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Becoming Sarah
Claire Bocardo
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Though she has a perfectly good real name, Sarah Jane MacAuley has been called "Sissy” since she was five years old. Mama died when she was in high school, Sissy stayed home to raise the younger kids, and Daddy ran off every boy who ever paid any attention to her. Now all the good men in her tiny Texas town have married or left, and Daddy’s getting harder to live with every day of the hot summer of 1975. When her best friend asks, "When does it get to be your turn,” Sissy is shocked: it has never occurred to her that she had one coming.

The bank offers her old job back, and her close friends advise her to take it. Then rodeo cowboy Michael Wayne Lee comes to town and starts courting her. At the bank and to Michael Wayne, she’s Sarah, and she likes it. Daddy’s having a falling-down fit, but "Sissy” doesn’t fit any more. Still, if she’s not Sissy, who is she? She can only find out by Becoming Sarah.

Sarah Jane MacAuley, called Sissy ever since she was five years old, stood at the kitchen sink skinning a chicken breast for her daddy’s supper. Years ago, before Sissy was ever born, somebody had told her daddy, "Why, my mother-in-law is such a bad cook, she even cooks the chicken with the skin on!" And ever since that day, Stewart James MacAuley had looked on chicken skin as the telling mark of a bad cook. Never mind that the flavor’s in the skin, Sissy thought. Life wouldn’t be fit to live if Daddy’s piece of chicken hit the table with its skin on!

A solid pounding noise intruded from outdoors, and she wondered where it was coming from.

Sissy rolled the chicken pieces in seasoned flour and set them aside while she heated grease in Mama’s old iron skillet. The skillet, a wedding gift in 1939 from Mama’s Aunt Pearl, had outlived Mama some eighteen years now. This must be the five thousandth chicken Sissy herself had fried up in it. It was a good skillet; she only wished Mama had lasted as long. The grease spit when a drop of water fell from her hand, and she jumped.

What in the world was that pounding?

She turned off the stove, wiped her hands on the narrow seat of her britches, and followed the sound, which had moved from the far side of the house around the front and was now coming from outside the dining room. Passing through the entry hall, she saw boards covering the front-room windows, the front door and its sidelights, and the big dining-room window. Now the noise was coming from the side door. Brushing back a lock of ashen hair, Sissy crept to the door and peered out behind the curtain.

Lord, have mercy! Whatever can he be thinking? Boarding up the house, and her in it!

Claire Bocardo became a transplanted Texan 40 years ago. She lives in a passive solar house on 14 acres of virgin prairie in the Red River Valley. She would love to hear from her readers at clairebocardo@msn.com .

Claire Bocardo became a transplanted Texan 40 years ago. She lives in a passive solar house on 14 acres of virgin prairie in the Red River Valley. She would love to hear from her readers at clairebocardo@msn.com .


"Claire Bocardo offers up a tough-as-nails voice of wisdom in MAYBE LATER LOVE, a cracker-jack, tell-it-like-it-is look at a widow's mystical spiritual quest.” --Elisabeth Fairchild, author of A GAME OF PATIENCE

"A widow's journey through grief, self-awareness, new and old relationships, and parapsychology makes for an entertaining read. Claire Bocardo proves herself an author to watch in women's fiction.” --Cheryl Norman, 2003 EPPIE winning author of LAST RESORT

Maybe Later, Love: First-time author Claire Bocardo has crafted a strong, sensitive work dealing with a woman’s search for her identity. This novel will appeal to any woman who has questioned her role in life. -- Romantic Times Review, Harriet Klausner

Maybe Later, Love: Dorrie’s personal odyssey, as well as first-novelist Bocardo’s cast of well-drawn and varied supporting characters, should delight mature romance fans who are tired of heroines young enough to be their daughters. -- Publishers Weekly review

Maybe Later, Love: Anyone who can imagine facing a dramatic life change can identify with Bocardo’s book. Even though the ending does not fit the classic romance novel, it is a positive statement about love and aging. The pleasure from reading Maybe Later, Love comes not from knowing what will happen, but from sharing the journey. -- Richardson (TX) News WEEKENDER

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ISBN: 1590886089
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886083
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 335

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