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A Loving Touch

Margaret B. Lawrence
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Caresse "Cari" Collins, grew up in a home of on-going (daily) domestic violence. She spent her early years hiding from her father and protecting her younger sister. Her entire career has been spent working for Child Welfare in Willow Glen, OK. Lincoln "Linc" Maitland is the empathic twin brother of Lyssa Bradley. Every time Lyssa is beaten by her husband Linc feels the pain. He and Lyssa, though they are fraternal twins, have had an empathic bond all their lives.

Linc feels he must get his sister and his niece out of the abusive situation. When he discovers his sister in such a deep coma he believes her dead he grabs Aimee and runs with her. They learn he is wanted for murder and he can't understand why anyone would think he'd kill his twin sister. When they learn the person who is dead is Blake, and his sister is in a deep coma in the hospital, Linc and Cari go back to Willow Glen so he can face the charges.

At The Whistle Stop Cari ate a quick breakfast before beginning her day. Startled, her gaze flew to the door when it banged the wall. Conversation halted immediately as the startled occupants stared at the door.

Cari sat, eyes wide, mouth gaping. Her heart pounded and she gasped like a fish out of water, unable to look away. The man who'd crashed into her car looked angry. Again.

He stood, all six feet five inches, poised on the balls of his feet. Legs spread in a relaxed stance, arms hanging loosely at his sides. With his curled fingers the only note of tension, he looked ready to do battle. The sun at his back, his wide shoulders and slim hips were in silhouette as he stood in the doorway, a dark avenging angel. The sparkling rays danced through the long blue-black hair being ruffled by the slight breeze. He paused for only a moment ...a moment frozen in time as everyone held their breath. He scanned the room and his gaze settled on one person.

Police Chief Kurt Dengler was the only one in the cafe not disturbed by the entrance of the man striding toward his table. He looked up, scanned the new arrival briefly and turned his attention back to his breakfast. Twisting a biscuit in two, he slathered the bottom half with butter and jelly and stuffed it into his mouth. Not bothering to look up as he chewed, he stabbed his fork into the slice of ham, sawed off a huge bite and proceeded to pack it into his mouth, along with the top half of the biscuit. His cheeks bulging, he chewed for a few moments and swallowed. Gulping coffee, Dengler pointedly ignored the man as he cut another bite of the ham, crammed it into his mouth with some hash browns, and pushed the food into his cheek like a chipmunk. "Whatcha want, Maitland?" he rasped around the mouthful of food.

"You know what I want, Dengler. It's what I've wanted for weeks. When are you going to do something?" The voice displayed suppressed anger as the man waited for the chief's undivided attention.

Cari found it impossible to ignore the conversation taking place three feet away.

Chief Dengler never looked up from his plate and continued to eat. "I done ever'thing I'm goin' ta do 'bout that situation. Ever'thing I can do. I told ya. She has to make what's called a formal complaint and 'til she does, my hands are tied."

Linc nearly snarled, "You know she can't do that. She's terrified and trapped in the mess. Are you forgetting there is a child smack dab in the middle of this?"

Dengler never looked up. "Nope. Ain't forgettin' nothin'. I told ya. Go to DHS. See 'bout gettin' AFDC for her."

Linc spoke softly, "You never mentioned that. What's AFDC?"

"Aid For Dependent Children."

Cari watched his head whip around to glare at her and felt the urge to back up a step. She hoped to stop the confrontation taking place in front of the crowd. She'd moved less than a foot away and spoke just above a whisper. "Sir, don't you think this business could be better handled at Chief Dengler's office? The cafe is not the place to discuss it. I think you'd prefer privacy, whatever the problem."

The huge man turned to his right and his gaze travelled slowly over her body from head to foot -- and back again. She saw recognition light his eyes. He knew she was the one driving the car he'd crashed into yesterday.

His hands on his hips, he bent down, nearly nose to nose with her and in a gravelly voice barely above a whisper, said, "Lady, this is the second time you've gotten in my way. This is my business. Go back to your breakfast and keep that pretty nose out of what doesn't concern you."

To keep herself entertained, while awaiting sleep, for most of her life Margaret told herself stories. It never occurred to her that other people might be interested in reading the tales she wove in her imagination. Then in the mid-80s a friend encouraged Margaret to write a book. After getting over the initial surprise at her friend’s suggestion, she started writing her first novel. It was To Touch The Sky, a western historical set at the time of the Oklahoma Land Run.

After completing the first draft and while working on editing and revising, life intervened with the long illnesses and and eventual deaths of family members. The writing had to be put aside. For more than ten years her stories waited until Margaret could begin writing again. Then in late 1993 she began working to rewrite and revise her story.

This project was interrupted by the writing of two romantic suspense novels: Caresse; A Loving Touch and Michael; A Gift Of Trust. The former was released in January by Wings ePress, Inc.

She is currently working on Brianna; A Badge Of Honor, the third book in the romantic suspense series. She is having a difficult time trying to convince two other characters in this series that she will get to their story eventually if they will only be patient.

...This book has edgy foreshadowing that keeps you smiling and screaming at the heroine. True to the classic "Don’t open the door, don’t go down the stairs” plot, this books is a teasing pleaser.” -- 3 STARS, Kerrie Colantonio, Romantic Times Magazine

... Margaret B. Lawrence sets up a terrifying premise that of an unknown stalker, in Michael; A Gift Of Trust. After the truly sad, abused life Michael has led, almost any loving man would seem like a savior. J. B. happens to be tall and handsome, too. Suspenseful and heart-wrenching. 4 STARS, Rickey Mallory, Affaire de Couer

... Ms. Lawrence wove in the previous characters with dexterity and pulled me right into the story. For anyone looking for a ‘hero to die for’, I highly recommend this book., 4 Stars. Reviewed by Karen Larsen ,Assistant Coordinator ¾ Reviews Scribes World

MICHAEL; A GIFT OF TRUST is a must read for romantic suspense fans. Margaret B< Lawrence knows how to write a story that will keep your attention till the very last page. Readers be on the look out for the next novel by Margaret B. Lawrence. This is one writer to watch as she rises to the top of her profession.-- 3 stars***, Reviewed By Jewel Dartt:, Midnight Scribe Reviews

Margaret Lawrence’s gripping, fast-paced story full of unexpected twists and turns, and the growing romance between a relentless homicide detective and a woman in peril who must learn to give him her gift of trust – and love, will keep you rooting for Michael and J. B. to the stunning end.-- Barbara Clark, author:, TEARS OF THE HAWK, A BREATH OF HEATHER, A TOUCH OF FIRE,

"A suspenseful, beautifully written, heart-grabbing tale of how love and perseverance overcome fear and trauma to join two hearts as one.” -- Ann Bachman, TOGETHER AGAIN and BROKEN DREAMS,

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ISBN: 1590889614
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889619
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 342
Paper Weight (lb): 14.4

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