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Cuts Like A Knife
Michael Murphy
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Determined to learn whether he’s a father for the first time, former homicide detective Casey Bannister, lands in the middle of an explosive murder trial. Assisting the beautiful defense attorney, he struggles with their mutual attraction. To help her win the case, Casey must battle resentful police, an ambitious prosecuting attorney, and resolve his past relationship with the prosecutor’s wife.

"I should be thanking you. Let’s call it even.” Casey pictured the naked blonde on Ryan’s bed. "Who was she?”

"She works at the hotel. We didn’t get around to exchanging names.” Ryan laughed and looked past Casey.

Allison and Mandy walked through the half door. From the frown on Allison’s face, she had obviously heard Ryan’s comment about not exchanging names. The cold mask of Mandy’s face showed she’d heard, as well.

With her eyes misting, Mandy set her briefcase beside the table, then turned, walked down the aisle and out the courtroom.

Casey wanted to punch the arrogant young attorney in the nose, or slap the shit out of him.

Allison glared at Ryan. "How could you?”

"Me?” Ryan raised an eyebrow to Allison.

Allison rolled her eyes at Casey, and then lowered her voice. "You told him?” She smacked her briefcase onto the table. "I better check on Mandy.”

"Let me.” Casey hurried down the aisle. He pushed through the door and spotted Mandy disappearing into the women’s restroom beside the elevators.

Casey hurriedly crossed the room. He stopped in front of the restroom door and knocked. "Mandy we have to talk.”

The door opened a crack. "Go away!” The door closed.

A white-haired woman in a blue dress with a strand of white pearls stood beside the elevators watching the exchange. With a round bulldog-like face, she gawked incredulously at Casey.

Casey leaned closer to the door. "Please listen.”

No answer.

"Look, Mandy, I’m sorry about what happened. Men are weak. We make mistakes when it comes to sex. It was a one-night stand. It didn’t mean a thing.”

The door burst open and Mandy came out holding a tissue to her eyes. "Well it does to me!” She punched the down button beside the elevator.

The old lady shook her head then touched Mandy gently on the shoulder. "Are you alright honey?”

"Do I look alright?”

The lady shot Casey a smoldering sneer. Her lip curled in disgust. "You dirty old man!”

I’ve lived nearly all of my life in Arizona and most of that with my wife of thirty-six years. We enjoy our eight grandchildren and our menagerie of animals including my wife’s dog Tinker who appears in my new novel, Ramblin’ Man. I love reading mystery and suspense novels, and love writing them. Because I find absurdity in just about everything, humor finds it’s way into my writing along with the chills.

Cuts Like a Knife by Michael Murphy deserves its name. It lays out the raw flesh of human experience. On the surface, the novel thrills with a fast-paced murder mystery involving the fearless detective, Casey Bannister, whose dry wit and angst about women make him lovable. On a deeper level the novel explores whether we can act honorably, whether we can trust each other, or more disturbingly whether there is any good in humankind to be found. Murphy’s answers by turns comfort and haunt. Cuts Life a Knife is a fine read, one I highly recommend. -- Toby Heathcotte, Author and President, Arizona Authors Association

Buckle your seat belt and brace yourself! Michael Murphy's Ramblin' Man is one hell of a ride! Murphy is the master of character development, handing us Bart Wheeler, one tough guy with a heart of gold and enough sex appeal to singe the pages while tossing in one irresistible, spoiled, rich heiress with more than a few surprises tucked inside her little pink purse! Murphy delivers it all! Bare knuckle fight scenes, nail biting suspense, knee slapping comedy and edge of the seat romantic tension reminiscent of the longing seen only on the television series, Moonlighting. Ramblin' Man is one wide open, fun filled road trip you'll never want to end. --Alisha Paige, Canyon Wolf Bride, The Wooden Nickel

An utterly charming read! In Ramblin’ Man by talented author Michael Murphy, Bart Wheeler has met his match when he crosses paths with a sassy self-indulged runaway heiress with Yorkie-Pom in tow. But not even an irate business tycoon, the FBI, a bogus kidnapping charge or a one-sided softball game can rattle this guileless dude. Murphy gives breath to an understated hero for our time. --Jordan Dane, Award-winning Avon Author, No One Heard Her Scream, No One Left to Tell

In Michael Murphy’s new novel Ramblin’ Man, Bart Wheeler, newly unattached, is enjoying an aimless journey cross country with his window down and his radio on, dining at the local greasy spoon, when a runaway heiress sashays into his life in a cloud of expensive perfume, a posse of FBI agents and private security thugs hot on her trail. Before he can finish his fries, Bart finds himself sharing the cab of his truck with a yappy purse-sized dog named Tinker and a red-head confection in pink designer jeans who believes chipped fingernail polish qualifies as a genuine emergency. Michael Murphy makes you like ’em all--even the dog. Murphy takes us around bend after unexpected bend as Bart and Samantha take the ride of their lives--on the long, twisted road to Apple Valley. You can almost smell the cheeseburgers. --Melanie Wells, The Soul Hunter, My Soul to Keep

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ISBN: 1597058173
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058179
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 310

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