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Awake My Love
Judy Boettcher
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Happy beginnings, for PI Brad Loffington, usually turn into unhappy endings. But after a fender-bender with Laney, has Brad finally met the girl with it all--smarts, spirit, personality, and looks? Soon, Laney discovers a suspicious file at Brad’s office, threatening their budding romance. Brad is lovesick--but how dare Laney snoop around his office in the first place!

Laney erased thirteen messages from her home telephone’s answering machine between Wednesday and Friday evening. All from Brad--all desperately pleading for her to call him back--all ignored.

She had promised Janeen she would try to invite Brad over on Sunday for lunch, but it didn’t appear she could pull that one off--not without speaking to the man first.

All Friday evening she slumped in front of the television, remote control in hand, flipping channels and finding not one thing to watch. Comedies weren’t funny enough, dramas weren’t as dramatic as her own life, and talk shows just reminded her she should call Brad.

Wandering into the kitchen to refill her glass with cola, Laney avoided the phone. She passed it safely by again on the way back to the sofa.

When she jumped at the soft rap on the front door, she almost dropped the glass from her hand. Plunking it down hard on the table, she winced at the door. Of course she would have to answer it. Of course she knew it was Brad. She had been waiting for him to show up since the tenth unanswered message from last night.

Primping her mussed hair in the mirror by the door, she squinted through the peephole. He faced down, but his short spiky dark hair was unmistakably Brad’s--the sight of him made her knees wobble. She unlocked the door, opened it and stepped back, gluing her eyes to his shoes.

"Laney, I’ve been trying to--"

"Do you want to come in?" she briskly interrupted, opening the door further.

He advanced across the threshold. "Since you insist so nicely, sure."

Ignoring the intended jab, she offered him a seat on the sofa with a swift wave of her hand.

Brad eased over onto the far opposite end of the sofa, and they both proceeded to stare at the television program.

"Would you like something to drink?" Laney asked, without taking her eyes off the hungry mother cheetah chasing down the doomed lame zebra.

"Laney, I--"

"Wait, Brad." She picked up the remote control and muted the volume on the television. "Okay. Now, do you want to say something to me?"

"Yes, Laney. I want to ask you to hear me out, and to... just look at me."

She let down her guard and flashed her gaze into his big brown eyes. Big mistake. Was that intentional? Did he know his dark eyes twinkled with a spark of green? She turned her attention back to the nature program--just in time to watch the zebra go down as the cheetah’s claws slashed at the maimed hind leg. She recalled Janeen’s words about how life was unfair.

"I’ve looked at you. Can you speak now?" She responded childishly and rudely, but after all, he insisted on the conversation by showing up on her doorstep.

Brad stared down at his folded hands in his lap. "Okay. I’ve been combing over the widow’s file, and for the life of me, Laney, I can’t understand why you’re so upset. I did not report anything to the police about Janeen. They don’t snag information from private eyes; they do their own investigating."

"I know." The cheetah’s cub now joined her mother in the long-anticipated meal. Laney took a sip of cola and held the glass up to Brad.

Judy Boettcher lives near the always dusty, but fast-growing city of Tucson, Arizona, where she and her husband enjoy plotting paths through their 3 1/3 acres of desert cactus. After studying both court reporting and interior design, Judy has now been smitten with writing all types of fiction--including comedy, mystery and suspense. She has two grown sons and one rambunctious grandson.

Casting the Loffington twins as private investigators provides a delightful bit of excitement. Mystery, adventure, romance and a Christian worldview, all come together smoothly for a very enjoyable read. Awake, My Love certainly got this reviewer’s attention! ~ Reviewed by Joyce, Love Romances (http://loveromances.com)

Awake, My Love is a tale of two kind people searching for their soul mates and a God of love in action. Gently told, with scriptures as evidence of grace, this romantic tale touches a reader’s spirit. Awake, My Love isn’t just a story of boy meets girl. Awake, My Love proves a loving Father reaches from Heaven to offer love and salvation to mankind. ~ Eileen Key for The Road to Romance (http://www.roadtoromance.ca)

Subplots involving Laney’s best friend, who is unfairly accused of stealing a necklace, and a friend of Brad's, who’s the victim of arson, keep this story rolling to its satisfying conclusion… Ms. Boettcher has woven humor and spirituality throughout her book… ~ Reviewed by Alice Klein, Simegen (http://www.simegen.com)

"Sweeter Than Honey...a charming mix of romance and mystery." -- Stacey Lee, Author of Other People's Secrets

Sweeter Than Honey: "...put your feet up and turn up the light. Once you start this book you won't want to put it down." -- Morgan St. James, Author of A Corpse in the Soup

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ISBN: 1590885597
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885598
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 230

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