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Christian Ways
Cheryl N. Warner
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Christian’s boyfriend is a good, stable man, exactly what she needs to stay on the straight and narrow. So why is she still turning down his marriage proposal after five years? Because he's her boss? Or maybe she's hoping her first love will leave the rock-n-roll lifestyle and return for her. Perhaps it's just the small, still voice urging her to wait. But for what?

Enter Zachary Mitchell, the younger man with nothing to offer except everything she never knew she wanted…

Christian decided that Cameron must have overslept and opted to stay home. His family stuck to a strict policy of better to miss a church service altogether than to make a spectacle of oneself by arriving late. Breathing a sigh of relief, she looked at Zack and smiled as the music leader asked everyone to turn to page forty-seven in their hymnbooks. Zack paged through the hymnal and returned the smile. "Is this one of them funeral marches you told me about?” he whispered.

Christian nodded and rolled her eyes as they stood to their feet.

After they sung all four stanzas and everyone took their seats, Zack closed his eyes and made an X across his chest with his hands like a corpse lying in a coffin. Christian muffled a snicker. "Don’t you dare make me laugh, Zack,” she whispered closely to his ear. "Reverend Hart will tan my hide if I act up in church. Then I’ll really have to hurt you.”

As she moved her lips away from his ear, smiling at the mischievous grin she had left on his face, she realized that Cameron was standing in the aisle staring down at her with narrowed eyes and a rapidly clenching jaw. Mr. Rosen, who was sitting on the other side of Christian, motioned for Cameron to take a seat next to him, quickly scooting over to make room for the wild-eyed latecomer. Zack gave Cameron a hostile glare as he stepped over him, however Christian didn’t see it. Her eyes were closed tightly in an attempt to will herself invisible. Angela watched the scene from the back row with amusement and wonder, wishing she were a fly sitting atop pew number two.

"What’s he doing here?” Cameron hissed into Christian’s ear as she moved as closely to him and as far away from Zack as possible.

"He’s checking out our church,” she whispered, taking Cameron’s hand into hers. "Please don’t make a big deal over it. Why are you so late?”

"I was in a wreck. Do you always have another guy waiting in the wings whenever I don’t come to church?”

"You were in a wreck? Are you okay?” she whispered as they stood to sing another dirge.

"I’m fine. My Vette is crunched pretty badly, though. An old lady rear-ended me at the stoplight.”

"I’m sorry about the Vette, but at least you’re all right. Hey, Zack works in a body shop. Maybe he can take a look at your car after church. You might feel less threatened by him if get to know him a little.”

"I don’t think so! I’m really ticked off right now. I’m in no mood to hang out with a hippie who’s after my girlfriend!”

Christian mouthed an apology to Mrs. Daily, who had turned around to display a disapproving frown. "Cameron, keep your voice down, and don’t start that nonsense. You’re supposed to be working on your jealousy, remember?”

"I was doing just fine until I saw you with your tongue practically in his ear!”

"Okay, that’s enough! We’ll discuss this later.”

For forty years, Cheryl N. Warner wandered through the desert, munching on the manna of daily living and feeling as though something more was expected of her. One day she stumbled upon a land where the milk and honey flowed, but in the form of pages and chapters. Her "whim" to write a book soon revealed itself as her Promised Land, a place of freedom, purpose, and rich, abundant blessings. God gave her the gift of writing and the season had arrived for her to use this gift on a larger scale.

Cheryl has never heard God's whispers of inspiration as clearly as she does when creating at her keyboard. She feels extremely privileged to provide readers with positive, uplifting stories--clean fiction that doesn't preach but rather portrays Christianity as the universal way of life. Her heroes and heroines exercise morals, self-control, and conscience, traits unheard of in most of today's literature. The driving force behind her writing can be found in Philippians 3:8. "Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about these things."

The Speerings is Cheryl’s third published novel. Visit www.cherylnwarner.com to learn more about all of her writings.

Christian Ways is a compelling story, and is really more of a lance to the cliquey and snobbish ways of thinking where the good little Christians tsk-tsk over the bad, worldly people who threaten their comfort zones. This is a struggle facing many churches today: how to remain godly while being relevant to the society they live in and remaining true to the purpose of God’s church--that of reaching the lost. Characters are strong and likeable, showing depths that give them realism and makes them come alive. With this tale’s underlying themes of redemption, mercy, and love, Cheryl N. Warner gives readers something to sink their teeth into that will keep their minds occupied with much food for thought. Enjoyable and relevant, Christian Ways is fiction with a higher purpose--to teach kingdom principles while providing readers with an intelligent and riveting story. -- 4 Angels. Michelle, Fallen Angel

Cheryl N. Warner delivers an engrossing read with strong characters that snag the heart as they struggle with the uncertainties and insecurities of life. Christian Ways is not a sugar coated romance but a true-to-life story of two people destined to love each other. All readers of romance can not help but be touched by Cheryl N. Warner’s Christian Ways. -- 5 stars , Donna, EcataRomance

Christian Ways will catch your heart and spirit as we learn about hope, forgiveness, loss and love. -- Marta/Big Momma, Romance Junkies

Christian Ways: Cheryl N. Warner has written a story full of rich characters struggling with real-life issues. Ms. Warner’s blend of language and Christian values gives this book a full-bodied flavor. Unusual twists give the book a page turning appeal all the way to the words: The End. --Eileen Key, Dancing Word Reviewer

The Speerings: Ms. Warner has certainly written an inspirational tale of truth and justice but she has also been able to incorporate it with elements of intrigue and danger. --Sheryl, Ecataromance.com

The Speerings: Ms. Warner has spun a romantic suspense with an unlikely villain and an unusual twist of evil. The sparring between the two would-be lovers leads the reader on a page-turning ride, while deceit lurks in every chapter. Ms. Warner has turned out a unique tale of love and hate. -- Eileen Key, Author of Dog Gone, Heartsong Presents Mystery

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ISBN: 1590885872
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885871
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 345
Paper Weight (lb): 14.4

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