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Brogan's Bust
Kevin Richardson
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Brogan flies a courier service between remote jungle outposts of the Amazon where ruthless crime bosses bludgeon their ways to wealth in land rackets, prostitution, extortion, illegal gem trading, drugs, gun-running and smuggling. He plots to do no more than upset the smooth running of the graft that plagues his world, yet back-stabbing by cartel middle men goaded by greed converts the hiccup into a stumble that generates into a fall to begin a slide that snowballs into an avalanche.

Into the hot-pot of dropouts from civilization that Amazonia attracts, stir in schemers and grafters, a novice priest on his founding assignment, the erstwhile upholders of law and order, ethnic Indians who resent the intruders and those who somehow continue to hold a moral faith in an environment that exists largely on moral faithlessness; you soon have simmering a rich ragout of intrigue, murder, subterfuge, romance and adventure.

It was to be Schiller’s busiest day in a long time.

Since his years in Caracas he was unused to busy schedules and the snotty-nosed son of the postmaster delivered the first of his telegrams even before Schiller had finished towelling his backside after his first shit of the day.

It was from Cali.


And undoubtedly every word was already memorised by the urchin who delivered it.

Schiller swore, startling the Zambosa who slopped coffee over him as she jumped so he punched her full in the mouth, drawing blood.

"Get the fuck out of my sight,” he raged.

He then sat steaming for a moment before again erupting, bellowing aloud.

"What the hell can be wrong in Pucallpa that Ramirez knows about when I don’t? The fuckin Greek know I don’t like surprises.”

He screwed up the telegram to hurl at the wall, hate for the Greek in his heart.

"Charter a fuckin aeroplane, Ramirez says, just like that.”

Schiller continued to shout despite there was no one to hear.

"Don’t Ramirez know there only one aeroplane in all el Amazonas? Don’t he know it owned by a fuckin Arab too big for boots, what dance around with an air even a white man don’t flaunt? Fly to Pucallpa? No fuckin way, even for Ramirez.”

Then he slumped in a chair and held his head.

And what can Renato want?

A sudden streak of fear shot through him. He sat upright now, ashen-faced.

Could Ramirez have found out about the emeralds? No. If that were it he wouldn’t be sending Renato for Renato would be already dead.

A little colour returned.

So what can it be? Coming ‘through’ Leticia? To Iquitos?

He scratched his head.

Why would Ramirez be sending Renato to Iquitos? Moleno? Can it be something to do with Moleno?

He couldn’t believe that Ramirez could have yet heard of Moleno having CS. Moleno was an idiot and could have loudmouthed the fact all over but there was no telephone out of Iquitos, unlike Pucallpa. Pucallpa was on line to Lima so whatever the fuckwit Greek was doing could have got through to Cali by now. But Iquitos?

No, no way news could have got to Cali since the CS went to Moleno despite Ramirez seems to have a jungle-drum line leading from every corner of the world into his very ear’ole. So it something else to do with Moleno. Or nothing to do with Moleno.

Schiller hated not knowing what was going on, being left in the dark.

Why can’t Ramirez add just few more words, say why Renato come? And what is trouble in Pucallpa so serious I got to get there quick, eh? Could Zarbos be dead? Should be, the no-good, greasy carbon--fat enough for seven or eight heart attacks.

He paced the room again.

Send telegram. That’s it, telegram to el Asesino to ask what trouble. If he dead, Post Office will answer back.

He sat down with the stub of a pencil to compose a telegram, not an easy task for Schiller. In fact he agonised for twenty minutes before having something that made sense without confusing issues, one that left out all the usual rubbish people go on with. It went straight to the guts of the matter.


Following a career in business management at international level, Kev attained a degree in journalism to then sweat as far up the River Nile as one can get, canoe down the Amazon, flash countless rolls of film from atop the Eiffel Tower, the heights above Yosemite, the Victoria Falls et al, scream "Ole” at a Chihuahua bullfight, ride elephant trails in Thai jungles, wallow in the incredible history of Rapa Nui’s Maoi, and as convention almost demands, was mugged in Bogota. His articles on travel to exotic lands have featured in travel and airline magazines around the world.

Meanwhile, being a sixth generation descendant of Australia’s First Fleeters with an obsessive interest in Australia’s founding history, he was concerned over the generations of suppression in the education of Australians, on clouding the truth in what really happened. Years of fact-finding with the help of other dedicated researchers revealed all and Kev vowed to set the history books aright by bringing the brutal truths of convictism to light. He is well qualified to do so for as a student of First Fleet history he has presented his subject on many occasions in press, radio and television interviews. He is a Past President of ‘The First Fleet Fellowship’ and a Past Secretary of ‘The Descendants of Convicts Inc.’. During Australia’s 1988 Bicentenary he officiated in Founding celebrations in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Norfolk Island and for his work during that Bicentenary, was created Honorary Life Member of ‘The Regiment of Redcoat Descendants’.

Kev now devotes his life to writing on not only his country’s convict history, but general fiction with an Australian flavour. He recognises the growing trend towards digital reading so follows the world’s top authors in publishing his works both as traditional paperbacks and eBooks.

His Gurrewa and Brogan series released by Wings ePress are to be followed by Letitia Munro in December 2008, To Plough Van Diemen’s Land in June 2009 and The Terrible Truths in December 2009, the last three being more works on his country’s convict beginnings. Short synopses of all can be read on www.kev-richardson.com. And more works are in the pipeline.

These days Kev travels less, having retired from his Gold Coast home, left his grown family and friends to write from experiences and adventures during his exciting travels, happily ensconced in the foothills of the Golden Triangle in amazing Thailand’s exotic north.

I very much enjoyed Brogan--it makes me want to go explore the channel country and corner-country. What a fascinating part of Australian history! -- Karen Babcock, editor

FIVE-STAR AWARD! Although our hero, Adam Ashby is Kev Richardson’s fictionalized convict-birthed character born to an unwed couple, a ‘bolted’ convict and his ‘colony wife’, this story nonetheless represents the real life history of New South Wales’ struggles to become more than just an overflow prison for England’s criminals. For those of you who miss the history in your Historical reads, you’ll not be disappointed in this factional account of Australian history 1790–1820s. "I just love the way you throw a story together.” -- JoEllen, Conger Book Reviews, USA

Letitia Munro: Richardson shows very poignantly where the Australian ‘free spirit’ and attitudes to authority stem from. As a glimpse into the times of just over 200 years ago, it is a fine historical record. I enjoyed this work immensely; it should be compulsory reading for all, especially Australians. -- Lang Reid "Chiang Mai Mail” and "Pattaya Mail”

Five Star Award! Letitia Munro, by Kev Richardson, himself a 6th generation descendant First Fleeter, continues his authentic historical account about the 162,000 convicts imprisoned on New South Wales. It was a land that not even the king himself knew had too little fresh water for drinking, or sufficient tillable soil to support the hoards of convicts he sent to populate the colony. -- JoEllen Conger—Conger Books Reviews, USA

Letitia Munro: I just love the way you throw a story together… -- JoEllen Conger—Conger Books Reviews, USA

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ISBN: 1597058262
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058261
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 318
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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