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Avenging Angel
Rosina LaFata
booksXYZ price: $18.95
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Samantha Turner swears an oath of vengeance against the men who slaughtered her family as the burning need for revenge hardens her heart. She disguises herself in her brother's clothes, needing every skill her father and brothers taught her to find and kill the men responsible for the massacre.

Half-breed Army Scout Nicholas MacNamee is dissatisfied with his life. His education raises him above the average soldier, but only his Commanding Officer respects his intelligence. Nicholas and Sammy's paths cross several times before they are joined together in a fight for their lives.

"I’m not sleeping next to you tonight, Nicholas. It’s not necessary."

"Oh, but it’s very necessary. If you don’t, I won’t be able to sleep, and we’ll never get to leave early enough to make it back to the village before dark."

"Well, if you can’t sleep without me next to you, you’ll have to take me with you to Pinckney won’t you?" Sammy’s saucy reply made Mac laugh.

"Oh, honey, it’s just having you so close that causes the problem. If I leave you at Charrette Village, then you won’t be there to tempt me and keep me awake. However, if you can’t sleep without me..."

"You know very well I can sleep perfectly fine without you. You’re the one that has the problem!"

"Ah! Then you’ll be glad to stay in Charrette Village while I go to Pinckney. That way you won’t have to sleep with me every night."

She’d walked into her own trap. Sammy stood with her fist clinched. She stamped her foot. She could almost feel her blood steaming.

"Why, that’s blackmail, and you know it!" Why did he provoke such extremes of emotion in her? She couldn’t win. She had to find a way to go and to stay out of his bed. There had to be a way. She just couldn’t think of it right now.

Nicholas patted the blanket in front of him. It was a good thing he kept any kind of knowing smile off his face. She knew she’d have exploded if he so much as grinned.

"Come on, love. Time to say goodnight." His voice sounded gentle and coaxing.

Reluctantly, Sammy knelt on the blankets. Another endearment he probably didn’t mean. Does he call all his women "Love"? She felt emotionally exhausted from arguing with him all day, and if last night was any indication, she had nothing to fear from him. So what or whom was she afraid of? She realized the only thing she dreaded was her own lack of control. She had to admit, she felt very much at home in his arms when she had allowed herself to relax. She remembered last night--once his arousal dissipated to the point that she no longer felt its ominous presence--she began to enjoy the comfort of being wrapped in the warmth of his arms.

Sammy gingerly lay on the blanket with her back to him, keeping her distance to avoid contact. Nicholas gently turned her on her back and whispered, "I just need a goodnight kiss, Sammy," as he took possession of her willing lips. Sammy drank in the ardor of his kiss like a person dying of thirst. It seemed like she’d waited all day for him to kiss her again without realizing that what she had longed for was the warmth of his lips.

He traced her lips with his tongue, and she readily opened her mouth to receive that questing member. She matched his ardor with a passion of her own, following his tongue back into his mouth and mimicking the play he taught her. Somehow her hands found themselves around his back, and she pulled him closer. She marveled at the hardness of his muscles. She remembered the strength of steel she felt when he had lifted her to his horse. That brought back memories of Jason’s body lying in the street, and she sobbed in her throat.

"What is it, Love?" Mac whispered. She shook her head in silence, telling him to help her forget the horrors of her past. He kissed the tears from her eyes, licking the salty fluid, drinking her soul, merging their spirits. Her passion became so furious that Mac knew he would lose control if she continued.

Rosina is a member of RWA and the Missouri Chapter MORWA. She has been writing for 5 years having finished her first book 3 years ago. Since that time she retired to write full time and has 3 completed novels and has 3 more started. Sweet Temptations is her first published work. Rosina loves to travel, has lived abroad in both Ireland and Japan, and recently visited Italy. In addition to writing, dancing is another of her passions. She loves to garden and takes extreme pleasure in her country home where she enjoys the peace and serenity of 11 acres of woods.

In AVENGING ANGEL, Rosina LaFata repeats her specialty of creating a strong, delightfully human heroine, a hero you long to have in your own life, enjoyable supporting characters--and one whale of an exciting adventure for them. I look forward to her future books, and hope there will be many of them to enjoy. Fran Priddy

Chocolate's good for you. It makes you feel better. So, too, does SWEET TEMPTATIONS, with its heroine who raises cake decoration to a creative art, a great new neighbor to swoon over, and "the other woman" to detest--the action takes place on The Hill, St. Louis's delightful traditional Italian neighborhood, and will keep you turning the pages. -- Fran Priddy

SWEET TEMPTATIONS kept me turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the action between a hero to die for and the heroine every Woman wants to be. A book you can really enjoy reading. Sharon Sandvoss

Avenging Angel is an entertaining story about Samantha Turner's quest for revenge. Rosina LaFata weaves an entertaining story that leads Samantha Turner on an exciting adventure of danger and romance. Samantha faces countless obstacles in her determined quest, but her hardest battle is one she fights within-feelings for her would-be rescuer, Nicholas MacNamee, a half-breed scout for the army. It was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it as a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. Three and a half Hearts. -- Brett Scott, The Romance Studio

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ISBN: 1590888871
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888872
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 432

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