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Dina Keratsis
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A tale of an old hotel, two ghosts, the occasional spoonful of pistachio ice cream, and modern love.

When Zylla Berry decides to kick start her life, fate drops Jabe Thayer in her path. Together they’ll resurrect the Charlesgate…and their hearts…from the dead.

If only the dead will leave them alone...

Five miles and four pancakes later, Anne and Zylla walked across the Massachusetts Avenue bridge to Boston and headed toward the Purple Pumpkin Tattoo Parlor.

Zylla inhaled the river air and smiled at Anne. "Ah, who needs a man when I have a roommate who can cook like you?"

"Because, my little mushroom cloud, although the way to your heart is through your stomach, which makes me wonder about your true gender, I certainly don’t want to spend the rest of my life with you, let alone sleep with you."

"Hrrumph." Zylla stuck her nose in the air.

"Here’s your street." Anne paused at the corner of Beacon Street. "I suppose you want to take a detour and visit the Charlesgate?"

"Of course," Zylla replied, already turning the corner and striding toward the end of the block. Anne jogged to keep up.

And there, on the corner of Charlesgate East and Beacon Streets, she waited--the majestic and marred brick and sandstone mansion that Zylla loved.

The corner of the building rounded into a turret, and Zylla followed its ascent to a green copper cone topped by a weathervane that soared into the bright blue sky above, twirling in the river breeze. Then her view dropped down to the Beacon Street entrance.

The name Charlesgate, entwined with stone vines and flowers, was carved above a Romanesque archway and beckoned Zylla to climb the steps and enter the green and gold tiled archway.

She looked at Anne and shrugged. "I have to try."

"I know." Anne smiled as she rested a hand on the rusty iron gate. "I’ll wait for you on the steps."

Zylla trotted up the steps into the cool darkness of the alcove and lovingly gazed at the gold-green ceramic tiled walls. Along the ceiling, the glossy tiles sported figures of knights, cherubs, flowers and heraldic crests. Zylla ignored the chunks where tile was missing, just as she overlooked the broken lantern that hung from the ceiling on a rusted chain.

Instead, she turned to the iron and glass double doors, barely glancing at the yellow and black "No Trespassing" sign taped across them, or the thick chain and padlock wrapped around the door handles.

As always, Zylla wrapped her fingers around the grubby brass handle, closed her eyes, and pulled. And as always the padlock didn’t magically fall off to allow her entrance into the Charlesgate’s realm. She wiped the grease from her palm onto her jeans and rested her forehead against the glass, closing her eyes.

Instantly, the brief dizziness that sometimes overcame her when she visited the Charlesgate returned.

The first time it had happened, Zylla had barely swallowed her panic from the melting sensation in her body and the buzzing in her ears. Now, she was used to the random bouts of dizziness and glimpses of the past that occasionally visited her mind when she came here, pulling her into the Charlesgate. She simply put it down to too much caffeine and a vivid imagination, yet still couldn’t bring herself to tell Anne or Aunt Maddie about the episodes.

Each dizzy spell and its accompanying vision offered a glimpse into the Charlesgate. This time, in her mind’s eye, she entered the building with two women dressed in Victorian garb. She heard the clatter of horses’ hooves on the cobblestones before the door closed behind her, then she heard only the noises of the busy dining room down the hall--the harmonies from a piano, the clinks of silver on dinnerware, and the chatter of people. As she walked toward the sounds, her blue muslin skirt swished around her legs and the scent of lavender, sweet and calming, drifted to her nose

Author Dina Keratsis graduated from Wheaton College with a BA in English Literature and has earned her EdM at Boston University. A member of Romance Writers of America, she has three published novels and is working on her fourth, a romantic fantasy. Dina lives in Boston with her husband, son, and comic muses, her two English Pointers.

"Charlesgate is a fun read. Intricately woven with historical fact and colorful fiction, Dina Keratsis's story is written with an intelligent eye, respect for her readers, and offers up a tale one needs to read curled up in front of the fire with a throw over your toes." -- Melanie, NovelSpot Romance Reviews

Charlesgate: "Dina Keratsis gives us history, folklore, mystery, fantasy and romance all in one story. The speed at which all the mysteries are unfolded is not too fast or slow. Just enough to keep page after page turning. I found myself mesmerized by the history, and intrigued by the love story between Zylla and Jabe. Both unsure of love, yet still knowing somewhere inside that they should be together." -- Kathy, Fallen Angels Reviews

Charlesgate: "Ms. Keratsis integrates the past and present successfully, making the reader believe in ghost stories. Page after page, she draws the reader in as the tale unfolds and the connections are made. I am hooked.” -- Kelly Ross, Romance Readers Connection

"Zylla and Jabe are wonderful characters with interesting quirks and believable personality traits…Ms. Keratsis has done a wonderful job of entertaining readers with a creative story based on a real building…Charlesgate is most definitely a keeper.” -- Susan White, Coffee Time Romance

5 Beacons - "Ms. Keratsis places her heart in the center of these young people and gives them life to reach out and touch the reader… Believability stirs within Kicking Sideways and blankets the reader with every turn of the page. Sweet, poignant, and well-crafted, this is one story that shouldn’t be missed.”--(Linda, Lighthouse Literary Reviews)

Kicking Sideways: 4 Cups - "Ms. Keratsis has written a sweet love story full of angst over the past, neglect of self, and the walls of protection we all build to protect our hearts. Cree is a determined young woman, saddled with too much responsibility too soon; while Mike is trying to be that soft place to fall when Cree needs to rest, but of course she resists the offer. Ms Keratsis’s ability to craft and express the emotions of a woman on the edge had me crying and fussing at Cree for being so stubborn. This book will tug at many a reader’s heart. Thanks, Ms. Keratsis, for this journey." - (Kathy, Coffee Cup Reviews)

Cake; A Fairy Tale: Starting with one of the best opening lines I’ve ever read, Cake, A Fairy Tale by Dina Keratsis transports the reader to a fantastic world. From laugh out loud funny to the bitter sting of tears, this tale mixes old legends with new, while imaginative twists carry you on a wild ride of emotions, never letting you go. And, you’ll never look at buttered toast the same again. A keeper! -- *lizzie starr, author of Romance with a Sparkling Twist

"Kicking Sideways is a tale of love enduring everything…This is definitely a recommended read for this is truly one of those books that is worth keeping.” – Lena C., Fallen Angels Reviews, September 2006

"Kicking Sideways is a charming story that captivates the reader…Ms. Keratsis places her heart in the center of these young people and gives them life to reach out and touch the reader. Believability stirs within Kicking Sideways and blankets the reader with every turn of the page. Sweet, poignant, and well-crafted, this is one story that shouldn’t be missed.” – Linda, Lighthouse Literary Reviews, September 2006

Charlesgate: "Whether or not you believe in ghosts, will enthrall you as you become enmeshed in the lives of two young people who just may be doomed. Will they be able to break this curse and find happiness? It is well worth the read to find out. Kudos to Dina Keratsis. I’ve got a new favorite author. Give me more!" -- Alice Klein, Sime~Gen Reviews, 2005

Charlesgate:" Ms. Keratsis integrates the past and present successfully, making the reader believe in ghost stories. Page after page, she draws the reader in as Charlesgate unfolds and the connections are made. I am hooked.”-- Kelly R

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ISBN: 1597059781
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059787
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 290
Paper Weight (lb): 12.2

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