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At The Last Supper
Sr. Christine Kresho
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Two priests murdered, twelve stab wounds, a third attempted murder, and a Bible passage about the Last Supper—what is the killer’s message and what kind of God is so powerless against evil?

In the parking lot, the tragic scene had already been invaded by TV vans and pushy reporters loaded with cameras and microphones. Shoving their way into small clusters of parishioners, some weeping, some looking around in silence and a few women clutching their stomachs, they began asking the mindless "How are you feeling" questions.

One reporter shouted to the crowd, "Was there evidence that Father John was not alone when this happened?"

Glaring looks stopped his next question. Some shook their heads and walked away; others began shouting their disgust.

When two more detectives from homicide arrived, they were grateful that the crowd had thinned. Coleman called them upstairs to the priests’ bedroom. He began to speak, but paused and coughed to clear his throat. His partner, Russell, stared in disbelief at this unfamiliar behavior in his always-in-control partner.

"Be extremely careful here," Coleman began. Again, he cleared his throat. "We can’t miss a single clue, do not overlook anything, no matter how small," he continued with an urgency that implied a personal obligation.

The chaos he sensed in Coleman puzzled Russell. St. Joseph’s was Russell’s parish; Father John had visited his home and the two men had shared many good laughs. Russell had admired his pastor and knew how devastating this murder would be to the congregation. He understood why his encounter with this crime was personal, but what was Coleman’s struggle?

His eyes roamed around the room of the dead priest. In the chilled room, the lamp lay on the floor, the light bulb shattered where it fell. The yellow blanket and top sheet had been wrenched from the bed and the phone cord yanked from the wall. From the crack in the screen it was obvious the laptop had slammed to the floor along with everything on the table--notes, books, pens, paperclips--were scattered in all directions.

Sister of St. Joseph for 47 years; currently a pastoral associate at Our Lady of Grace Church in Silver Spring, MD and an educational consultant for William H, Sadlier, Inc.; holds an M.Ed from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and B.S. in Education from Carlow College; was a classroom teacher, a principal, a computer teacher, and area manager for a computer education company; has given numerous presentations at parish, regional, diocesan, and national conferences. Has written student texts and manuals for computer instruction. At the Last Supper is her first novel.

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ISBN: 1590886151
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886151
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 266

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