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The 3 Minute Meditation Primer
A Waste Not, Want Not Approach

Doug Hayward
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A simple guide to the perfection of the meditation experience along with a complete guide to a 15 min fitness program

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The object of meditation is to stop the mind from wandering all over the place and to sustain a single pointed focus for an extended period of time. This experience begins with concentration and then moves to another level which is recognizable and beneficial.
I challenge you to think of one color. Next, without fail, mentally repeat that color name, feel that color, or mentally picture that color for 60 seconds without intermission. Do it without the mind straying to any other thought whatsoever. At the same time feel the coolness of your inhalation thru the nose and hear the escape of your exhalation thru the mouth.
The list of instructions could continue until you were totally absorbed in all of your mental, physical and spiritual capacities all at once.
If you were able to keep that single pointed focus on that one color for 3 minutes, then the instructions in this book will seem very elementary. If; however, your mind started to wander after about 15 or 20 seconds then the instructions in this book will be of great benefit. Later, in this book, you will see a time line of a typical meditation experience.

Meditation can be experienced while standing, sitting, or lying down. It can be experienced while our body is in motion or while the body is still. We can meditate while there are other sounds around us; traffic, music, conversation, birds, drums and laughter. In short, we meditate while the ears are still picking up sounds. We can meditate while we are feeling wind, coolness, heat, dryness, humidity, the sun and the rain. Actually we meditate while the sense of touch is picking up feeling. We can meditate while the eyes are opened or closed. We can meditate while looking at the sky, the grass, the clouds or a candle. We can meditate while looking out the window or into complete darkness, or the darkness that we experience when we close our eyes. Indeed we meditate while the sense of sight is still picking up images. The ability of our mind to come to a single focus is what distinguishes meditation from other active mental states.

Penn State University Fitness Instructor since 1998. Yoga Instructor at Yoga in State College since 1998. Yoga and business Instructor at Central Pennsylvania School of Massage. Practitioner of the 5 Tibetans since 1998. Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 level thru Yoga Alliance

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ISBN: 097211162X
ISBN(13-digit): 9780972111621
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Yoga in State College
Binding: Other
No. of Pages: 78
Paper Weight (lb): 30
Illustrations (B&W): 24

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