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Blood Secrets
Jacqueline McGuyer
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Sara Connelly becomes obsessed by a dark past, and a sister bent on her destruction when she takes up residence at the Escondido Ranch. Overcome by the loss of friends and loved ones, the inquiry into a murder in her barn and the Ski Company’s efforts to buy her out, Sara loses focus on God’s gifts.

She comes dangerously close to losing herself to the shadows of her beautiful valley – but God, in his grace, surrounds her with a hedge of love.

Slowing only slightly, Amy turned off the highway at the Lumberton exit. Two blocks down, she pulled into the parking lot of the Timber Mill Tavern, a watering hole popular with the locals. When she opened the car door, she shivered as goose flesh rose on her bare shoulders above her strapless dress. She stepped out of the car, her high heels slipping on the icy pavement as she walked across the parking lot.

From where she stood in the foyer, she could see only a few patrons. Two burly construction types were at one table nursing beers. Three men and a woman in bright ski clothes sat in the far corner with their skis propped against the wall behind them. On entering, she pushed her flyaway black hair from her eyes and paused beside the gleaming jukebox where the handful of quarters she deposited clinked as she pushed them through the slot, poking buttons randomly each time.

Two men sitting at the table closest to the door stopped their conversation in mid-sentence and watched as she walked across the floor to the bar. The black silk fabric of her too short, too-tight dress caressed her lithe body as she moved. She climbed onto a stool next to a dark man with his elbows resting on the bar, his head in his hands; he studied his beer bottle as though he expected it to speak to him at any moment. Unlike every other male in the building, he paid no attention to her entrance.

"Double scotch, on ice,” she ordered in a low, velvety voice, speaking to a short pudgy fellow behind the bar. She studied the man next to her. As she sipped her drink, a smile crept across her red lips.

"Amy,” the man said. After giving her a sideways glance, he quickly turned away. "We agreed to stop seeing each other,” his words barely audible above Hank Williams, Jr.’s Whisky Bent and Hell Bound.

She looked at him with wide expressionless eyes, then turned her attention to the bank of bottles on the back bar. "We agreed not to see each other? I don’t remember that.”

His eyes fell on the expanse of flawless skin her strapless dress exposed. When she reached over and placed her hand on his arm, her eyes softened, and he felt her cool touch through his heavy wool shirt. A chill ran through him--was it from longing or fear? "I’m not interested,” he said. He raised the brown long neck bottle to his lips and drank, hoping to chase the feeling away--knowing she was the reason he was here to begin with.

"You think about it,” she said, then threw back her drink, swung around, and eased herself off the barstool. Her dark-stockinged legs moved to the music as she danced around the tables where the skiers in the corner watched, unable to turn away. The two construction guys began to clap their hands to the beat.

Married, mother of four, grandmother of nine. Born in Texas. Lived in California, Florida, and Colorado, but somehow found her way back to the Hill Country of Texas. Her first novel, Blood Secrets, was written in Vail Colorado and inspired by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Her next novel, The Java Pump, is set entirely in Texas. And of course, Mirror-Mirror, the sequel to Blood Secrets. A Letter Home, a work in progress, a story about a Confederate soldier wounded at the battle of Seven Pines. She has written most of her life, but has only had the time to write full time since her recent retirement from the hospitality industry. Thanks to Wings, she now has the opportunity to become a published author. She has many short stories and novellas that she hopes to put together into an Anthology. She stays busy writing articles for magazines and other publications, church work and family and keeping up her home. She sometimes wonders how she ever found time for a "real job”.

Blood Secrets: Jacqueline McGuyer weaves a story of the past and the present set in the beautiful ski country of Colorado. This book is a pleasant read. The author gives plenty of description of her characters and surroundings. Enough that I felt as if I were there! Normally not a reader of Christian fiction, I found the witnessing to be honest and thoughtful. Despite the sudden "happy ending," this book is a recommended read. -- Four Beacon Review, Steve, Lighthouse Literary Reviews

Jacki Mc Guyers' Blood Secrets is a Must-Read. Set in the snow laden mountains of Colorado, this bone-chilling Inspiration/Paranormal is a page turner from beginning to end. A naked man hanging in the barn, ghostly apparitions and whispers in the night warns of things to come. The story grabs you from the opening and doesn't turn loose. As the mystery unravels and the truth revealed, more than a murder is solved. Hearts are changed. Blood Secrets is also a journey of salvation where the once reluctant to believe finds peace and love by urrendering to His will. -- Sylvia Rochester, The Sweet Smell of Death, Wings Press-Feb.,'07

Jacki McGuyer’s BLOOD SECRETS is an exceptionally well crafted murder mystery—which makes you wonder if one of the ghosts might be the perpetrator. Believe me; you are even going to suspect the heroine, and every one of her friends as the murderer. This is a gripping, can’t put it down story. -- Conger Books Review, ***** [5 stars], JoEllen Conger

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ISBN: 1597059218
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059213
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 350
Paper Weight (lb): 6.6

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