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A Corpse In The Soup
Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner
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When Godiva winds up in the hospital after being poisoned on a TV cooking show, her twin sister Goldie hops on an Alaska Airlines plane and rushes to her side. The sisters’ zany romp through the world of celebrity TV chefs begins when Goldie’s daughter Chili is hired by the star of the show.

Rivalry turns to murder in the midst of the glitzy Gourmet Gladiators Tournament . The cops arrest Chili’s new boss, Chef Caesar Romano, but Godiva has other plans for the handsome chef, and Goldie doesn’t want her daughter to lose a chance at stardom, so the twins set out to prove that he is innocent. Their Jewish mother and grumpy uncle—former vaudeville magicians—help them stir the pot, but in the end Goldie and Godiva find themselves in some very hot water.

"Ah, lovely. Being syndicated does have its advantages,” Godiva said as she led Chili to the two front row seats with placards that read RESERVED FOR PRESS. She dusted off the seat and sat down, careful not to put creases in her emerald green Armani dress.

Chili plunked down next to her. Godiva looked at her niece and felt a tiny twinge of guilt for dumping three sacks of mail on her last night when she had offered to help. Even though the girl had worked until midnight she radiated excitement and vitality.

"Wow, Auntie. I still can’t believe I’m actually here! Just look at this place.” The seats were packed. Women outnumbered the men four to one.

"I must admit, sweetheart, I’ve never really seen the show.” Godiva reached under her seat for her VIP gift basket and pulled out an 8x10 glossy photo of Chef Caesar Romano. Perfect white teeth sparkled in a gleaming Hollywood smile. Steely blue eyes twinkled in his bronzed face. The wavy black hair touched with silver, and full moustache, added to his Latin good looks. "But I’m starting to understand why it’s so popular.” She looked at Chili and smiled. "He really is sexy.”

The crowd exploded with applause. Godiva lifted her eyes from the photo to watch the real item strutting across the stage, waving and blowing kisses to the audience. He bobbed his head toward Chili and Godiva’s section, then turned and bowed to the far side of the room. Godiva admired the way his tailored chef’s jacket showed off his physique.

Her mind drifted back to the racecar driver who had romanced her during the Gran Prix a few years ago and then looked at Romano again. Damn, that is one handsome man! He’s actually better looking than Juan Carlo.

Chili tugged at her sleeve and Godiva snapped back to the present. "Candy’s not here,” Chili whispered in Godiva’s ear. "The rumors must be true.”

"Who’s Candy?”

"His assistant.”

Then Godiva remembered seeing something in last week’s gossip columns. Candy Vanderloop, the air-headed blonde who normally handed him spoons and ladles, had walked out on him without notice. Word was out that she had signed on with Romano’s rival, Biff Wellington.

On cue, the room filled with applause as Chef Romano rolled up his sleeves. He romanced every woman in the audience as he simmered his sauce and sautéed his shrimp, constantly looking to his right or left as if expecting an assistant to hand him something.

"He needs a sous-chef,” said Chili. "See how he keeps looking for Candy?”

After presenting his savory Scampi àl Fungi de Bosco, Romano picked out a lanky, bald fellow sporting an African tunic to join him in the kitchen and sample the succulent shrimp with forest mushrooms. Next he brought up a chubby woman in a Hawaiian muumuu. Godiva leaned toward her niece whispering, "Oh my God, look at the outlandish red and green parrots on that woman’s dress.”

"I don’t know, Auntie. I kind of like them. Grandma Belle has a dress just like that.”

Before Godiva could answer, she heard Romano say, "And the lovely lady in the emerald green dress, won’t you join us in the kitchen?” She turned from Chili, and saw that he was pointing at her.

As Godiva stood and smoothed her skirt, she heard whispers behind her.

"Look, Hazel. That lady in the green dress is G.O.D. You know, Ask G.O.D.--the new column in the Times.”

The camera zoomed in on the man in the African tunic smacking his lips with delight. The lady in the colorful muumuu wiped a dab of caramel-colored sauce from her chin. Godiva gobbled up the heavenly scampi and boldly asked for another serving.

She cleaned her plate and batted her lashes. "Chef Romano, you can cook in my kitchen anytime.” Romano smiled, raised an eyebrow and the camera cut to a commercial.

MORGAN ST. JAMES and PHYLLICE BRADNER are sisters who grew up in Los Angeles.

MORGAN and her husband, radiologist/photographer Hubert Kottlove, split time between homes in Los Angeles CA and Las Vegas NV. She has written many published magazine articles on such diverse subjects as interior design, human-interest, dementia, travel and barter. She also earned recognition twice for feature article entries in the prestigious Writer’s Digest Competition. Morgan is a member of Sisters in Crime and Henderson Writer’s Group. As a partner in an interior design studio, she worked with celebrities, model homes, showrooms and product designs. Her design work has appeared in numerous magazines.

PHYLLICE lived in Alaska for 39 years. In 2004 she and her husband, retired optometrist Jim Matson, moved to a century-old farmhouse in Dayton, Oregon. She is an award-winning graphic designer, published writer, former antique shop owner, and has been a political print consultant on many statewide campaigns including four gubernatorial races and five candidates for U.S. Senate. She is an accomplished fine artist whose work appears in galleries in Alaska and Oregon. Over the years she has won four Alaska Press Club awards and two National awards for newsletter publications.

"What do you get when you mix sabotage, murder, mystery, and satirical humor? A comical mystery called A CORPSE IN THE SOUP by Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner! Goldie and Godiva embark on an adventure that uncovers much more than poisonous mushrooms and other cooking pranks.” A CORPSE IN THE SOUP makes the reader laugh while trying to figure out ‘whodunit.’ There are many twists and turns and surprises along the way to keep the anticipation brewing! With names like Justin Tyme and Sterling Silver and descriptions such as "fruit smoothie in a peach colored suit,” A CORPSE IN THE SOUP is a clever mix of spoof and suspense. -- Edee Wilcox, www.edee.org

" Enjoyed the story! Haven't had this much fun solving a mystery since Burke's Law on TV."

A CORPSE IN THE SOUP is a tongue-in-cheek, fast-paced romp through the world of primetime cooking spiced with Hollywood glamour. It stars the two hilarious, wise-cracking, crime-busting Silver sisters. You’ll be kept guessing at the mystery, laughing at the banter between the characters and groaning at the backfires in the situations they plan. Plan on falling in love with the two riotous crime detectives because this story is totally over-the top, and after all, this is L.A. -- Rhobin Lee Courtright, Author of Magic Aegis .. Acceptance .. Home World Aginfeld .. Rogue's Rules , 2005 Dream Realm Award in the Fantasy Category.

The writing team of Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner are certainly slated to become very famous names in the fiction world. ”Murder and near-murders abound in this hysterical light romantic comedy mystery starring the amateur sleuth sisters and their mother and uncle sidekicks. Goldie and Godiva are the proverbial country mouse and city mouse, reading each other's thoughts when it suits them, while getting to the bottom of other people's business all over LA and Beverly Hills. Read "A Corpse in the Soup" for yourself! -- Judy Boettcher, Author of The Loffington Twins PI Mystery Series, www.judyboettcher.com

Recipe: Take a bunch of quirky characters, a villain to die for, an engaging plot and put them into the hands of Morgan St. James and Phyllice Bradner. Stir the characters well. Cook for several hours of reading enjoyment. What do you get? A tantalizing smorgasbord, A Corpse in the Soup, that takes the cake! Or should I say Baked Alaska? -- Jeannine Van Eperen, Reviewer, GottaWriteNetwork; author of five Wings Books, including FAR-Award winner Memory and Desire.

A Corpse in the Soup is a refreshing comedy who done it. Each page reveals another layer of the tale. All the characters are fully involved and the reader feels a rapport with each of them, from the funny Uncle Sterling to the heroine G. O. D. Godiva Olivia Dubois, a columnist who writes to the lovelorn. Most of the story centers around a cooking competition that is fast paced. The tale reveals the inner workings of professional cooking. Ms. St James and Bradner have created an engaging story with a touch of humor that is a joy to read. Though it follows the usual boy gets girl, the nuances and undercurrents make this a tale to savor. I look forward to more from the Silver Sisters., -- A. Dee Carey The Fox Lady , Wings fantasy author / www.adeecarey.com

A Corpse In The Soup: "I have finished the book. It is so awesome. Love it. Love it, Love it.” I don't usually try to guess where the author is taking the story. I just go for the ride and I like a surprise at the end like this. At least for me you didn't give it away. I'd like to see a sequel. -- Joyce Peck, Realtor

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ISBN: 159705805X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058056
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 329

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