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The Blue Orchid & Other Tales
James Scott DeLane
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The Blue Orchid is set in a future world which barely survived slave hunting invaders. Ava and Kurt are two people struggling to make peace with themselves and their ghosts. Their destinies come together at the Ava’s club, the Blue Orchid. The invaders have one last trick that tests the trust they have developed. C3 is set in a rich and powerful future world where the poor are all but invisible. A dancer gets a one in a life time chance to impersonate a royal athlete. Circumstance force her to play a dangerous game with everything to lose and very little to gain. Shelia tells the story of a daring sword man whose world is all but ruined by evil flesh eating creatures. He waits for his death, with no reason to live, until he meets the beautiful Shelia. The Hypo is a tense story of confrontation between a would be killer and a morphine addict impersonating a doctor. These unique stories will live in the readers mind long after the last page is turned.

I don’t remember much from pre-war, but I do remember the rain. I remember water dripping from the sky and splashing on my face and the fun I had catching drops with my tongue. There was a green garden with colorful flowers and buzzing insects. I remember my father cutting the lawn and my mother tending her roses.

"Watch out for the black and yellow ones, they will sting you,” my mother warned. I remember dark clouds gathering in the sky. "Take care of your sisters,” my father told me. "A storm is coming.”

He was right; a terrible storm was coming and none of us were ready. They arrived in small scout ships at first. They promised to share their technology and reveal the wisdom of their accident race. The Drikes they called themselves. Physically, they were not much different from us; not quite as strong and not very tall. Our shortsighted politicians viewed these aliens as the solution to all the worlds’ problems. The Drikes promised renewable energy, an end to hunger, and we foolishly believed them. Because they were advanced technologically, we assumed they were advanced spiritually. We never questioned their motives. A few voices tried to warn us, but they were labeled paranoid and ignored. No one could refuse the golden egg.

One day the big Drike ships arrived and the hoax was revealed. They came to our world in search of worker bees. They enslaved us as we had so often done to each other. They herded people like cattle and shipped them to their medical labs. A simple procedure removed part of the human brain and produced an obedient drone. The Drikes were relentless and without mercy. They treated us with the same disdain we treated lower species. I was a lucky one. An army truck saved me and my sisters when our city was abandoned.

No one knows how many billions of people the Drikes converted into automatons. I still remember the fantastic size of their ships; they blocked out the sun. They annihilated us from orbit with their plasma weapons. I give our solider boys credit for fighting when all seemed lost. The Drikes had us outgunned and their technology was superior, but our brave guys never gave up. They fought for every inch of this planet. So many of those boys were cut down by an enemy they never saw. Countless others were deformed by hideous Drike diseases. Our guys died and bled long enough for a nineteen year old whiz kid to create the shield. After we had the shield, we had time.

The shielded cities were dirty at first. Most of us didn’t care because we were happy to be alive. In the early days, we all shared what little we had. It didn’t take long for people to revert to their old habits. Like every other city in every other time, the rich and poor separated. The wealthy did what they always do; they controlled the police; the government, and they chased away anything they found unpleasant. After the war turned our way, life improved for those on the top, but life became harder for those on the bottom.

The energy shield covered a large area of what was the pre-war city. Many of the old streets and buildings were left in disrepair and became home to sick soldiers, drug dealers, and flesh peddlers. The neglected sections of the city were known as bottom-street. Merchants, bankers, and profiteers made their homes in the new and rebuilt sections. The reclaimed areas of New Rio were called top-street. The cops were gods on bottom-street. They could throw anyone outside the shield anytime they wanted. "Pay to stay” was their motto. "Two legged rats” we called them. We all paid; one way or another.

I currently have four books with Wings: The Debt Collector, Twisted and Other Tales, Mythradies Boutique, The Blue Orchid and Other Tales, and I currently have one soon to be released science fiction novel: Iceworld

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ISBN: 1597057059
ISBN(13-digit): 978159705705
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 274

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