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Clara's Legacy
Sue Thornton
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World renowned porcelain doll maker, Nita Olberding’s life is turned upside down when Thane Tolliver appears on her doorstep. Murder and mayhem lead them across the country to discover the truth about Nita’s past.

As Thane’s own childhood memories of a little girl on a school playground come back to haunt him, will he be able to put his demons to rest in order to make a life with Nita?

With a jerk, Nita pulled away from her captor, grabbed up the bundle from the table and scurried up the stairs. Her footsteps faltered on the second floor landing and, after taking a deep breath, she turned down the hallway toward her parents’ bedroom.

Once she pushed open the door, she gazed into a room filled with every shade of green imaginable. Green--the color of life. Only it hadn’t helped Mom much in the end. Slowly, Nita made her way to the large, four-poster bed. She dropped to her knees and rested her cheek against the quilt made in ivory and the pale shades of green.

She smiled as she thought about all of the hours she and her mom had spent picking out fabric and patterns, then cutting and hand piecing the material into squares. Together they designed the borders and quilting pattern before calling Aunt Betsy to come join them in the final step of quilting.

Gently, she ran her fingers across the fabric. The subtle scent of mom’s perfume wafted up at her, only to be ruined by the hint of another odor; the odor of sickness. Death, as Nita thought of it. Even though the doctor said Mom was doing fine and her chances were excellent, Mom never quite got rid of that smell.

A tear slipped from the corner of her eye and Nita struggled to fight the battle of emotions warring inside her. Anger and sadness jabbed at her from all sides and she wasn’t certain how long she could control them before one of them won the fight. After kicking off her shoes, she rose and curled up on the bed. She wrapped a corner of the quilt across her shoulders and burrowed her face in Mom’s pillow. The masculine scent of her father’s aftershave mingled with Mom’s perfume and she closed her eyes, relishing the tiny piece of them left behind on the fabric.

I continue to reside in the state where I was born and raised. One of three daughters, I would stand at the kitchen sink daydreaming of different lifetimes I believed I’d lived before. With each passing year, I continue to wonder about past life experiences, déjà vu, and the blueprint of life we are all born with. As time continues, I hope to discover more of my own past lives through my studies. With the help of my guides I believe this will be a major accomplishment for me.

I am surrounded by my four children, my beautiful grandchildren and my sisters, who love me, but don’t always understand me. My parents offer me their encouragement from their home state, by reading my books, then telling their friends. I am blessed to share my living space with my cat, Gracie, who only knows true and unconditional love. Which she’s bound and determined to teach me in this lifetime.

I am constantly being challenged with new thoughts and ideas by my close circle of friends. They never know when something they say may start to smolder and flame into a new story.

I would love to hear from each of you and you may reach me at Sthornton@neb.rr.com.

In the combined tradition of Tami Hoag and Dean Koonz, author Sue Thornton creates a spellbinding tale of horror and murder.– Cindy Penn, Word weaving

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ISBN: 1590888227
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888223
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 272
Paper Weight (lb): 11.6

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