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Big Bad Wolfe
Linda Wallace
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Pregnant llamas. Cheeky little boys. An obstinate man who preferred a mummy bag in the wilderness to a soft bed at home.

When Brandon Wolfe swept into her store, Corey Tierney’s life changed forever. Were Brandon and his sons the family she always wanted? Or would they break her heart?

Brandon let Corey give the cria his bottle, and the baby was soon contentedly humming as he sucked hungrily at the nipple. The fun of feeding the baby animal gradually restored Corey’s self-confidence. When the llama had taken all the milk, Brandon turned off the lights, and they watched the inquisitive little beast toddle about exploring the cabin in the soft moonglow spilling down through the skylight. By the time the little creature was nodding off in his bed of old towels, she felt quite comfortable curled up on the couch with Brandon. Until she turned from watching the sleeping llama and saw the hunger in Brandon’s navy eyes.

Her heart began to trill in her chest so loudly Brandon must surely hear it. She put her hand over her heart as though her touch might calm the rapid beating and drew in a shuddering breath. She needed air; she felt light-headed as though she might faint. The wood must be burning too rapidly in the stove, she thought in a daze. The room is much too hot and stifling.

Brandon slowly reached for her. It seemed to take a very long time; the moment stretched on and on as though he were moving in slow motion. She held her breath until he touched her.

Grasping both her arms, he pulled her up against him. She marveled at the strength in his hands, the solidness of his flesh.

He bent his head to kiss her--her forehead, eyelids, cheeks, lips, neck. She threw back her head to bare her throat. Yes, it must be the stove, she thought in confusion, for his lips were burning hot, and his kisses left a trail of tiny brush fires that instantly spread and threatened to engulf her whole body.

Brandon loosened his hold on her long enough to reach up and pull off his sweatshirt. Even that brief absence made Corey lonely for the feel of his body pressed against hers, and she wanted to snatch him back, but she was rewarded for her patient waiting by the sight of his magnificently muscled chest and arms. A golden pelt spread across his chest, then narrowed and darkened to a line of sable that disappeared into the waistband of his jeans.

Brandon tossed the sweatshirt to the floor. Corey was trembling, and her eyes were large pools of liquid brown, but he sensed no resistance, so he began unfastening the buttons on the flannel shirt one at a time, kissing each new patch of creamy skin as it was revealed.

Corey gasped when the burning kisses reached the very tip of her bare breast. He circled both dusky, rose-colored buds with his tongue until they tightened into knots of exquisite sensation. Then the fiery path of kisses went lower, across the seemingly fragile ridges of her rib cage, over her softly rounded belly, down to the center of her pleasure.

Brandon nuzzled the soft fluff of light brown hair, gently parted her legs, then ran the very tip of his tongue along the delicate petals of her flesh. Corey cried out in ecstasy, arched her back and dug her fingers into the dense muscles of his neck and back. A deep moan was torn from Brandon’s throat. He rose to stand by the couch and started to unfasten his jeans.

Suddenly he froze, and a deep frown furrowed his face. "No,” he groaned.

"What’s wrong?” Corey asked in alarm, half sitting up on the couch and clutching the flannel shirt together over her chest.

"I’m so sorry, darling, but I don’t have anything to use for protection. I’m not prepared. We don’t want another little Robbie on our hands.”

Corey squeezed her eyes tightly shut at the sudden stab of pain. A little Robbie was the one thing in the world she wanted most, but it could never be.

"Don’t worry, Brandon. It’s all right; I can’t have children. We don’t need anything.”

A brief spasm that Corey couldn’t decipher crossed Brandon’s face, and he hesitated for a moment longer, then he began to push his jeans down his lean hips. At that moment a long wail sounded from the loft.

I was born in Marshall, Missouri, and lived the first few years of my life with my mother and father and grandparents in a big, old farmhouse. It was mysterious and spooky with front stairs and back stairs, antiques and ghosts. I still have dreams about that house. It apparently penetrated deep into my psyche.

A few months before my sister, Barbara, was born, my mother, father and I moved a short way down the road from my grandparents’ house into a clapboarded log cabin with only three rooms. Baths were taken in tin tubs in the kitchen with water heated on the stove, though we did have an indoor toilet in a small, converted pantry. The smaller round tub had been soldered, so you had to be very careful how you sat in it to avoid a rude poke. When Barbara and I were old enough for clamp-on roller skates, we were allowed to practice in the kitchen, but you couldn’t go very far before you had to turn around.

My father was a farmer and probably would have preferred to have had sons, though I don’t ever remember him complaining about his two daughters. I don’t think he had very high expectations for us, but that proved to be a benefit, as he and our mother always seemed surprised and delighted at everything my sister and I achieved.

Perhaps the deep love and support I felt all through childhood and on into my adult years formed the interest I have in writing about families and relationships. Whether I was living in a coffee shack in Hawaii where the rent was paid by picking up macadamia nuts or in an attic in the Bronx, my family was always there for me. I wish my father had lived long enough to see my first book published. He would have been amazed.

Big Bad Wolfe - Linda Wallace does a beautiful job drawing the reader into the hopes, dreams, and even the fears of the characters. I am intrigued by the llamas. The grace and gentleness of the animals is impressive. Ms. Wallace incorporates them into the story in a way that enhances the reader's enjoyment as well as educating about an animal we don't normally hear a lot about. -- 4.5 Blue Ribbons, Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies, chrissydionne@romancejunkies.com

"LINDA WALLACE has written a wonderfully romantic story in "Big Bad Wolfe." Her descriptions of places and things are wonderfully right on. The way she describes her characters make them leap off the pages at you. This book was very hard to put down. Linda has made a keeper of this book for me. I will be re-reading this one again and again. The love between the characters is so wonderful, even with all of the crises they face to admit to that love." -- 5 Angels, Recommended Read, leyna, Fallen Angel Reviews

"BIG BAD WOLFE is a book that is impossible to put down. It is a very emotional story that will keep you turning page after page. You are silently cheering for both Corey and Brandon to open up to each other. You want them to admit their feelings. This book builds to an explosive ending with emotions that will bring tears to your eyes." -- 5 Coffee Cups, Sherry, Coffee Time Romance

BIG BAD WOLFE -- "Ms. Wallace gives the reader a dynamite story filled with passion that touches the heart in so many angles. So grab a chair with a box of tissues, perhaps two boxes, and cuddle up for a remarkable read that will leave a lasting impression. Ms. Wallace does more than touch the heart; she reaches deeper into the soul and that is why she gets five lighthouses. This book is worth the read." -- 5 Beacons, Linda, Lighthouse Literary Reviews

"I really loved reading BIG BAD WOLFE; it was a very romantic book. Going through the pages it really took my heart away and I kept on wondering how the story would end. You experience all kinds of emotions while reading BIG BAD WOLFE; happiness, sadness, loneliness and what I experienced most of all; both Corey and Brandon are afraid to love. If you want to find out if they are able to overcome these problems, or if you just love a good written, romantic story, you really should read this book! I even felt a bit sad when it was finished; Linda Wallace really did a good job with this book!" -- 5 Stars, Sylvie, Euro Reviews

"SPECIAL DELIVERY was a book I truly enjoyed reading. It was funny, sweet, suspenseful and a lot of fun to read. Tyler and April were well matched, and the story just seemed to flow. If you are looking for a fun read with a lot of action, you will love SPECIAL DELIVERY by Linda Wallace." -- 4.5 Blue Ribbons, Dina Smith, Romance Junkies

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ISBN: 1590885430
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885437
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 248
Paper Weight (lb): 10.4

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