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Will Rogers, Performer
Richard J. Maturi & Mary Buckingham Maturi
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The biography of American humorist Will Rogers.

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Dateline: Point Barrow, Alaska
Well folks, it’s the political season again.
--I really don’t see any advantage of having one of your party in as president. I would rather be able to criticize a man, than to have to apologize for him.
--It costs ten times more to govern us than it used to, and we are not governed one-tenth as good.

Will Rogers

My observations on politics, politicians, government and Congress remain as pertinent today as when I first uttered the words of wisdom decades ago.

Are you ready tolearn more about me?

Well, folks, I’m a bit tied up at present but I do have a proposition for you. Here’s the next best thing. A new paperback book, Will Rogers, Performer, brings to life Will’s wit and wisdom as it unveils his performing life on stage, in vaudeville, on the radio and in both talkies and squalkies.

The 300 page book is richly illustrated with more than 200 photos (many never seen in book form before) and a new section, "Will Rogers, Aviation Enthusiast.”

--Party politics is the most narrow-minded occupation in the world.
--A guy raised in a straightjacket is a corkscrew compared to a thickheaded party
--All you would do to make some men atheists is just to tell them the Lord belonged to
the opposition political party.
--There is a hundred things to single you out for promotion in party politics besides
--The difference between a bandit and a patriot is a good press agent.
--If we didn’t have two parties, we would settle on the best men in the country and
things would run fine. But as it is, we settle on the worst ones and then fight over ‘em.
--I really don’t see any advantage of having one of your party in as president. I would
rather be able to criticize a man, than to have to apologize for him.
--You know the more you read and observe about this politics thing, you got to admit
each party is worse than the other. The one that’s out always looks the best.
--I have not aligned myself with any party. I am just sitting tight waiting for an
attractive offer.
--I generally give the party in power more digs because they are generally doing the
country more damage.
--This would be a great time for some man to come along who knew something.
--A liberal is a man who wants to use his own ideas on things in preference to generations
who, he knows, know more than he does.
--A conservative is a man who has plenty of money and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t
always have plenty of money.

Richard J. Maturi is a widely respected author with more than 1,300 articles and twenty-one books. His articles have appeared in such publications as Barron’s, Denver Post, Akron Beacon Journal, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Investor’s Business Daily, Industry Week, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, The New York Times, Research, Your Company, and Your Money.
Maturi has authored Divining the Dow, Wall Street Words, Stock Picking, The Hometown Investor, Money Making Investments, The 105 Best Investments for the 21st Century, Main Street Beats Wall Street, and Investors’ Guide for Making MegaBucks On Mergers. A number of his books have been chosen as Fortune/Money Book Club selections. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, including CNBC. His latest book Triple Crown Winner: The Earl Sande Saga features Arizona’s Doc Pardee.
Richard and his wife, Mary, have co-authored several books including Nevada: Off the Beaten Path, Wyoming: Off the Beaten Path, Cultural Gems: An Eclectic Look At Unique United States Libraries, Francis X. Bushman: King of the Movies, Will Rogers: Performer and Beverly Bayne: Queen of the Movies.
In the corporate world, Maturi served as corporate controller for several firms and as a trustee of the Minnesota Teamsters Pension Fund. He is a member of the National Writer’s Union. He attended the University of Notre Dame, received his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and his MBA from Oregon State University. Mary received her Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Minnesota-Duluth and worked for Consumers Credit Counseling.
Richard and Mary live in the Laramie Range of the Wyoming Rockies.


"A worthy addition to literature about Will Rogers.”--Sunday Oklahoman "Well-researched.”--Nostalgia Westerns; "Thorough…recommended.”--Choice; "Well-done.”--Under Western Skies; "Marvelous.”--The Silents Majority; "Heavily illustrated.”--Entertainment Weekly. "Seamlessly blends Roger’s quotes with storyline.”---Tulsa World

ISBN(13-digit): 9780960729883
Copyright: 2008
Library of Congress: 2007933361
Book Publisher: 21st Century Publishers
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 308
Illustrations (B&W): 199

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