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Alien's Revenge
Shannon Rouchelle
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What if an alien race could invade our world through means of a video game?

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The crisis originates when an unknown object crashes into the Wendell’s Game Factory. An invasion unknown to humans begins. After Mae Riley purchases a video player and a game titled Alien’s Revenge for her sons Mike and Ian, corruption takes place on the farm.

Mae first begins to notice a change in the boys when warning signs are posted on their bedroom door. As the weeks progress hideous crimes are committed on the farm and the entire town of Maple Springs is under siege. Mae and her husband Frank Riley, the last sane people left in town, must avoid danger and death in order to save humanity.

Mae bolted to her car. She sped down Main Street and ran two traffic lights, nearly hitting a pedestrian. She had never been this frightened. Her only thoughts were to return home and make sure her sons were okay.

The Riley farm was situated five miles north of Maple Springs. Mae had driven this stretch of road many times running errands. Today she drove well over the speed limit, which caused her tiny car to swerve dangerously from side to side.

Visions of George disappearing into the floor haunted her consciousness. Where did he go? A little voice inside her head said, Into the game. She shuddered at the thought. Could it be possible? The images of the men from Wendell’s Game Factory entered her mind. Yes, it is possible.

Mae pressed on the gas and took the gravel road at high speed. The scenery passed by in a blur. She rounded a bend, then screamed out in fright. She had hit something on the road. She stepped out into the warm afternoon to check the front end. She covered her mouth at the stench.

A green-bodied creature lay in the middle of the road. She got down onto her hands and knees to inspect it. Her heart beat frantically against her chest. Its large, yellow eyes stared blankly into space.

Mae screamed. It was an alien!

At that moment she heard the sound of her back tire deflate. "Oh no!” she whispered.

Determined to drive with a flat, she turned to go back into the car.

Then she heard the creature speak, "You’ll pay,” it choked out.

It was alive! Mae timidly neared the dying creature and stared down at it. The alien’s eyes blinked and watched her.

"You killed me!” it squealed in a high voice. The alien gasped for air. Its entire body convulsed with each breath.

"I didn’t mean to. It was an accident.”

"You’ll be mine!”

Mae couldn’t stand to watch the dying alien.

She turned to run when the alien called out in a stronger voice, "Get her!”

Mae looked up and saw the bushes moving behind the car. Two large boys emerged from the trees. Mae placed them to be about Mike’s age. The boys had green skin, yellow glowing eyes, and vengeance in their posture.

Mae quickly ducked into her car and locked the doors behind her. She started the vehicle. The engine sputtered in protest. The boys stood outside the car and blocked her path. They stared down at the dead alien and wiped their face in sorrow. The larger of the two yelled directly at her, "You killed it!”

Large, pointed fangs protruded from his mouth. He shook an angry fist in her direction. Before Mae knew what was happening, more kids jumped out from behind the bushes and ran toward her vehicle. Her entire car was immediately surrounded by a mean, angry mob of aliens! Some rocked the tiny car back and forth while others pounded the metal body with their fists.

She screamed. "Help! Someone!” Mae knew her cries went undetected. She was all alone. The aliens suddenly jumped on the roof and smashed her windshield. They were getting through! Mae quickly placed her foot on the gas, revving the engine. The car made a slow getaway with some aliens still clinging to the roof. Her flat tire made the escape unsuccessful. She honked the horn, hoping the loud noise would scare them away. A few more dropped from view and howled in agony. This made her load lighter. The car picked up speed. She honked again and heard the curses from above. A couple more dropped onto the road. She heard one more move around up there. She swerved the car back and forth on the narrow road, trying to lose it.

Shannon is the author of several young adult fantasy novels, a romance trilogy and a picture book. She has published a number of short stories in monthly journals and is currently working as a columnist for an online magazine. She lives on the Saskatchewan prairies with her husband Jerry and two boys Matthew and Michael.

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ISBN: 1597056731
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056731
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 202

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