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Angel on the Mountain
Sharleen Johnson
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As Angel Dunbar lay near death in a remote mountain valley, she wondered if her brother and the family lawyer spawned the scheme to kill her and her parents to get to the family fortune. Was the good Samaritan who rescued her eye candy or a more sinister part of the plot.

"After the phone call from my brother on Monday evening, I had to arrange for someone to take care of my cat, then I caught a plane out of Atlanta Tuesday morning. Was that yesterday? Yeah, I guess it was, but it seems like forever. Seth called to tell me that our parents were killed in a plane crash Friday night on Yampa Mountain. He said the accident was caused by heavy fog and faulty radar."

Mitch recalled his mother telling him about the incident because, first, Yampa Mountain was not far from their property, and second, because the Dunbars were well-known in the area. In fact, he used the same flight path traveling in the opposite direction between Denver and Craig on the exact same night and had not seen any fog or been aware of poor visibility. "Why did he wait three days before calling you?" Mitch’s ingrained legal training in the art of cross-examination always bled through into every situation. "I would think he would have been afraid that you might have seen the accident reported on the TV news before he told you."

Angel lifted her left hand and scrubbed across her brow as if the massage might ease a pounding headache. "Will and Alice Dunbar aren’t nearly as newsworthy as Jane Fonda or Ted Turner’s romantic antics--at least in Atlanta. I don’t know. He said something about a search party. He said there was nothing left but a couple of cinders when the rescue crew scraped them off the mountain. I... I guess I should have smelled a rat when he told me they wanted their ashes scattered from atop Harper’s Corner. I can’t remember Mom and Dad ever talking about dying, much less discussing the benefits of cremation over burial. Anyway, we were about halfway up the trail when Seth and I got into an argument about the terms of Dad’s will."

"It takes a rotten brother to toss his sister off a mountain."

"No, my brother is weak-willed and I guess he allowed himself to be influenced by a rotten lawyer."

Mitch forced a noncommittal smile onto his face. "The legal profession is infected with a few bad apples."

"Did we introduce ourselves?"

"Yes, but we can do it again."

"I’m Angel Hart Dunbar. Well, legally I’m Angelina Hartwell Dunbar."

"That’s a mouthful. My mother named me Walkingstar, but in your world, I’m known as Mitchell Walker. My friends call me Mitch."

"Mitchell. What a strange coincidence. My brother’s lawyer is Jared Mitchell."

"Life is filled with oddities." Mitch managed to project a blank expression even though the name cut painfully into his mind. Jared Mitchell was his estranged half brother. If there was a shady deal in the works, Jared was probably a part of it. Mitch threw out another testing question. "Was this lawyer on the mountain with you and your brother?"

Angel closed her eyes and almost drifted off to sleep again. "Jared? I think so. Yes, yes, of course, he was. In fact, he was the one who pushed me... no, he socked me in the jaw." Again she lifted her hand, this time to rub her sore jaw. "Damn, it hurts to think. In fact, every bone and muscle in my body hurts. Do you think Seth will tell the authorities what happened?"

Sharleen Johnson has several published novels to her credit with more in the pipeline. She has been active in the local chapter of the Romance Writers of America and has lectured beginners on the craft of writing fiction. She writes romantic suspense in both contemporary and historical settings. Her other interests include training dogs, gardening, genealogy, crafts, "my beloved Macintosh computer," and playing casino blackjack.

Sharleen lives near Chattanooga with her husband, Joseph Rhinock, and Tiger, their Norwich Terrier. They have a son, daughter and seven grandchildren.

This story is an exciting suspenseful tale that will keep you on pins and needles until the end. The lead duo are thrown into a very quick, very passionate affair that is as volatile as the storm brewing around them. McCrae is an angry, bitter man who wants to kill whoever ended the lives of his family. He's a real hot-head where Crissa keeps cool under pressure. A very interesting plot with the storm and their raging emotions make for an explosive storyline.” Highly Recommended - -Robin Peek, "Under the Covers."

This story is smoothly written. From the prologue to the last page, the action is paced to keep the pages turning. The hero, Frank, is driven and well motivated, and while the heroine, Crissa's motivations are less clear, she comes alive. The developing romance literally steams. Sharleen Johnson has written a page-turner.” Five Stars --Janet Lane Walters, simegen.com

This story by Sharleen Johnson will have you sitting tall and tapping your foot in impatience. You want to get to the end of this book. You have to get to the end because the need to know what happens is intense. Johnson knows her police work and pulls off the story by filling us in just as we need to know. Filled with details, sensual love scenes and spicy dialogue, Johnson has a winner. © --Diana Lesire Brandmyer, Sharpwriter.com

Ms. Johnson has created a riveting page-turner filled with colorful and extremely fleshed out main characters. A skillful balance between her use of narrative and dialog makes for easy reading, as well as an extremely well researched and visually rendered locale. This reader thoroughly enjoyed this exciting work by an up-and-coming author to keep an eye on.”-- Denise Clark, Road to Romance

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ISBN: 1590885929
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590885925
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 247

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