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A Change of Plans
Ann. B. Morris
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Cara Lewis’s life is exactly as she wants it. She expects her longtime dream of relocating both home and business to the country to be a reality by the end of the year. Everything is progressing according to plan. Until she meets Zach Sheridan on a plane trip home from Houston to New Orleans.

A successful businessman, Zach lives in his childhood home in the suburbs with his two young sons. He is happy right where he is. After a disastrous marriage to a woman more interested in her career than her family, a romantic involvement with another business woman isn’t even a remote possibility. Until he boards a plane and his seat mate is Cara Lewis.

Before the plane lands, Cara and Zach make plans for a mutually beneficial business exchange. And then, as the old saying goes…the best laid plans…

By the time Thursday came Zach was like a caged tiger. He hadn’t seen Cara all week and the thought that he might have to wait until the Fourth of July to see her again nearly drove him crazy. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, he decided as he snatched up the phone.

As it turned out, he couldn’t have picked a better time to call and invite her to lunch. Her morning appointment had ended early and her afternoon appointment had been pushed back an hour. "How does twelve-thirty sound?" she asked.

"Are you kidding? That sounds great. I was holding my breath until you answered, but to be honest I didn’t think I had a snowball’s chance in hell to see you today."

"Well, don’t start melting on me," she teased. "You’ve already committed yourself to buying me lunch. It has to be something fast, though. I can’t afford more than an hour."

"I know the perfect place. There’s a pizza restaurant with a wood-burning oven not far from either of us. They make great pizzas and the service is fast. We should be out in less than an hour."

He was waiting at the front door of the restaurant when she arrived twenty minutes later.

"I certainly hope that smile on your face is because of me," he said, holding the door open for her.

Cara treated him to one of her broadest smiles. "Well, it’s partly because of you."

She had to be teasing him. "Oh? And to what, or whom, do I owe the competition?"

They followed the hostess to a table by a window. He held out a chair for her and before she was seated she rushed on with the reason for her elation. "The real estate agent called right before I left. It looks like the sellers of the property across the Lake won’t need the extra time after all. Things should start moving fast now."

"That’s great news," he mumbled, handing her a menu. He took one for himself and studied it in silence for the next couple of minutes.

Caught up in her excitement, Cara chattered on. "Once the deal is closed and June is behind me I can really start digging in my heels and begin the renovation and remodeling. If things go smoothly I could be in my new home well before the end of the year, after all."

Zach felt as though he was on a sinking ship. He kept his attention focused on the menu. "I’m really happy things are working out."

The lack of enthusiasm in his voice didn’t escape Cara this time. "You don’t sound happy."

"Well, I am," he retorted. "I’m just not happy that you seem so eager to move fifty miles away right now. I thought we’d be spending more time together once your busy season was over." He snapped the menu closed and plopped it down in the middle of the table.

Cara caught her lower lip between her teeth. She opened her menu, ran down the list of toppings that were offered, quickly rattled off her three favorites, then just as quickly excused herself and made a dash for the ladies’ room.

lives in Lacombe, Louisiana, thirty miles north east of New Orleans, with her husband, two dogs and two cats. In a prior writing life, she wrote poetry and served for a time as Guest Editor for the then New Laurel Review. She has a collection of children’s poems she hopes to illustrate and submit for publication. Writing novels has been her lifetime dream--the one thing she dared not pursue until she was certain she could pursue it single-mindedly. She is also a serious art student and her passion for art is second only to writing. She has a two contemporary romances due out in 2002 from Wings e-Press and is hard at work on a contemporary romantic suspense, her favorite sub-genre.

THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE spins a touching tale of family ties and tenderness, grief and healing. Sam and Emma's struggle to find a balance between elegance and earthiness, panache and practicality will make you smile and make you sigh. And in the end will prove that love can bridge even the widest gaps of social class and melt the staunchest heart. -- Erin Fox, author Beyond Innocence

Change of Plans by Ann B. Morris

Cara Lewis, a widow with a 19-year-old son, owns her own catering business and doesn't want or need romance in her life certainly doesn't need a man around. She s had enough of an overbearing selfish husband and doesn't intend to go back to the days of following someone else s lead. She desperately wants to keep her independence. All her well-laid plans falter when Zack Sheridan, father of two young sons, comes into her life. Zack s divorce is imminent, and then he will be free to pursue Cara.

Change of Plans proves that love is definitely more wonderful the second time around. Cara and Zack s story reaches a very satisfactory conclusion, despite many setbacks along the way, proving that you can mix business with pleasure.

Change of Plans is a delightfully sexy and sensuous love story. - Tricia McGill--AMARYLLIS, DESIGNING HEART. www.wings-press.com www.geocities.com/triciamcgill2

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ISBN: 159088924X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889244
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 274
Paper Weight (lb): 11.6

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