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Curiosity Kills
Linda Roberts
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Everything is going well until she gets off the train in Butte, Montana. She overhears a couple of old codgers talking about people disappearing, unexplained deaths and activity at the now defunct Annabelle Mine. By a strange twist of fate, Maddie is joined in her quest by Jake and Nick who both have a stake in this situation. They are dealing with corrupt officials who refuse to acknowledge that anything unusual is happening. Maddie and her allies must uncover the truth, but they are up against some very powerful individuals. They may not be a match for the forces they will confront.

After spending the day in the archives, I decided to get some exercise. As I jogged along the road near the Annabelle, things went bad. Two goons who came from the direction of the mine followed me.

"Hold up there,” one of them hollered. "We want to talk to you.”

When I didn’t stop, they began jogging too, closing the gap between me and them.

I picked up speed and pretended not to hear him.

"Ouch,” I said as I took a dive, tumbling into a hole behind a small hill just past the Annabelle, ducking out of sight. It looked like they wanted to be sure I didn’t hang around this area too long. I didn’t get a good look at their faces, but it looked like they were wearing some sort of jacket. I didn’t think they were dressed for working at a mine.

"Where did she go?” I heard one of them ask.

"Don’t know. Guess she kept on running. Nothing to worry about. I’m sure she’s harmless.”

"Did you see that bod? Boy, would I like to get a piece of her.”

"In your dreams,” I whispered, as I hid behind the hill writhing in pain. My heart was pounding so hard and my breathing was so labored I was afraid they’d hear it and find me for sure. Thought I might have sprained my ankle, but just had scrapes and bruises. I waited for what seemed like an eternity before venturing out of my hiding place. It was getting dark when I began to sneak back the way I came, crouching down low in the ditch alongside the road so I wouldn’t be seen.

"What the...?” I said, as I stumbled over something. Someone moaned, but I couldn’t see who it was.

As I reached out to break my fall, I felt something cold and wet. There was a pungent, almost acrid odor in the air, making me shiver. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

I had been sneaking along the ditch when I tripped over a body. I wasn’t sure, but in the moonlight, it looked like the man lying there motionless was P.J., one of the men I had seen at McGinty’s Tavern. He was groaning.

"Get my nephew, Nick Shanahan,” he whispered.

"What happened?” I asked. "Can you get up? Do you want me to call 911?”

"Hell no,” he whispered. I could barely hear him. "Keep 911 out of it. Get Nick, he’ll take care of me. Call him. Cell phone in my pocket. Speed dial 1.”

As I waited for Nick to answer, I wondered what this old geezer was doing out here all by himself.

"What’s up, Unc?” Nick asked. He must have been looking at the number on his Caller I.D.

"Nick, I’m calling for your uncle. He’s been hurt and he wants you to come right away.”

"Where is he? I knew it! Damn it, I knew he’d get himself into trouble someday with his snooping around, sticking his nose in where it didn’t belong. How bad is he hurt?”

"I’m not sure, but it looks pretty bad to me. He’s barely conscious.”

"Where are you? I’ll be right there.”

"I’m on a dirt road, an access road of some sort, just south of the Annabelle Mine. He’s in a ditch off the west side of the road. Be careful. A couple guys at the mine were skulking about earlier. I think they might have had something to do with this.”

"Okay, I know where you are. I’ll be there in ten minutes. Watch for me in my black Ford 4x4.”

The author was born and raised in Butte, Montana, which is the setting for Curiosity Kills. She is intimately familiar with the area and the people. It wasn’t that long ago that her relatives and friends worked the mines there to remove precious metals. Now the underground mines are closed and one, in this fictional work, has become the center of a conspiracy of international proportions.

Linda is a retired bureaucrat who is living the good life in the southwest, where she devotes her time to travel and writing. Curiosity Kills is her first novel. Misguided Patriotism is in the works.

"From beginning to end, Curiosity Kills is a fast-paced novel packed with suspense and a rich tapestry of fascinating characters. I couldn’t put it down until the last page.” -- Shirley Kennedy

Curiosity Kills: "Linda Roberts is a master storyteller who spins a tale of intrigue, deception and betrayal that will keep you spellbound until the end.” -- Larry Wonderling, Ph.d.

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ISBN: 1597056790
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056793
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 286

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