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The Bed and Breakfast Murders
Billie A. Williams
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Trapped by a blizzard, no power, heat or telephone contact with the outside world, three murders, and accident that nearly kills the Wells Fargo agent/guest, and a unexpected wild snowmobile chase that send Trudy Moncha to the hospital to recover from frost bite, She wonders if the serial killer is the one who was chasing her. Until she is kidnapped from the hospital and held hostage by an insane pair who have their property guarded inside by a trained attack pit bull and outside by his counterpart a Rotweiler of similar intent, ready to tear her apart if she tries to escape, even if she could walk on her severely frost bit feet. She is determined not to become another murder statistic. Every ounce of self-preservation, courage and ingenuity she can muster up becomes her tools for survival.

Trudy grabbed the edge of the table to steady herself as she stared in disbelief. She hadn’t imagined it. The Amazon--the words stung her as they struck home. She also realized then she never even knew her name. A guest had died at the Slipper and she never even knew who the woman was.

Forms, shadows gathered around the body in the periphery of her view, she couldn’t pull herself away from the sight of the gold handled knife standing there so regal in the woman’s back.

"Call emergency rescue,” a baritone room encompassing voice collided with her thoughts. Nothing seemed real. Not the voice, not the woman lying on the floor, not the gold handled dagger plunged deep between her shoulder blades--perhaps it was her scream she’d heard. Did she scream, or was it someone else, her own scream that still echoed in her head?

"Trudy, my God, Trudy,” she heard Alexandra’s voice outside the fog. Alexandra took her shoulders and forced her to turn away from the view of the body.

Unglued from the scene Trudy regained her composure. "Call nine-one-one. I must,” her own voice sounded disjointed, hollow in her ears, "Yes, call.”

"Here you sit, I’ll call. Marquis, grab that afghan from the couch and put it over the woman, will you please?”

One of the shadow men leaned down to pull the knife from her back.

Award winning Mystery/Suspense author Billie A Williams is a fiction, non-fiction and poetry author and has won numerous contests for her short/flash fiction stories, essays, and poetry. She is published in various magazines such as the literary magazine Thema; Guide, a Magazine for Children, Novel Advice.com, Writing Etc. WritingNow.com, and Women In The Arts newsletter as well as Sister’s in Crime, to list but a few.

Her articles, columns and features have appeared regularly in newspapers. Short stories, Flash fiction, poetry and book reviews have appeared in Mystery Time, True Love Magazine and various anthologies and on line e-zines and web sites. She writes a bi-monthly column titled "Whodunit?” for Mystery Fiction’s Voices in the Dark and is a contributing editor for Writingnow.com a Blueberry Press Newsletter. She also hosts her own writer’s group, Word Mage. She is an active blogger; http://printedwords.blogspot.com and http://onewomansgarden.blogspot.com , as well as owning and operating a Book Club for serialized chapters of her Novel The Capricorn Goat~~January Flannel available for free to those who sign up for her mailing list http://www.billiewilliams.com/BOOKCLUB.html and a Free Writer’s course at Pens In Motion http://www.pensinmotion.com , a five week series of writing lessons pulled from her three published books on writing how to write and two currently being developed.

Williams is currently a member of The Wisconsin Regional Writers Association (WRWA) National Association of Women Writers (NAWW) Sister’s in Crime, Women in the Arts Program, Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC). Her website www.billiewilliams.com

She lives with her husband in Amberg, a small Northern Wisconsin community where the winters are cold and long, but the people are warm and friendly.

Billie A. Williams has breathed life into a believable set of characters you'll love or love to hate. The story is packed with enthralling plot twists that keep the reader glued to the page as the dark dynamics of relationships and crime unfold. Death by Candlelight holds rare delights in store for the murder mystery lover., --Susan J. Letham, http://www.Inspired2Write.com

What is innocence? What is guilt? And who is really to blame for the death of Randolph Ord III?

A domineering mother, a spoiled son, and a woman who dreams of a husband, a child, and a home. The characters in Death by Candlelight are familiar, and that's what lends them their appeal. You may sympathize with them. You may despise them. But Ms. Williams brings them to life so vividly they won't leave you cold.

The gripping murder investigation in Death by Candlelight takes the 'whodunnit and how?' a step further and explores the shades of gray that make up the 'why?' Billie Williams has studied her craft and knows how to keep a reader turning pages. The plot is substantial and full of clever surprises.

The smoothly-paced story unfolds to reveal, little by little, a dramatic tale of twisted family relationships, crime, love, envy and death: the perfect mix for a murder mystery. -- Susan J. Letham, http://www.Inspired2Write.com

Death by Candlelight portrays the unbending force upon humans to repeat generational cycles of abusers and victims. Cycles that love, faith or hope can rarely supersede. Yet, with the unraveling of a murder, we are still left with a glimmer of hope. , -- Shelly Moloney, Author Star Slurry

DEATH BY CANDLELIGHT is a fast-paced read filled with a diverse cast of characters who each have their own motives for murder. Just when you think you've hit the calm after the storm, Williams' story takes the reader in a new and more intriguing direction. -- Shirley Kawa-Jump, THE VIRGIN’S PROPOSAL, Silhouette Romance, January 2003, Writing classes: shirleyjump-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Death By Candlelight,, The story? TERRIFIC. I could hardly wait to finish it.. reminds me of Sydney Sheldon.... --Judy Bozicevich, Administrative Assistant, Edward Jones Company

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ISBN: 1590887050
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887059
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 234

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