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Deadly Diamonds
Judith R. Parker
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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When her husband, David, is brutally murdered and a valuable diamond necklace disappears, Diana Diamond’s secure and comfortable world is turned upside down. Obsessed with finding the necklace, Diana stumbles onto secrets from the past that threaten to change her life forever...if she lives

I knew which records Marc was referring to although I had never seen them. After the war old Auguste Dymond had tried to trace the remnants of his family and old friends. Very few had escaped Hitler’s death camps. When he had done what he could to trace the living, he and a few colleagues, tried to trace their gem collections purloined by the Germans. The record of their efforts were in the attic. Most of the world knew about the efforts made to find and restore stolen works of art, but as far as I knew, only small effort had been made to retrieve and return the jewelry collections of individual families.

I had met Marcus Greenbaum a couple of times at jewelry shows and remembered him as a man well into his seventies, a friend of Auguste and Bernard. Marcus had worked with Auguste in compiling those files.

I went back inside, poured another cup of coffee and carried it to the attic. Auguste had remodeled one corner into an office with an adjoining bathroom. From what I had heard, he spent a good deal of the last two years of his life in this room. It had been locked for as long as I could remember, and I’d never been in it.

It was still locked and I had no idea where to find the key. I sat down on an old trunk, stared at the door and sipped coffee. Was the mystery of the missing necklace related to something in that room? A room that probably hadn’t been opened in at least forty years? Hardly likely, still I wanted to get in, to look at those files, and yet I dreaded it. It seemed indecent, somehow, like breaking into a sepulcher.

I finished the coffee and stood up. There was nothing I could do tonight. Tomorrow I would call a locksmith.

I locked up, took a long, hot bath, crawled into bed and slept like the dead until the alarm awakened me. I jumped out of bed full of anticipation that puzzled me until I remembered that Walter Fish was checking out Henry Black and would be calling me that evening.

I slipped into sweats, and for the first time in months, went down to the small gym off the den and worked out. Lieb followed me down, carrying his leash and paced the room impatiently until I finished exercising. He barked excitedly and practically dragged me out the door when I snapped the leash on his collar. Maria was waiting at the door with a piece of toweling, when we returned, and set to work cleaning Lieb’s paws. I asked her to call a locksmith. I debated waiting for him, but decided I’d go crazy sitting around the house. I told Maria to call me at the office as soon as she talked to the locksmith and I’d come home.

At the office I had a hard time settling down, but the gems finally worked their soothing magic, and it was noon before I knew it. Together, Alma and I left the office for lunch.

We’d barely started up the street when Sergeant Berg appeared and fell in step at my side. "I have a few more questions, Mrs. Diamond."

I felt my hackles rising. "Can’t this wait until after lunch?"

"I’m afraid not."

Alma, whose glances were shuttling between us like a ping pong ball, interrupted, "Then why don’t you join us for lunch, Sergeant? I’m sure you must be hungry, too."

I shot her an angry look but before I could speak, Berg grinned and accepted. I clamped my mouth shut and stalked up the street, leaving them to follow. If Alma wanted to invite him to lunch, then she could entertain him.

The hostess greeted us and, at my request, showed us to a table in a small alcove where we could have at least a modicum of privacy. Berg held my chair, an act that surprised me. I hadn’t expected that kind of old fashioned courtesy from him. Nor did I expect his first question.

"So how do you think MacMillan compares to George Karl?"

"He seems to be getting the team together. Think they’ll make it into the playoffs this year?"

Judith R. Parker makes her home near Ronald, Washington in the central Cascades with her husband, a retired civil engineer, two dogs and six cats. She is a retired corporate CFO.

Parker has been writing mysteries, suspense and westerns for over twenty years. Her short stories have appeared in regional and national magazines and an anthology, A KIND OF JUSTICE, which was an 2002 Eppie finalist. RIDE A COLD WIND won a 2002 Eppie for best western.

Parker is a member of Sisters-in-Crime, Women Writing the West, Western Writers of America, Epic, and a past board member of the Northwest Chapter of Mystery Writers of America.

REVIEWS AND QUOTES: "In Judith R. Parker's DEADLY DIAMONDS, the characters are real. The story is spell binding. I believe that this book is going to make it to the best seller list before the ink is dry.” --Sue Harigan, Member of RIO; reviewer for: All About Murder; All about Fiction; Book News; Murder Express; Carol's Book Reviews

"In the tradition od Louis L'Amour, author Judith R. Parker creates a tale that takes great pride in the human spirit. Parker's recreation of the pristine mountains untouched by humans in contrast to the evil of the man who chases her hero creates a marvelous juxtaposition. A quick, entertaining read, I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended." --reviewed by: Cindy Penn

"If you are looking for an exciting story, appealing characters and lots of action, look no farther. Parker's RIDE A COLD WIND, first in the Jason Locke series, fits the bill. Parker has a way with her writing that brings every emotion and sense into play. I highly recommend this book. And make sure you start it in the morning because you won't be able to put it down." --Quote by: Betty Sullivan LaPierre, Author of: The Hawkman series

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ISBN: 1590888979
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888971
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 322
Paper Weight (lb): 13.5

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