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The Challenge
Janet Cooper
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In England, in 1787, Katherine Randolph is a continual embarrassment to her family and society. Challenging Jonathan Drew to a curricle race tips the scales. She is sent to America to stay until her latest faux pas is forgotten.

Besides running a successful shipping company, Jonathan Drew spies for the British. When his government receives news the French are seeking American support for an uprising in Canada, Jonathan is sent to destroy the operation.

Meanwhile, Katherine finds Philadelphia society much more to her liking. She enjoys the freer lifestyle and has no desire to wed. On this point, Jonathan totally agrees with her. Can two such independent people set aside their own personal desires and allow love to enter their lives? Or will they continue to go their separate ways?

Jonathan Drew--here? Katherine Randolph could not believe her eyes. On occasion, she had caught glimpses of him at the theater, but his companion was always a married woman or else a widow. He never came to debutante balls. Why had he come tonight?

Glancing her way, he nodded. Even this small gesture sent her pulse racing. When he walked in her direction, her heart pounded wildly in her chest. The pale blue coat with the new style of longer tails emphasized his shapely legs. Without being obvious, she looked from side to side trying to decide who would be the lucky woman to join him on the dance floor.

He shocked her down to the thin soles of her green silk slippers when he stopped in front of her and bowed.

"Miss Randolph, might I request a dance or two before your card fills?"

His smile loosened the tremors in her stomach. Now, they floated to her throat. Before she could recover, he had written his name in two different locations on her dance card.

"Until later?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

Why had his appearance made her mute? Why had she stood there like a girl still in the nursery, allowing him to sign his name on her card--twice, then let him leave without muttering a sound? Why did this man, who she had seen seldom in the last ten years, affect her so? She had no answer to these questions or at least none that she wished to acknowledge.

Until her first dance with Jonathan Drew, the clock must have broken, for the minutes became hours. She had kept him in view as he partnered a variety of ladies--the color of his coat and his six-foot height made tracking him easier. He had followed his normal pattern, dancing only with married women. Once more, Katherine wondered why he had chosen her. When he at last drew near, she forced down her nervousness and pasted a smile on her face.

"Our dance, Miss Randolph." He held his gloved hand out to her.

Once he stepped up to her, time flew, but unfortunately her disquiet returned in full measure. She, who loved to dance, found the steps difficult to follow. Then, the toe of her pump caught in the hem of her long ball gown and she slipped. Jonathan tightened his grip on her arm, held her aright, and led her through the intricate steps of the dance.

Grateful for his quick reaction, Katherine smiled her thanks. Although his face betrayed no change, his eyes twinkled in response.

As she moved from his left side to his right, his powdered queue flicked slightly across her bare shoulder--almost caressing her. The touch of his clean smelling hair sent a river of sensations running up her spine and goose bumps streaming down her arms.

An amused expression crossed his well-favored lips as though he understood her reaction. His look made her feel like a schoolgirl at her first ball, instead of a woman of two and twenty.

Janet loved reading and telling stories. Her sisters teased that she didn’t know truth from fiction, perhaps that’s why she enjoys creating characters and writing. As a librarian, with a major in history, she combined her interests to add depth to her historical fiction.

Memories: "Janet Cooper’s book will sweep you away to a hero and heroine whose love refuses to be halted by war, by their families and even by time itself.” Jo Ann Ferguson, historical romance writer.

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ISBN: 1590887891
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887899
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 358
Paper Weight (lb): 15.0

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