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Coffee, Tea Or Love
Sherry Derr-wille
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The one secret Lane Allerton thought would be kept forever came to town with Grant Price. Grant could hardly believe his eyes when he recognized Lane. With the one true love of his life standing in front of him, he wondered how he could tell her about their son, who found him years earlier.

Tension and tender lovemaking alternate, until at last Lane is reunited not only with her first love, but also the son she gave away 35 years earlier.

"Small Town, USA,” Grant said aloud, as he pulled into the parking lot of the coffee shop. The neon sign in the window glowed through the early morning fog, proclaiming the shop to be open. He wondered if April Fools Day extended past the first of the month.

"It’s not a good sign,” he muttered to himself, while shoving the gearshift lever into park. "I’ve been in town for three days and all it’s done is rain. Now on my first day of work it’s so foggy I can hardly see my hand in front of my face.”

Once inside the door, a sign on a blackboard greeted him. WELCOME TO JAVA LANE -- TODAY’S FLAVOR HUGS & KISSES.

Grant read further to see what else was on special. It was the same here as it had been in Chicago. Chic coffee shops always served java with cutesy names.

"Can I help you?” the woman behind the counter asked.

He lowered his gaze to get a better look at her. Dark auburn curls fell softly around an oval face. More striking than her perfect complexion were her ice blue eyes.

"The scones are fresh,” she commented.

He realized she took his silence as indecision, rather than interest.

"Ah, a large coffee.”

"House blend or flavor?” she questioned.

"I’ll take the flavor and leave room for cream. This is quite a shop.”

The woman smiled, obviously flattered by the compliment. "Thank you. You must be new in town.”

"I moved here over the weekend. I’ve got the first day on the new job jitters.”

"Where are you working?” she asked, as she pumped coffee from the thermos on the counter.

"Compton Enterprises,” he replied.

"It’s a good company. You should enjoy it. So where are you from?”

Grant smiled. He remembered growing up in a town like this one, a town where gossip ruled. "Chicago. What about you?”

She seemed to stiffen at his question. "I’m a home town girl. I went to high school here and came back a few years ago.”

Several people entered the shop, cutting short any further conversation. What little information he’d gleaned, he filed away for future reference.

"Good morning, Lane,” a blond wearing jogging pants and a sweatshirt chirped, as she made her way to the counter. "For your information, don’t go jogging in the fog. Some crazy guy almost hit me when I crossed Randall.”

A vision of a much younger woman materialized in Grant’s mind. Why hadn’t he seen it right away? The eyes, the voice, all the signs were there. The only thing missing was the name. There weren’t that many women who were called Lane.

He’d looked for Lane Sacks, his high school sweetheart, for almost thirty-five years. Now, when he wasn’t looking, he’d run into her headfirst. How long would it take for her to realize Grant Price and Skip Price were one in the same?

Mild Mannered receptionist, wife, mother and grandmother by day, Sherry Derr-Wille spends her nights writing and writing and writing. Having been inspired by an English assignment in her sophomore year of high school, she had never quite finished the assignment. New stories pop into her head every day with never enough time to write them all.

A Wisconsin native, she grew up a country girl, but enjoys her "city” home. She and her husband of over 40 years, Bob, live in a mid-sized town close to the Illinois border, where she works as a receptionist for an insurance office and he is retired. Deeming Bob "A Saint” for putting up with her, she has never regretted marrying her high school sweetheart just two days after graduation in 1964.

Becky's Rebel: Ms. Derr-Wille brings the spirit of understanding the plight of the Civil War survivors. Becky Larson and her Rebel, Joe Kemmerman, reminds us that love and faith overcome all obstacles. A must read for those who still need to understand there is no different in the hearts of people, North or South. Becky’s Rebel will make you laugh, shed a tear or two and have you falling in love, once again, with a time and it’s people that is uniquely America’s ... the Civil War era. -- Debbie Fritter – The Perfect Match – Whippoorwill Press

Hello Do You Know Me is a wonderful heart-warming love story. It touches your heart from the very beginning. It has everything that makes you turn the pages. Matt Bratzman has lived another man’s life for thirty-five years. Betsy Connor is a widow again. Now out of the blue her first love is back from the grave. But it can't be. Jerry Fellows was killed in Viet Nam. Sherry Derr Wille’s characters are real and you find yourself cheering for them and wanting them to find a happy-ever-after. If you like stories that grab a hold of your heart and don’t let go. You'll love this one. Along the way there is some humor and tears and love that survived through time. There were many tragedies out of the Viet Nam War but thanks to Ms. Wille this one had a happy ending.-- Judy Leigh Peters, A Father’s Hope, Joshua’s Faith, http://www.judyleighpeters.com

ISBN: 1590887994
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887990
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 272
Paper Weight (lb): 11.6

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