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Changeable Facades
Suzanne Hurley
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Samantha Barclay is a counselor at Milton High. When a student confides that his mother was murdered, she is the only one who believes him.

Can she stop the murderer from killing a second time? Will handsome Deputy Al Michael help her? Can she escape with her own life intact?

"Were you ever suspicious about how she died? Was foul play ever suspected?”

I held my breath, wondering if he would have the same angry reaction Mrs. Horton had.

I didn’t have long to wait.

"Those are pretty strange questions.” He answered bluntly. "What in hell’s got into you? Sarah’s death was caused by diabetes, that’s it. There’s no secret about it. Foul play was never even a consideration. Why in the world would you suggest such a preposterous thing?” His voice was firm and deadly. "Are you implying that us country yokels don’t know how to do our jobs? Don’t you think we would have investigated if we were the least bit suspicious?”

He took a deep breath and I jumped in to offer up an apology.

"I’m sorry if I’ve offended you. I was just curious.” I seemed to be apologizing a lot lately. But I still couldn’t help myself. I just had to know.

"Is that what the autopsy showed? Natural causes?”

Indignant he exclaimed, "I never looked at any of her reports. Why would I?” He glared at me. "Sounds like you’re just trying to make up excuses for Tommy’s bad behavior.”

He leaned forward for emphasis. "Be careful about what you say. The Reverend is a popular and influential man in this area and town folk won’t take too kindly to you prying and stirring up trouble. Especially since you’re a newcomer. People here are still grieving the loss of Sarah and you’d be wise to pay attention to that.”

Stung by his criticism, I jumped up, ran to the kitchen, grabbed the coffee pot to pour us a second cup, and pointedly changed the subject. Fortunately Al went along with it and nothing more was spoken of Sarah.

But I kept a mental note that although he was surprised and annoyed at me, he seemed confident that her death wasn’t suspicious. As a policeman and the person I remembered him to be, he would have searched hard for answers if he had thought otherwise. I know I was touching on sensitive matters, but I sure did find it strange that Al hadn’t looked at her autopsy results. I thought it would have been standard procedure to investigate, especially if someone became ill at home. But enough was enough, and I decided that it was time to put aside my concerns and focus on enjoying this reunion with Al. That is, if I hadn’t already blown it.

For the next while we both made an effort to keep the tone light and airy, returning to safe topics such as our high school years. I was relieved that he eventually relaxed again, especially since he was off duty and probably needed some downtime.

Rats! I should have waited a few days, and if I was still concerned, made an official appointment at the police station signaling that my questions were just business. I guess my worry over Tommy over-rode my common sense and I hoped that one day I would be able to explain it all.

At least the atmosphere was a lot lighter now, as he began talking about how great a town Paxton was. His eyes lit up and I could tell that he had thrived here, however he startled me with a comment about ‘what a great place it was to raise children.’

Was Al married? I was ashamed to admit that I had already noticed that he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring but I also knew that many people took them off in the line of duty for safety reasons. I was surprised that I felt a little disappointed at the possibility of Al being married and maybe even a father. But surely this handsome and dynamic man had been snapped up by now, and anyway, who cared?

Relationships were not on my agenda, especially after ending a three-year romance only six months ago, but I was still curious and decided to come right out and ask.

"Do you have any children?”

Happiness to this author is curled up with her laptop creating imaginary worlds that come from her heart. Writing is her passion and dreaming up story lines is her love. Suzanne was born in Peterborough, Ontario and currently lives in Caledonia, Haldimand County, where on morning walks, she tries out her new plots on the cows, sheep and numerous wild animals she greets along the way.

Please visit Suzanne at her website: www.suzannemhurley.com

Delusions can be deadly. Sometimes survival depends on the ability to see beyond appearances to reality.

Suzanne Hurley explores this idea in her new romantic mystery, DELUSIONS (Wings e-Press, October, 2008). DELUSIONS is a bittersweet tale of teen angst and tragedy, of a murder-minded drug dealer roaming the halls of a small rural high school, and of benign faces hiding their true natures behind masks.

Once you meet Sam and her friends, you'll be eager to know what lies ahead for her. Good news! There's a third book in the works. -- Dorothy Bodoin -author www.dorothybodoin.com

DELUSIONS is a fast moving, tense mystery. Just as the reader thinks all has been revealed, the author springs yet another surprise. An enjoyable read. I highly recommend it. -- Norma Seely - author

Delusions, the sequel to Changeable Facades, Suzanne M. Hurley’s debut romantic suspense novel, is a story filled with numerous twists and unexpected turns. I thought I had my finger on the culprit, but Ms Hurley’s genuine talent for deception kept me guessing the plot’s ultimate outcome. A great ‘who-dunnit’ Ms. Hurley can be proud of. -- Kimberley Dehn www.kimberley-dehn

DELUSIONS: Suzanne Hurley keeps the reader in suspense, right up to the very end, with both the identity of the person behind the drug problem and with the outcome of Sam’s romantic life. -- Linda Rettstatt - www.geocities.com/lindarettstatt

In Delusions, Suzanne M. Hurley creates another suspenseful Samantha Barclay Mystery, as the High School councilor once again gets into trouble when she gives in to her own natural curiosity to ferret out the truth. Why are her best people getting into drugs? Suzanne Hurley creates another suspenseful, page turning mystery where absolutely everyone appears to be the culprit. -- Joan Powell - author www.congerbooks.com

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ISBN: 1597058572
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058575
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 330
Paper Weight (lb): 13.8

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