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Death By Candlelight
The perfect mix for a murder mystery!

Billie A. Williams
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Family dynamics have a far reaching affect. Wealth such as that of Randolph Ord III and poverty like that of his wife, Danielle’s family show no favorites when a unit ceases to function. Danielle Ord watched her parents play out their roles in an abusive marriage; she exists in a relationship fueled by alcohol and drug abuse which began as rebellion. The abused wife is ready to resort to an elaborate scheme and at the same time Ruth Ord, the sister, has her own designs. When the two women’s paths cross, their plans are altered. But Randolph Ord III still turns up dead.

It is now up to detective Sandy March to find the real killer. Is his judgment being compromised by the growing attraction he feels toward the newly widowed Danielle Ord? Both women have motive and opportunity; but a third figure emerges with ties to organized crime.


Danielle heard the profanity before she felt the blow to the back of her head, which knocked her sideways off her chair. Hot wax spilled with her, pouring across her arm and coating everything from table to floor like lava flowing from a volcano. With a brutal stroke of his arm, Randy swept the table clear of all her candles and supplies. The crash was deafening and heightened her pain. Randy didn’t wait for her to recover. He grabbed her by one arm, picking her up like a pile of dirty rags. She landed with a thud against the doorframe. Pain shot up her side. She wouldn’t scream. She wouldn’t cry. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. She glared at Randy.

"Next time I tell you to go get beer for my friends, you jump, understand?" Randy roared. He smashed the back of his hand across her face.

"Clean up this fucking mess and you before I get back or there will be hell to pay," he said, staggering out of the room. "You and your damn candles, that’s all you think about. I’m sick of it."

The kitchen door slammed hard enough to rattle the windows. Tears streamed down her face as she lay in a heap where she had fallen. Her body throbbed with pain. The hot wax on her arm had cooled to a warm paste but the burning sensation intensified. She pulled herself into a sitting position and took stock of all the parts where she hurt. Nothing felt broken, not this time anyway. She crawled over to where the wax for her latest batch of candles puddled on the bright red and gray tiles of the craft room floor. Still in a dazed half-conscious state of mind, she began peeling and scooping wax back into the kettle and turned off the hot plate. Tears clouded her vision. "Where have all the flowers gone . . . " she began singing in a quiet bird-like voice.

Running out to get beer for him and his cronies disgusted her. She hoped ignoring him would work, hoped that everyone would leave and he would pass out. This latest party was running into the third day. How long can he last? Usually after he woke up from an extended drunk, Randy would be apologetic and doting, loving her as though he meant it. She had fallen in love with that Randy. No such luck this time, this time he seemed to gain energy from the violence against her. There was a silence when all Randy’s friends left; the hollow silence, now that Randy had left too, seemed ominous. "I should have known better," she sobbed, tears spattering in the soft wax coating the floor. Outside, the Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Train moaned with the familiar cry like the howl of a gray wolf that searched for its mate. It echoed Danielle’s pain. "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away..." The words and music crashed through her mind flooding her thoughts with memories.

The loving relationship she once enjoyed had now turned dark and sinister. He used to be fun. Now, she no longer knew the man she was living with. He was increasingly more violent. Anything would trip his hair trigger temper and set him off. How long will it be before he kills me? The thought made her shudder.

Danielle knew Randy could be back in an hour if he went to the Billy Goat Saloon where all the bikers hung out or he could take off on his Harley and be gone for days. She never knew for sure when he left like this.

Award winning Mystery/Suspense author Billie A Williams is a fiction, non-fiction and poetry author and has won numerous contests for her short/flash fiction stories, essays, and poetry. She is published in various magazines such as the literary magazine Thema; Guide, a Magazine for Children, Novel Advice.com, Writing Etc. WritingNow.com, and Women In The Arts newsletter as well as Sister’s in Crime, to list but a few.

Her articles, columns and features have appeared regularly in newspapers. Short stories, Flash fiction, poetry and book reviews have appeared in Mystery Time, True Love Magazine and various anthologies and on line e-zines and web sites. She writes a bi-monthly column titled "Whodunit?” for Mystery Fiction’s Voices in the Dark and is a contributing editor for Writingnow.com a Blueberry Press Newsletter. She also hosts her own writer’s group, Word Mage. She is an active blogger; http://printedwords.blogspot.com and http://onewomansgarden.blogspot.com , as well as owning and operating a Book Club for serialized chapters of her Novel The Capricorn Goat~~January Flannel available for free to those who sign up for her mailing list http://www.billiewilliams.com/BOOKCLUB.html and a Free Writer’s course at Pens In Motion http://www.pensinmotion.com , a five week series of writing lessons pulled from her three published books on writing how to write and two currently being developed.

Williams is currently a member of The Wisconsin Regional Writers Association (WRWA) National Association of Women Writers (NAWW) Sister’s in Crime, Women in the Arts Program, Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC). Her website www.billiewilliams.com

She lives with her husband in Amberg, a small Northern Wisconsin community where the winters are cold and long, but the people are warm and friendly.

Billie A. Williams has breathed life into a believable set of characters you'll love or love to hate. The story is packed with enthralling plot twists that keep the reader glued to the page as the dark dynamics of relationships and crime unfold. Death by Candlelight holds rare delights in store for the murder mystery lover., --Susan J. Letham, http://www.Inspired2Write.com

What is innocence? What is guilt? And who is really to blame for the death of Randolph Ord III?

A domineering mother, a spoiled son, and a woman who dreams of a husband, a child, and a home. The characters in Death by Candlelight are familiar, and that's what lends them their appeal. You may sympathize with them. You may despise them. But Ms. Williams brings them to life so vividly they won't leave you cold.

The gripping murder investigation in Death by Candlelight takes the 'whodunnit and how?' a step further and explores the shades of gray that make up the 'why?' Billie Williams has studied her craft and knows how to keep a reader turning pages. The plot is substantial and full of clever surprises.

The smoothly-paced story unfolds to reveal, little by little, a dramatic tale of twisted family relationships, crime, love, envy and death: the perfect mix for a murder mystery. -- Susan J. Letham, http://www.Inspired2Write.com

Death by Candlelight portrays the unbending force upon humans to repeat generational cycles of abusers and victims. Cycles that love, faith or hope can rarely supersede. Yet, with the unraveling of a murder, we are still left with a glimmer of hope. , -- Shelly Moloney, Author Star Slurry

DEATH BY CANDLELIGHT is a fast-paced read filled with a diverse cast of characters who each have their own motives for murder. Just when you think you've hit the calm after the storm, Williams' story takes the reader in a new and more intriguing direction. -- Shirley Kawa-Jump, THE VIRGIN’S PROPOSAL, Silhouette Romance, January 2003, Writing classes: shirleyjump-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Death By Candlelight,, The story? TERRIFIC. I could hardly wait to finish it.. reminds me of Sydney Sheldon.... --Judy Bozicevich, Administrative Assistant, Edward Jones Company

Every time I thought I had Death by Candlelight figured out, Williams threw in a new twist that left me thinking, I DIDN'T see that coming! Death By Candlelight isn't so much a "Who-Done-It" as it is a character driven story filled with more twists than a Colorado mountain road. It's a quick read without any lulls in the action. Death by Candlelight is a fabulous first novel by Wisconsin writer, Billie Williams. Be sure to watch her career--I'm sure we'll hear from her again--at least I hope we do! -- Beth Erickson, http://filbertpublishing.com

Fire At Thunder Ridge: "Bloody footprints in the snow--the most puzzling fire I’ve ever heard about--once wasn’t enough for this book. I had to go back & read it a second time to admire Billie Williams’ inventiveness & vivid imagery all over again.” -- Fran Keighley, Golden Wings Award winning author.”

…I think the best word to describe Fire at Thunder Ridge is "thrilling." With action, suspense, and intrigue, Fire at Thunder Ridge is a mystery-suspense to keep the reader hooked until they finish the last page… Fire at Thunder Ridge is exciting and very suspenseful. I highly recommend it!, -- Beverley Bateman, babateman@shaw.ca, http://www.beverleybateman.com, It's only a step from caring to killing

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ISBN: 1590889010
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889015
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 206
Paper Weight (lb): 9.0

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