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Crossing Nebraska
Kay Bailey
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There was a time in history when the new met with the old. When the east met with the west. Change.

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There was a time in history when the new met with the old. When the east met with the west. Change.

It happened to Maggie.

Behind a covered wagon bound for Oregon, Maggie worried. Worried about her future. Worried about who she was to become. Worried about this strange longing she had towards a certain Indian.

It happened to Horse Rider.

His curiosity piqued, he watched the wagons cross his land. He smelled the scent of change in the air. He felt the restlessness in his heart—especially when he watched the white woman that stood across the river. Was he crazy like his friends said?

Horse Rider led his horse to the water of Little Blue. His friends had left him alone in his thoughts. Laughing Wolf and Many Horses were as curious about the white travelers as his young nephew, Young Hawk. They had seen white people with their wagons before, but their numbers grew stronger by the day.

What changes would these whites bring to the land?

Many times they spoke of it in his sister’s house. Victory Call cared for many who slept in her home. A man ate and slept in the house of his mother or sister until he took a wife. Horse Rider had no wife or mother so he dwelled with his sister. He was much grateful for her cooking and provided for her as his own. Before moving to their sleeping areas, they ate food the women had cooked.

Grandmother sometimes asked, "When will their coming stop? When hills and valleys are filled with bones of Pa’ni? When Mother corn lies trampled by the white man’s feet? When?”

His father spoke firmly. "Atira, my mother, our people grow strong like buffalo. We will be strong even in the tomorrows.”

Grandmother would only shake her head.

Horse Rider knew like his grandmother that the buffalo were not growing strong. The many that once roamed the land were not anymore. He looked at the open land, the quick running river, the prairie that stretched farther than his eyes could see. What would happen to his people’s freedom? Would they be forced to live in a smaller area or be wiped out along with the buffalo? Some of the men from his tribe had been farther east, past the Mississippi. They had seen the many white men and their buildings that hid the land. Was that the future for this land too?

He brushed those thoughts aside for the moment. Something had roused his curiosity. A white woman was dashing towards the river. A strange tremor of anticipation stirred in him. He pulled his horse into the cover of short cottonwoods. Crouching, he watched from a distance.

Although attention deficit and scatter brained at times, Kay Bailey has managed to publish in many magazines. Some of the magazines include Animal Watch, Vibrant Life, Church Educator, and Kid's Ministry Ideas. A lover of learning and a lover of life describes her best. As well as her fiction, she is currently working on a nonfiction book entitled "A Fingerprint of My Own."

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ISBN: 1597057363
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057363
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 274

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