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A Daddy for Danny
Mary Kate Brogan
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Jenny Eglington’s dying sister begged her to raise Danny as her own. Six years later, when Roland LaPierre meets his son, Jenny must deal with guilt and an attraction to the man who has the power to destroy her life.

"Danny. Danny.” When he didn’t answer, she called again, "Danny. Danny.” She heard nothing but the rustle of leaves, and the howl of the wind.

"Danny, where are you?” She ran to the back of the little house, her gaze probing the darkness. "Danny?” A bolt of lightning zigzagged over the lake, illuminating the water. Fear crawled along her skin. "Danny!” Her throat felt raw.

Her gaze flew to the big house and she let out a long breath. Of course. He’d gone to visit Roland. Why hadn’t she thought of it before? Thunder erupted in successive bursts that rocked the ground beneath her. She sped toward the big house. The back door opened before she could ring the buzzer.

Roland stood in the doorway. "Jenny.”

She craned her neck to see past him. "Is Danny here?”

He frowned. "No.”

Cold dread swept over her. "I can’t find him. He was playing with that little dog. I...” She took an involuntary step backward, recoiling from the alarm in Roland’s eyes. "I’ve got to go look for him.”

"Did you search near the front of the house?”

"No, I didn’t. That big spruce tree... He likes to play there sometimes.”

"Come, let’s take a look.”

They hurried through the kitchen to the foyer. Roland flung the front door open, and the wind banged it against the wall. They hurried outside. "Danny,” they yelled in unison.

Jenny’s glance swept the deserted lawn. The giant spruce waved prickly branches up and down. "Danny, are you in there?” She ran after Roland.

Roland bent to look under the branches. "He’s not here.”

Her body quivered.

Roland took her arm. "Come, I’ll get a flashlight. We’ll go down to the lake.” In a moment, they were running past the coach house, the beam from Roland’s flashlight tunneling through the darkness. "Danny! The deep timbre of his voice melded with the wind. "Danny.”

Terrified, she raced after him, striving to keep up with his long-legged strides. By the time they reached the break wall, her lungs ached for air. Needles of rain stung her face. Her hands flew to cover her mouth when the light scaled the lake’s treacherous waters. Horrified, she watched the dark waves hurl themselves against the sand and a cluster of rocks.

She scrambled over the break wall onto the sand.

"You don’t think he’d actually go in the water?” Roland called.

"I don’t know. I don’t allow him to go near the water but he may have followed the dog down here.” With a sob, she raced toward the leaping waves, her arms outstretched. In her agitation, she walked into the water.

"What are you doing?” Roland shouted. "Come back here.”

She looked down at her feet and saw that the water reached her mid-calf.

Roland peered up and down the beach. "Danny! Danny!”

Fear sent bitter bile surging to her throat. She followed Roland along the hard sand toward the section of beach bordering Eglington Lodge. Suddenly, he drew to a halt. Something moved on the sand. "Spanky,” she cried. The dog ambled toward them, fur plastered to its small body, its tail between its legs. Her heart thumped painfully. Something had happened to Danny or else he would be here with the dog. She cried out, her sobs soundless in the soughing wind.

Roland held up a hand. "We need to listen in case he calls to us.”

"Roland, I’m so scared.” Her teeth clattered. The glare from the flashlight lit Roland’s strained features. She saw no hint of reassurance in the look he directed at her. Instead, she saw fear. His fear fed hers, frazzling her nerves until her legs felt like jelly.

He strode ahead, his body a dark silhouette against the tunnel of light while Spanky trotted after him.

As the wind wailed, and churned the dark water, Jenny thought she heard Danny cry. She froze, straining her ears to listen. Was it only the wind? Her shoulders slumped. This is what grief does. Weakens the mind until one can no longer separate fantasy from reality.

Roland motioned to her. "Jenny!”

She blinked rain from her lashes and broke into a run,

Living in Canada, across the Detroit River from Michigan, makes me familiar with this novel’s setting. I hold a degree in English Literature and art, and taught a college English composition course. I exhibit oil paintings with an art group, and am presently working on another romance, as well as a mainstream novel, set in 1930’s Ireland.

The characters are well drawn and the setting beautifully described. A Daddy for Danny is a well written and heartwarming story that is sure to keep readers turning the pages to the very end. An enjoyable and satisfying read. -- Olivia Winter, author of Bright Star Safari

A Daddy For Danny: Jenny believes Danny needs a father, but can she risk losing him? Will an old lie now ruin three lives? Ms. Brogan has written an engrossing story to be read and then re-read. --Jeannine Van Eperen, A Matter Of Blood, No Escape From Love, Memory And Desire and others

In A Daddy for a Danny, Mary Kate Brogan has created a beautiful debut love story that will warm your heart. It is poignant and tender as you watch Jenny and Roland grow in mutual respect and love while the closeness between Danny and his aunt Jenny is touching and awe inspiring. Mary Kate leads you along a sentimental journey which will have the reader thinking of their own first love. You’ll find yourself rooting for Jenny and Roland, as they sift through the many problems that life throws you and find their way through it all. It is also wonderful to watch Jenny get back into her passion for painting. The reader will finish this story and feel renewed in hope and love as well as in the belief that dreams really do come true. This is a beautiful, tender and touching novel and I look forward to many more from Ms. Brogan. -- Suzanne M.Hurley, www.suzannemhurley.com

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ISBN: 1597056804
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056809
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 210

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