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Gini Wilson
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When Big "Tex” McKane dies unexpectedly, his daughter/partner closes McKane’s Investigation offices in Corpus Christi and heads for their lake property. Forced off the highway, Jan has a short memory loss brought on by a head injury. She some how has acquired a husband in the few hours it takes to drive to Bell County in Central Texas.

Cole Hardin, who claimes to be Jan’s husband enters her life the burglaries and death threats start. Everyone seems to be looking for something, but never speak of any particular item. It takes the two of them working together to solve the mysteries that started with Tex’s death to discover what everyone is hunting for.

The weather suited Cole Hardin’s mood--dark, angry and full of unleashed energy. Wind howled across the highway, trying to whip the Jeep GC from his control as he moved into the center lane, allowing a van to enter the Interstate from the frontage road. Rain continued to bounce against the windshield pushing the laboring wipers to work harder than their manufacturer had ever intended. A little cooperation from mother-nature by way of providing a break in the weather was seemingly too much to ask. That would make following the McKane woman much too easy.

He had lost her a couple of miles back when a funeral possession, of all things, moved onto the highway in front of him. And he knew that if he didn’t catch her soon, it might take days for him to track her down again. Days he couldn’t really afford to waste.

Lightning split the darkening sky, illuminated a single-vehicle accident with an ambulance pulled parallel to the road. The scene off to the east on the other side of the frontage road bordered the highway. He figured it was probably a simple case of driver error until another flash of lighting bounced off the black Expedition jammed against a stand of scrub oaks. Recognizing the boxes packed to the ceiling in the vehicle, he knew he’d finally caught up with Janine "J. J." Jaxon McKane.

Hard to believe she had been traveling too fast on the wet pavement. The woman he’d been following for miles, and whose file he had studied so often of late, was not a screw-up. Such accidents were certainly common enough when the weather tried to tear Central Texas apart. But from what he knew of her, J. J. McKane was a take charge lady who was always in control of her own life and almost everything around her.

He drove off the Interstate onto the frontage road realizing immediately that he’d made a big mistake. There was no way he could get back to the accident scene on the one way road without breaking the law. He pulled onto the verge, letting the engine idle while he decided what to do. As he watched in the passenger side-view mirror, a police unit pulled into the muddy accident scene. Two minutes later the ambulance pulled onto the road with lights and siren going full blast.

Cole stayed put until another police patrol car, following the ambulance, passed him. He waited a few more seconds then followed the two vehicles at a discreet distance. Checking landmarks so he could find his way back to the interstate, he noticed a Chili’s and an IHOP across the highway as the ambulance and patrol car turned east onto H. K. Dodgen Loop #363. A few minutes later they took an on ramp to an over-pass. When the light turned green, they turned left onto 31st Street and up a small hill to a sprawling hospital complex on the east side of the street.

He lost the patrol car as soon as it turned off 31st at a sign reading Emergency Entrance. With a lot of luck and a ration of nerve, he might be able to pull off the old "is my wife here?" story. In the past, that particular opener had given him information he couldn’t have gotten any other way.

Cars, whose drivers were obviously looking for a place to park close to any door, slowed his progress. Near the ambulance entrance, he spotted a police patrol car in an "Officials Only" slot. Cole chose its mate three cars away and hoped this ER was busy enough for him to get lucky and prayed his Jeep didn’t get towed for being in an unauthorized space. He hit the door at a dead run through the rain, shaking the moisture from his shoulders much the same as any wet animal.

Gini Wilson lives in Texas with her wonderful, understanding husband, Jim. They are California transplants to Texas which they both love. It was a good move. Jim has his woodworking shop and Gini spends most of her time at the computer dreaming of other worlds peopled by heros, heroines and bad, bad guys.

Gini has worn many hats in her life; nightclub singer, private detective, jewelry designer/manufacturer, and ceramic teacher. And through it all she dreamed of being a published fiction writer.

It wasn't until her son was grown that Gini started writing again. A non-fiction monthly trade publication job fell into her lap. The editor suggested she try fiction because every how-to article started with two or three paragraphs of prose to setup the theme of the piece. She joined a writing group and took classes in fiction writing.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is non-stop action and adventure. Ms. Wilson deserves credit for her extensive research into the background of Russian treasures, American government, Russian government, and the interesting world of expensive jewelry. She does a fantastic job of building the suspense as the hero and heroine find more questions than answers. There aren't any love scenes but the sexual tension packs a wallop of sensuality in ALL THAT GLITTERS. A surprising twist and the final showdown is what makes this a five star read, not to mention the interesting developments throughout the story and the topnotch characters pulled tightly together. Romantic suspense that grabs hold and keeps you enthralled till the very end. Copyright © 2000 Darlene Kendall All Rights Reserved.

ALL THAT GLITTERS is a very intense story that has little romance. The main characters, Kate and Jake are well defined and are never overshadowed by the secondary characters. The story is developed at a pace that keeps the reader turning the pages. And to add to the puzzle MS Wilson throws the reader a curve toward the ending. 5 Star Review, Hattie Boyd, Scribes World

Illusions EPPIE 2002 FINALIST There can be no illusions about the quality of this book. It is a remarkable read that proves the author to be enormously gifted .Don't be fooled by illusions as you read this clever tale. From it's very first page, Illusions proves different and unclassifiable. Gini Wilson masterfully weaves exotic texture into what at first might seem average suspense I truly enjoyed Illusions. Gini Wilson's bio shows her to be a remarkable lady. Illusions proves it. -- Buzzy / Buzz Review,

"Illusions" by Gini Wilson is an awesome story of love tested to the very depths of it's being. Deception at every turn, Luke Donovan has to learn to trust his heart when it comes to this exotic psychic Audra who seems to have pierced his inner soul. Can Audra and Luke come to a point in their lives when no matter the circumstances trust and belief overcome all? Read, "Illusions" and become a believer yourself. - Kim's Reviews~~Reviewed by Kim Gaona http://kimgaona.com

Overall this is a good story. If you are interested in psychic phenomenon, then this is the book for you! -- Reviewed by Lisa http://Lisasbookreview.com

Privacy explores the effects of privacy and the lack of it on people's lives. As Mac and Ellie come closer to the truth, they come closer to each other. But each of them have some baggage they're toting around, and only after working together to find out the truth, do they realize the biggest truth is love. Privacy contains a lot of espionage, adventure and intrigue.It's a quick moving romantic adventure. Number of Stars 4 , Reviewed by Rickey R. Mallory

PRIVACY by Gini Wilson is an excellent spy novel complete with gadgets, political intrigue, and multiple spies. Once you throw a mystery writer into the mix, you get something special...

... This is not your typical spy novel. When you have a heroine with trophies for target shooting, one heck of a gun collection, and a penchant for hands-on research, nothing is too surprising. At the same time, there are moments when the heroine does come unglued and vulnerable. Even Mac has his moments. It's easy to see why this book went to an electronic publisher. It just doesn't fit the marketing profile of the big NY houses. The heroineis too strong, the detail is too rich for the romance market, and it's just too good! Give us more, Gini Wilson! -- Ellen Anthony, www.sample-books.com

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ISBN: 1590887123
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887127
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 308
Paper Weight (lb): 12.8

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