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Destiny's Song
Lois Wencil
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Blind from birth, betrayed by her best friend/agent and husband/manager, Jillian Roark begins her singing tour with Country Super Star, Rein Beaux. She decides to keep her pregnancy from everyone. This baby will be someone to love her. Jillian's secret is revealed when she's involved in an accident. She cannot pay her hospital bills. Her husband has left Nashville with all her savings.

But someone is watching over her, womanizing heart breaker Tim James. He's tried to forget Jillian. Confined to bed, she is forced to accept his help.

Can Jillian trust again? Can Tim convince her that she's the only woman for him? To find out, read: DESTINY'S SONG.

"Yes! Yes! Harder! Oh, That’s it! That’s it! More! Give me what I need! Yeah, I’m coming!” A woman’s moan of satisfaction filled the air.

Jillian Roark heard it all as she slammed her front door behind her. Not another porn flick! When would Jeff remember that sex wasn’t a spectator sport? Heck, when had he learned it was? She put her guitar case into the coat closet. She’d left her job, singing at the Redneck, early tonight. Her stomach had refused to behave. "Come on, Samson, let’s get your harness off.”

Her faithful guide dog of a few months bounded to her side. As Jillian released the fastenings of his harness, she heard, "Oh, baby,” followed by that groan of triumph that signals the sexual release of the male animal.

Jillian froze. Samson wiggled free and sped away. His nails clicked on the tiles as he hurled himself toward their bedroom.

"Shit, Samson, get off me,” Jeff bellowed. "Jillian, what are you doing home? Stay where you are. I’m coming,” came her husband’s voice from their bedroom.

His words threw her into action. "Sounds to me like you did that already,” she choked out as she moved to her bedroom door. How dare he masturbate when he’d only made love to her once since her return from the school with Samson? As she reached the door, she heard a too-familiar feminine voice.

"Jeff, what should I do?”

"Get dressed and go into the bathroom. She’ll take the dog out in a few minutes. Then you can slip out. She won’t see you. Be quiet! She doesn’t know anything about us. Go before she discovers it’s you.”

But Jillian had heard the words her husband whispered to her agent and best friend here in Nashville. Well, so much for friendship and trust.

As the vengeful, Nordic goddess that she resembled, Jillian strode into her bedroom. She threw back her arm and hurled the equipment she’d removed from her guide dog. "Jeff, I’m blind, not stupid!”

She heard Audra’s gasp of pain as metal made contact with the two who had betrayed her. You didn’t need sight to hit that big a target. She’d always been an accurate pitcher at the Pennsylvania School for the Blind.

"Jillian...” Jeff began.

"Both of you, get dressed and get out of my home,” she snarled. Nausea rose into her throat. She fled to the bathroom. She just managed to close and lock the door behind her. Dizziness made her sink to her knees beside the toilet. Her stomach emptied. Sobs shook her body as tears flowed. She was in too much agony to even try to stand.

"Jillian, you don’t understand,” Jeff called through the door. "Open up and we’ll talk. We need to talk.”

That was her husband all right. He thought he could talk himself around or out of anything. Not this time, she told herself. "Stop banging on that door. Go away.” Now he knew she was crying. He’d assume he had gained the advantage.

"Audra’s gone. We can find another agent. I don’t expect us to work with Audra after... this. I’m sorry, baby. I don’t know what got into me,” Jeff pleaded.

"I’m sorry?” Yeah, that was always Jeff’s first attempted foray into getting his own way. She knew the pattern. "Get out!” she screamed through her burning throat.

"I won’t go. I can’t leave you. I love you, sweetheart, please!”

Excuses, words of endearment, why shouldn’t he use them? They’d worked before. But not this time. Not after he’d bedded Audra. Jillian hoisted herself to her feet. Her legs shook. She took the few steps to the sink. She supported herself against it and turned on the cold water. It felt so good as she splashed it against her face. She rinsed her mouth with Listerine. Was she ready to meet him? Could she stand up against the onslaught of charm, tears, and vows of "I’ll never do it again”?

"Honey, are you okay? Talk to me.”

Once upon a time, I dreamed the dream of becoming a romance writer. I longed to share the stories of those who dare to meet challenges, dream dreams, find love, and live to enjoy happy endings. You will find all of these in my books.

Lois Wencil calls New Jersey her home. She is an active member of New Jersey romance Writers and Guide Dogs users of America. However, now that her two children are grown, you'll most often find her off on adventures with her guide dog, Timber Wolf.

However, since email travels, you are invited to write at lois.wencil@earthlink.net.

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ISBN: 1590885848
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885840
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 236
Paper Weight (lb): 10.2

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