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Stomach Flattening
A Training Manual

Doug Setter
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Learn the 6 pillars of a flat stomach and increase your energy at the same time.

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Counting crunches and calories works for some people. To get a flat stomach fast you need to use all 6 factors to a strong trim waistline: Posture, Breath Control, Exercise Sequence, Power Nutrition, Internal Health and Brain Training.

Many days you will feel like there is NO progress at all taking place. When you get in better physical condition, you will usually not recognize the subtle changes until you look at previous photographs or measurements, try on old clothes, or hear feedback from friends. This is where journaling comes in, as it is far easier to stay on track, if you can keep track.

To start journaling, you must figure where you are now. By determining your starting point or baseline, you give yourself a reference point. Your baseline can be made of beginning body measurements, time to run a certain distance, number of exercise repetitions or even time spent on an activity like running, swimming or cycling. A very practical method is to take your Waist-Hip-Ratio (WHR) as mentioned in Chapter 1.
To get somewhere, you must start somewhere. Even if you only walk around the block or visit a gym once a week, that is okay. Just record it.

Even the simple act of riding a bicycle to the store a few times each week is worth recording. By writing down your activities, you are actually becoming more aware of what you are doing or not doing. I do this with training, writing and studying. It only takes a couple of minutes per day to mark it on a calendar or make an entry in a notebook. Keep the journal accessible so that you have a constant reminder of what you want to accomplish. You might find too that you want to change your goals from time to time. This is important as it helps to redefine what you want and keep you pointed in the right direction (maybe you don’t want a 24-inch waist after all, maybe you just want a date).

Doug Setter holds a Bachelor of Foods and Nutrition. He has served as a Canadian paratrooper and U.N. peacekeeper (Croatia). Doug has completed 5 marathons, climbed Mt. Rainier and won a kick-boxing championship (at age 40). He also the author of Reduce Your Alcohol Craving.


"Valuable information. I enjoyed Doug's no-frills, get results approach. I highly recommend Stomach Flattening for fitness beginners or athletes who want stronger, slimmer midriffs."
Laurie Bell, Boulder, CO
female body building champion, author: Lose the Lies, Lose the Weight

"I loved the section on doing exercises at your desk, and I've begun to incorporate them when I'm at work. This is a real gem. Very highly recommended!
Alan Gettis, Ph.D., M.S.
Author of "The Happiness Solution: Finding Joy & Meaning In An Upside Down World" www.thehappinesssolution.com

I will definitely pass some of the program on to my clients. I wish you all the best.
Lucie Hall, Figure competitor, Chilliwack, B.C. Canada www.firstchoicefitness.ca

"I lost almost 6 inches around my waist within 6 weeks. Thank you, Doug.”—Sandford Tuey, author of Galactic Gladiators, Vancouver, Canada www.galacticgladiators.com

"Those breathing exercises alone, really hardened my gut.”—John Stewart, Vancouver Police Department

"For years, I suffered arthritis and bursitis pain in my shoulder, back and hip. My body was stiff and painful when I moved. Since I joined your Stomach Flattening class, my body got better and the pain went away so that I don't need medication. I have more energy and flexibility, a stronger back and toned stomach. I have been watching and working out with the DVD you had sent me. I find it easy to workout at home. It is convenient and the results are amazing.

Mr. Setter, thank you so much for the freedom of working out without pain and being able to wear a size 3 dress again.” --Cora Lindop, Vancouver, B.C.

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ISBN: 0973182520
ISBN(13-digit): 9780973182521
Copyright: 2007
Book Publisher: Resilience Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 54
Paper Weight (lb): 182 gm
Illustrations (B&W): 12
Coated Paper: Yes

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