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A Dark Wyoming Wind
Emma Kenned
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Daniel Chase-Meyers II leaves Wyoming State Penitentiary a tormented man who wants only to regain his humanity. In Cheyenne he meets hard-working Jeremi Kruger whose liquid silver eyes offer acceptance and the promise of salvation. He doesn't realize his efforts to rescue her art gallery and frame shop from bankruptcy make Jeremi the target of the woman determined to kill him.

Bizarre vandalism plagues Jeremi's business, and a hit-and-run driver bounces Daniel into a tree. The elderly couple who help him are murdered. The frame shop is trashed and ruined. Dead bodies accumulate, all connected to Daniel. Jeremi knows he is innocent, and she knows she is next when a shattering truth is revealed and dark passions explode in the still Wyoming night.

Flat mid-morning light slanted into the open back door of Red Feather Frame, silhouetting a menacing male figure. The man listed forward. "You can't keep me outta the workroom. Thish’s my joab! Sheeutt! I'll walk right over yueh. Stomp yuh inta the floor like durt."

Jeremi Kruger called forth every measure of control she possessed to keep her voice unwavering. "Jesse, you’ll stay out because you’re fired. No more warnings. I'll write a check for your severance pay. You will turn in my keys. Now."

"Like durt, Missy! Stomp yuh like duuurt!”

Giving his bellowed threat her back, she strode to her office with her hands thrust deep into the pockets of her slim denim skirt to keep from shaking. He’d follow her; she knew. Once behind the large oak desk, she removed the maroon payroll checkbook embossed with "Red Feather Frame & Kruger Gallery" from the center drawer. Had it been the proverbial turnip, the edge of the desk could have dripped blood on her feet so tightly did she grip it.

Buck up Jeremi, she told herself. Don't let this scum see you’re afraid of him. She blew stragglers of pale hair from in front of her eyes, smoothed the front placket of her white silk shirt, and straightened her spine. Ready.

"Don't try ta’ walk away from me, you scrawny blonde bitch," he snarled, half-swaggering, half-lurching into the office. "I'm not finished with yueh!"

"Yes, Jesse, you are. Would you prefer leaving quietly, or facing charges for threat of assault? Your choice." She picked up the telephone receiver and punched in a nine and a one, holding her finger suspended. "I don't have time for court, but I will take this as far as necessary." She kept her chin up, back straight. "You know Andrew is friends with several cops, and my other brother’s an attorney.”

His small, red-shot eyes narrowed, and his great huffing bulk threatened behind large, maul-like fists. Those fists moved up level to his waist. She punched the final "one" and put the receiver to her ear.

"Awright!" he bellowed as the dispatcher answered.

She cut off, but slid the phone to her edge of the wide desk, where she could easily grab it and he couldn't. Quickly she repunched the nine and one, and laid the receiver aside. Just in case. A sudden reserve of calm washed through her, settling into her fingertips like steel. She wrote a check, carefully laid down the pen, and stared him in the eyes.

"Yuh'll regret this." He hunched stocky shoulders up to his bull-neck and crossed his arms. "You kin mat and frame all night tryin' to stay ahead of orders without me. But freight? Phaww!" He snorted derisively, and spittle flew.

Jeremi imagined herself being cornered by a slavering bull.

Swiping a meaty hand across his nose and mouth, he shook his head. "Huh!" He sneered. "How's a skinny thing like you gonna handle freight? You need me more'n I need you." Plunging his forefingers into the front pockets of his grubby jeans, he listed forward, ending up with his thick thighs against her desk, his large belly and bulky male parts over-hanging.

Unable to keep from leaning back, Jeremi smoothed down the front of her skirt, sucked down revulsion, and strained for composure. True enough, what he'd said. After nearly four years she’d finally found one person adequately strong to handle freight, yet able to frame, and here she was, firing him. She couldn’t afford to regress. Paying two people for the same work could put her into the red again.

Even so, as Jesse hulked forward and his ninety-proof breath seared the air less than a foot from her face, she simply bent that pale green payroll check back and ran her thumbnail along the perforations. Tore it out.

"It's not your concern anymore," she said. "My keys?"

has a passion for books and has been a voracious reader since childhood. She has published two novels under the name of Emma Kennedy, ALLUDE TO MURDER at www.novelbooksinc.com and A DARK WYOMING WIND at www.wings-press.com. Her poetry and childrens' stories have been published as Karen Kennedy, in addition to illustrations, photographs, political cartoons, essays, articles, interviews, and poetry published as Karen Davenport. When not writing, she paints-for-hire, teaches high school art, or teaches English when forced to. When she lived in Izmir, Turkey, like Willi in WILLI’S BEAST, she adopted feral cats, walked home in sheets of rain blowing off the Aegean, and was stranded in various elevators during the frequent power failures. She loved Izmir. After five years of living in Turkey, last summer she drove with her husband and two cats across Eurasia ---from eastern Turkey to central Germany--- where they now enjoy their life and books in a delightful mid-19th century apartment. You may reach her at:

"The pacing in this book was excellent. The reader barely has time to draw a breath between exciting plot twists.” - Sue Johnson / Scribesworld

"Good grief! I’ve never seen a villain like this one. The fact this one is female and totally lacking in scruples makes the story all the harder to put down. Be careful when you read A Dark Wyoming Wind, it’ll blow you away.” - Brenda Gayle / The Write Lifestyle

"Scintillatingly sensual” - Romantic Times - Four Stars!

"A romantic thriller. Emma Kennedy has created a fabulous story filled with thrills, chills and love. I’d definitely recommend this book.” - JaToya Love / www.myshelf.com

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ISBN: 1590889495
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889497
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 360
Paper Weight (lb): 15.0

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