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Death Comes in Red
Beverley Bateman
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Arson, arms dealing, murder and the ATF – Holly Devine’s newest assignment immediately tosses her back into the world of the wealthy Miami social lifestyle. Eric Peterson is in Europe while Holly follows up a report of a missing woman by her sister. The husband, a known arms and drug dealer denies his wife is missing. He says she's run off with another man. The ATF are closing in on him but need information and Holly's the only one who can get it quickly.

Who’s lying? Where is the missing sister? Is Holly willing to put her life on the line to help bring down an arms dealer and murderer? Can the ATF keep her alive? Will Eric make it back in time to save her?

Holly drove through them. The gates slid closed behind her.

It occurred to Holly that maybe Eric and Lillian had been right and this wasn’t such a bright idea. She was effectively locked in the estate of Victor Santiago, with no escape--should she need an escape. Her stomach did a flip as she realized that she had no idea what the man would do when she mentioned his wife.

What if he got angry with her? If he decided to dispose of her, no one would miss her for at least a day or two. Except maybe, Gino might. She was supposed to be checking in with him first thing in the morning. Then again he might just get angry if she didn’t show and fire her.

Oh welWings ePress excerpt Dangerous Curvesl, it was too late now.

She proceeded up the lengthy circular driveway which looped leisurely through the estate, providing the driver with a view of rolling, manicured lawns, gorgeous red, white, yellow and orange flower beds, ornamental shrubs and tall majestic palm trees. Everything perfectly pruned and weeded. It was breathtaking.

Ahead, a humungous white stucco building with a wide palazzo style entranceway across the front of the structure sat on the top of a rise. White marble steps led up to the landing. As she pulled up to the entrance Holly knew, without even seeing it, that the other side of the property would roll down to meet a white sandy beach and the deep blue green of the Atlantic Ocean.

Jerking the Bug to a stop, she paused for a second. Glancing back over her shoulder she knew that if she tried to escape there was no way she’d make it back to the gates. Sighing, she slid her legs out of the car and stood up on her ridiculous high heels. As she tripped up the steps the door swung open and she found herself looking up at a tall, mahogany skinned man with flashing dark eyes and even white teeth as he smiled down at her.

"Miss Devine?"

"Yes. Mr. Santiago?" She found herself staring. He was an incredibly good-looking man in his early forties, impeccably dressed in tan linen slacks and a green golf shirt with a horse emblem on the pocket. Charm oozed from every pore. Add his obvious wealth and she could understand why a young woman might fall under his spell.

"Welcome. Please come into my humble home." Victor Santiago extended his hand. As Holly gingerly put her hand forward, it was immediately encompassed in a firm grip. He smiled down into her eyes, stroking the back of her hand lightly. "I’m so pleased to meet you. When you said Capelleti Investigations, I was expecting one of those, how do you say it? Gumshoes?"

"Well I am a PI. I’m not sure about a gumshoe." Holly struggled to extricate her hand, but Victor Santiago appeared reluctant to release it as he led her through the front door.

Entering the foyer, she gazed down the long, hallway--India carpets in deep, vibrant shades of maroon and gold and black covered most of the polished wood floors. The walls were painted a deep cream alternated with fabric panels; several large Italian marble statues were strategically placed for effect, providing an elegant motif.

"You are definitely not a gumshoe. You are a very beautiful woman, Holly. May I call you Holly?"

"Oh, yes, please."

"Thank you, Holly, and I am Victor. Yes, you may be a private investigator, but I can tell you are one with breeding and culture. It will be a pleasure talking with someone like you. Tea?"

"No, thank you. I really am here on business. I just have a few questions. Perhaps you could tell me about your wife?"

"My wife? But of course. What seems to be the problem with my wife?" Victor flashed his even white teeth at her, opening a door into a small sitting room, masculinely furnished in dark wood and shades of forest green and burgundy. He waved his hand toward an overstuffed burgundy leather armchair. "Please. Would you like something stronger perhaps, sherry, or--"

Beverley Bateman has been writing her whole life, but seriously for the past five years. When not working out the twisted details for her latest plot, she reads voraciously and loves to travel, hike and cross country ski. She now lives with her husband and two Shiba puppies in the beautiful lake country of the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, among the vineyards, beaches and mountains.

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ISBN: 1590887611
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887615
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 316
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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