never stopped writing since. I believe in love, romance and magic, and what’s more magical than falling in love? That’s why I adore writing romantic fiction. I live in England, near beautiful Georgian Bath, married to my own real life hero. There’s bits of him in all my fictional heroes, at least that’s what I tell him. Got to keep him sweet… or else he might stop bringing me all those lovely cups of tea while I beaver away at the keyboard.

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ISBN: 1597057882
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057882
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 234
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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